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I am subscriber and regular reader of the Milli Gazette since its debut. I wish it will serve better. The font of printing is most probably Arial Narrow. Although more materials are printed in short space, it entails the reading troublesome. If the Arial Font or Times New Roman fonts are used the reading will be comfortable. You may consider my opinion for betterment of the Gazette.

Md. Habibuddin, Hyderpur (South), Malda


BJP's duplicity and artful demagogy

BJP the ruling party at the centre has earned notoriety for duplicy artful demagogy, by non-implementation of promises and tall talks. It has been implementing the RSS agenda of converting India form a secular democratic republic country into a Hindu state. It aims at destroying our precious national composite culture. Its ministers and leaders have launched a hate campaign against Muslims and deliver highly provocative speeches against Muslim which are responsible for the outbreak of horrible communal anti Muslim riots. The glaring example of such riots is the great Dadri tragedy. What is most surprising and lamentable is that the Prime Minister does not prevent his Ministers and leaders of its party form delivering anti Muslim speeches which to horrible anti Muslim riots.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Delhi - 110091


People are voluntarily adopting small-family norms

It refers to census-2011 data revealing that first time in the country over 50-percent (54-percent) families have two or less children with 2.69 children per married woman as compared to 3.03 in earlier decade. Such a sharp decline may not be due to family-planning programme of the government. But it is because of inflation and other hardships in personal lives that people prefer small families. It is also significant that married couple now defer having a child. Study should be made about such behavioural change which is not good and may be perhaps because of tensions usually in personal lives. It is always advisable to have required number of child though in a small family soon after marriage but only with marriage-age as permissible in law. However it is also necessary that population-percentage amongst various communities may not get changed. For instance continuous sharp population-decline of Parsi community has become a cause for worry even for the society and the government.

Madhu Agrawal, Dariba, Delhi 110006


Why cola-drinks banned only inside Parliament?

In RTI convention held on 06.02.2016 at Jammu inaugurated by state-Governor NN Vohra, one of the speakers mentioned that an RTI response revealed that cola-drinks are banned in Parliament canteens because of their being health-hazard. If it is so, then these should be totally banned. After all public-health must not be considered less important than of Parliamentarians and others using Parliament canteens. Position must be cleared by Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha secretariats if cola-drinks are really banned in Parliament canteens giving reasons of such a ban if it is so. It is significant that cola-companies voluntarily stopped selling cola-drinks in schools worldwide in view of increasing obesity in school-going children. It is surprising that Indian government failed to notice such harmful effects of cola-drinks and till now allowed sale of disease for children. At least Union Government can ban advertisements of cola-drinks because of hazardous and addicting effects of these drinks making children diabetic at young age. It is senseless to exempt cola-drinks from printing ingredients on their bottles in name of trade-secret when every packaged food commodity has to print ingredients on their packs. Earlier also, soft-drink manufacturers were asked to remove an oil from their products which was found to be harmful for health. Compulsory printing of ingredients on cola-bottles (including on refillable glass-bottles) will clear doubts about presence of any intoxicant or addicting substance in cola-drinks. Union government, Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) and soft-drink manufacturers should revive drinks like old and famous rose- flavoured ones, which can not only replace cola-drinks in India but even dominate global-market by breaking monopoly of harmful cola-drinks.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Dariba, Delhi 110006


Britain’s anti-Iislam policy

A Muslim who does not curse Lord Curzon today is not a good Muslim Lord Curzon, the then British foreign secretary, may his soul rot in hell, thundered in the House of Commons on the 3rd of March ninety-two years ago: "We must put an end to anything which brings about an Islamic unity between the Muslims. The situation now is that Turkey is dead and will never rise again because we have destroyed its moral strength, the Caliphate and Islam...."

