Rejoinders / Letters to the Editor


State of the nation

Just to state the obvious: this is the real thing. The administration will swear allegiance to the constittution, and the fascists will make the putsch to alter state and citizenship. All party-specific agendas must be suspended forthwith. A an AN INDIAN PEOPLES'S FRONT must be forged without dithering, bringing together all left and democratric Organisations, unions, kisaan sabhas, womens' groups, ambedkarites, minority groups, student bodies, teachers and all other segments of right thiking intelligentsia. There is not much time. Berlin 1933 is already in the making on the streets; Let not history be allowed to repeat itself.

Badri N Raina, New Delhi


Kudos To The Bishop Of Alappizha Church

We hasten to congratulate His Grace the Bishop of Allappuzha in Kerala for graciously permitting Muslims to perform their congregational prayers inside the Church and thus demonstrated that despite differences Christians and Muslims are birds of the same feather viz., members of the one and the same Semetic race.

S. M. Pasha, Chennai



I strongly condemn the arrest of JNUSU President on charges of sedition. I have listened his speech its not at all seditious. commemorating hanging of Afzal Guru and Yakub memon is neither seditious nor anti national by any parameter as it was controversial and debatable. whole nation debated this issue those days and found so many discrepancies in those cases. ABVP attitudes was rather condemnable who created chaos and raised anti national slogans there. This is real fascism. voices of descend can not stopped this way These fascist forces has found an opportunity to push the whole country to a disaster. I express my solidarity with Kanhaiya and his colleagues and ready to go to jail with them all for the sake of my motherland and its integrity.

Dr Tasleem Ahmed Rehmani

Muslim Political Council of India, New Delhi


Why Different Personal Law?

Why do Cutch Memons have a separate Law of Inheritance instead of following the Muslim Personal Law?

Sa Mu Raja, Puliyanthope, Chennai 600012


Effects of abortion on women

Even IPPF recognizes that 91% of women who had an abortion suffer 'post- abortion syndrome'. The Abortion Act prohibits the advertising campaigns of abortion clinics. But what is to be deleted is the abortion, like slavery was abolished. Voluntary termination of pregnancy (abortion) has serious consequences for the woman. When an innocent is killed through abortion, the first victim is the unborn baby. The second victim is the tormented mother. Millions of young people have sunk into fraud abortion, and almost all are grieving what is known as "post-abortion syndrome." This is recognized even more significant abortionist institution of the universe, the International Planned Parenthood Federation, by asserting that " the incidence of post- abortion trauma, surgical abortions for young, can reach up to 91 % of cases". Young women who abort begin to suffer the "post- abortion " symptoms, ie anxiety, despair, delusions, insomnia, drunkenness, drug addiction, hopelessness, psychosis and suicide. The Government of Finland have revealed seven times more suicides among youth who had abortions, according to the latest report on a sample of more than 9,000 women. A shocking and pathetic study. People think nothing happens to girls who have abortions because it is legal, however they are affected by mental illness, 64% enter psychiatric sanatorium after abortion, according to research from the University of Baltimore, USA, and " 59% suffer severe and permanent psychiatric disorders," according to the Royal Academy of Obstetrics of the UK. Another serious consequences of abortion, reported in recent years, is breast carcinoma. Along with the great increase of cancers of the reproductive system of women, breast cancer has increased dramatically in the past 20 years, in all countries where abortion has spread. Dr. Nathanson, who was an advocate of abortion in the United States, including the one that ended the life of his own son, and was converted to the faith in the Catholic Church, testified: "Humanity today regrets yesterday's slavery, and soon will be ashamed of the crime of abortion. "

Clemente Ferrer, 14. 28002-Madrid (Spain)


Democratic rights

I am happy to read your thought-provoking article 'Protest for your democratic rights' in Milli Gazette, 1- 15 Feb. 2016 issue. I wish in each city, if Muslim Lawyers along with few secular-minded Lawyers forms a small group / NGO to extend free-of-cost legal assistance to poor & weaker section of society including getting FIR registered for missing person and or rape cases etc. is the need of the hour. Otherwise God forbid, the present situation in India is leading towards what was witnessed in Spain during 16th & 17th century.

Ashraf Shah, Riyadh



The Sangh Parivar, because of its intense unjustified hatred against Islam and Muslims, is moving heaven and earth