S. M. Pasha, Chennai



The issue was not merely freedom of speech (which is available to any Indian citizen) but such freedom of speech in a university campus. The sedition charges slapped on students of JNU by the Indian Government and subsequent incidences have raised an important issue: if following points/issue will not be discussed on university campuses then where: (1) Prime Minister Modi is involved in JNU controversy as is evident from the fact that Delhi Police Commissioner Bassi went to PMO in the morning on February 17 and after that Delhi Police, despite the order of Supreme Court of India, again allowed Hindutva goons, including and mainly advocates, to beat journalist, students, faculty and even undertrial JNU Student Union President Kanhaiya. Modi is doing it for the simple reason that he finds it politically profitable as the Muslim factor is involved (due to Pakistan, Muslim Kashmiri separatists, Muslim Afzal Guru, Islamic Jihadi terrorism etc). (2) Patriotism and Nationalism of citizens, real sovereigns, are not supposed to be questioned in any democracy. (3) The SCI has ruled that unless a person is directly involved in violence, sedition charge cannot be invoked. Though element of violence was not involved yet the government booked JNU students under sedition charges while the same government is not slapping sedition charges on hundreds of thousands of Jats (Hindus) in Haryana (only an alleged inciter has been booked) who were agitating for reservation and have indulged in widespread violence, immense damage to government and private properties, rape etc. Even in Jadavpur University, these slogans were raised but sedition charges were not invoked. (4) Since when such so-called anti-national slogans have become a crime in India especially when such slogans are regularly raised, especially on every Friday after Namaz in J&K? This is acceptable only if Union of India thinks that J&K is not a part of India. These are legally objectionable blatant discrimination under article 14 of the constitution against accused JNU students. (5) Capital punishment (especially to those who do not kill someone personally as was the case with Afzal Guru) has been questioned by many all over the world even by constitutional authorities in India. But the way Kanhaiya became apologetic about Afzal matter in press-talk after March, 3 speech and in March, 4 interview to India-Today, makes it clear that jail has broken Kanhayia. (6) For healthy intellectual culture of the universities, free expression, debate, enquiry etc are necessary, hence Police should be allowed to enter campuses only on request from Vice Chancellors. (7) All these problems are due to 'martial deficiency of India' (which did not retrieve POK militarily though Pakistan much smaller than India tried so many times). Hence earlier people of J&K (mainly Kashmiri Muslims) were suffering [where Indian military (instead of taking-on Pak military for retrieving POK) is showing its 'bravery' by training its guns on Indian citizens in J&K, with the support of AFSPA etc. Even rapes of large numbers of Kashmiri Muslim women by security forces have been reported. But Union of India wants that nobody should discuss it or question it not especially in the campus of JNU. (8) What is most surprising is that Kanhaiya has not spoken a single word about moving High Court for quashing FIR about sedition charges against not only himself but against all the accused students of JNU in this sedition matter. It is hoped Kanhaiya will retrieve himself without any

Hem Raj Jain, Bengaluru


Principles of Fiqh of Jihad

In the present time ISIS, Boko Haram and some others are misusing the term Jihad. Dr Yusuf al Qaradawi has clarified Jihad in his voluminous book Fiqhuj Jihad, the Fiqh of Jihad. I give below his main points. 1. Ayat of Jihad was revealed in Maccan period but then there was no Qital or war. Then Jihad was Dawah. 2. There are 13 other phases of Jihad excluding Qital( against Nafs, Shaitan, Munafiqs and oppression) 3. Islam has spoken of defensive Jihad not aggressive Jihad. The basis of early wars in Islam was not Qur’an and Sunnah, it was the then political situation when all states were in conflict and there was no international law. 4. The order of war against Mushriks in Sura Tauba was not general or Amm, it was only against one group of Arab Mushriks. 5. If Muslims are in peace, they can not attack a non Muslim country. 6. Islam welcomes making of international law, establishment of UNO. As Muslim states have signed international treaties, it is not permissible to attack another state. 7. All non Muslim states are now Darul Ahad(states with whom there are treaties)

Shah Abdul Hannan, Dhaka, Bangladesh ·


They are judge, jury and executioner

Lucknow: Is there no need of courts now? Should the courtrooms be locked and lawyers be seated on the seats of justice? And they should be handed the national anthem which they would use as sticks to beat their enemies with. Should the police be returned to the barracks? Otherwise, protesters will be lathi-charged and we will be traitors to Modi! Now the certificate for patriotism would be issued by those who even do not know what is faithfulness, who consider Godse as the most faithful to the country. Would thousands of ulama be now called traitors who went to gallows for the freedom of the country from the British yoke? Should the Constitution be now thrown into a wastepaper basket? Should democracy be now externed from the country? Would the goons of the RSS now rule the country? Would JNU be now renamed as Golwalkar University? There are many such questions which arise with the JNU issue. The whole country is coloured with saffron now. The poisonous slogans of hatred are now heard in all the four corners of the country. Now anybody could be accused of treachery or treason and sent to Pakistan. Is it the same nationalism which would write the Constitution of the Hindu Rashtra?

Dr. Shafiqur-Rahman Khan, Aliganj, Lucknow


Indian companies supplying arms to ISIS

There is a woderful rather unbelievable news has flashed from US that India is supplying wat weapons to ISIS. The news has been published from agencies that after Turkey India is the second big country which is supplying arms and explisives to ISIS,apart fromthis US, Rassia, Brazeel, China, Iran, Belgium, Nitherland and Japan are also suppluing arms and amunitions to means India and Super Powers are changing their policy regarding ISIS. India has apprehended number of Muslm youths for having connections with ISIS Now the same India is supplying arms and explosives to ISIS If the news is correct the ISIS can request Infia to supply Msnpower also India can do this and fetch billions of Dollars from oil rich ISIS, Being a religious venture Muslim and Non Muslim youths will agree to join ISIS,These unemployed youths will demand that their families should be supported by government of INDIA,The Indias have lost morel values long back.There motto is pahle paysa phir bhagwan. Now all the powergul countries are playing a double game. I's shame on their part.

Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


Matters of etiquette

Since you too love languages, I'd like to ask you, what's your take on this disgusting 'I'm good' in reply to 'How're you'? To me, it's just like saying 'Allah Hafiz' in response to 'Khuda Hafiz'. What do you say?

SP, Poona

MG: I think you have no other reply for this totally unnecessary question. I always felt that this is just a formality and the person posing this question is not really interested in your well-being and will not be interested if you started telling him how really or badly you were at that time. "Allah Hafiz" is an innovation. No Arab uses this phrase. I am told it started in Bangladesh and caught the attention of simpletons all over the subcontinent. I never use it.


Justice Kamal Pasha’s Amendment in Muslim Personal Law To Marry four Husbands

Justice Kamal Pasha of High Court Kerala shows his childish and premitive mindset. His knowledge about Muslim personal law is zero. He says that ladies should have the right to marry four husbands. Yes, agreed. A good deed. Kamal, should start from his house He should allow his wife to marry one or more husbands if any of his friends who is handsome, highly educated and on high profile assignment wants to marry his wife if his wife is also ready to marry him as the second husband. Let us know if Mr Kamal Pasha will permit his wife to marry his friend?

Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


Ghost Censors of the Internet

How many people will believe that only a few persons are controlling the Internet? These unknown and unseen persons are practising censorship all over the world by blocking the articles and comments of writers who question and criticise those in authority. Even the editors of the top newspapers like The Times of India don't seem to know that the comments, which they invite for the articles and news items on their websites, are blocked by the few persons who control the Internet. The views typed in the box meant for comments cannot be posted successfully when the tab with the word "post" or "submit" is not shown along with the comments box. Who is blocking the comments of persons like me by making the "post" or "submit" tab to disappear with the help of some secret apps of the Internet? The web editors of the newspapers must find out the names of the ghosts of the Internet who are removing the tab or button, which has to be used when any writer wants to post or submit his views and comments to the websites of the newspapers.

Ashok T Jaisinghani


RSS theories

It is surprising that despite holding such ideas which openly denigrated women and society of Kerala, RSS has been able to create pockets of influence in Kerala. There is no denying the fact that after Gujarat and Orissa, it is Kerala where RSS finds itself well-entrenched.

S. Islam


Family needs strong support from advertisers

Advertising continues to employ " the couple " ( of children) in the campaigns. This is a breakdown of the marriage institution that aims to procreate, to have many children. Recent campaigns that disseminate this misconception in Spain are: The insurance company " Ocaso ", the carpet factory " Hamid " the cruises " Nautalia " and the constructor of chairs save-stairs "Thyssen Krupp". Moreover, a team of American inquirers has conducted a study to examine, with precise guidelines, the robustness of marriage. This is a basic but very novel idea : as variables are used for the economic situation of a country, is it possible to do something similar with the institution of marriage ? This is the question asked by the Institute for American Values and the National Center of African American Marriages and Parentig. The five indicators of this research are: the percentage of married men and women, the feeling of happiness in marriage, the percentage of undamaged marriages, the number of births within marriage and the percentage of children who live with their married parents. The researchers who have come together to make this study come from several university departments and belong to many political ideologies. However, they agree that " marriage is more than just a private relationship between a man and a woman, that is a social good with serious implications for the welfare of children." And later they add: "If marriage is fundamentally about creating a link between the parent and the children, any index that seeks to measure the health of marriage should capture the strength of that bond," the study authors warn about the repercussions on the children: "When the marital relationship of the parents suffer, children also tend to suffer." In the last decade there has been a spate of marital stability. This indicates that it is possible to avoid the drop in the number of stable marriages. Finally, it is also important to intervene in public debates about the institution of marriage: it is a way to spread the ideal of marital stability through campaig

Clement Ferrer Roselló, 14. 28002-Madrid (Spain)


Muslims in Assam

Assam should be divided in three separate region, one comprising undivided Nowgong, Kamrup, Sivasagar and Lakhimpur. And another undivided Goalpara, and Barak Valley. and another one Hill district. Claiming whole Assam by Assamese is historically illegal.



Closure of AMU centre, insult to VC

(The following is a small selection from many responses received via MG website)

If the minister has violated provisions of law, please file a suit in court instead of only demonstrating. Its like only commissions of inquiry for Muslims situation. There are no cases against the Babri demolishers nor the killers of thousands of 1993 era Bombay but we find that the Babri land has a temple (status quo!!) and people executed. Still people say they believe in judiciary. Afzal is executed but SAR Geelani is acquitted! The court ruled that Geelani could avoid the gallows because of lack of evidence as if he should by default get the noose.

M Naqqaad


The charm is that the school's student will get advantage in admission. Not the quality of education at the school but an extra advanage. Apparently, in some minds, the Muslims at those five places deserve this advantage more than all the thousands of places where other Muslim students struggle to get good education.

As for the General V.C., he should have resigned immediately and made the details available to all himself. This report does not indicate its source, and hence lacks credibility that a statement by the V.C. himself would have had.

 C M Naim


If this is true then its a very sorry state of affairs. Before being a VC Shah is a soldier of this country. If she had no respect for a VC at least she should had realised that she is talking to a soldier. Politics is a great power tool and more so in the hands of illiterates.

M. Saleem Raikodi Raikodi


This is called arrogance. Politicians like the present HRD minister have no idea about the values of educational institutions and how they function. It is time she went back and acted in TV series.

Garcia Madero


What can be a bigger tragedy than that Union Ministry which looks after the educational need of the country is headed by a person, who herself has not garnered or mastered education. Madam has boastfully asked the respected VC about the salary, the nation would to question her, who is paying her salary? And why? Is it to close down institutions of repute?


What is amazing is that the VC quietly went back to his room after being publicly insulted. What a shame? He is a retired Army Officer of General rank and he can’t stand up to Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi? Ajeeb!

Mirza Yavar Baig


VC of AMU is neither paid by Irani’s pockets. Instead of retreating he should have sat there adamantly and see her walk away burning. These ministers come and go, there is no way a minister humiliate a former army officer. Next time Mr. VC deal these idiots with iron hands.



MG: We stand by our story and are ready to face any official commission of enquiry. The story did not come from any source connected even remotely with AMU. No insult is meant to General saheb because such a behaviour only demeans the person committing it; in this case the HRD minister and her party and leaders who have given her such a long leash. In any case, I am glad that the VC has confirmed the active part of my story, viz., the HRD minister is adamant to close down the AMU centres. General saheb, as the current VC, is duty-bound to fight this conspiracy tooth and nail. Although I am against retired or serving officers leading our universities, the current AMU VC has discharged his duties quite well on the campus. He is also standing firm in the face of the Union government's conspiracy to rob AMU of its minority status.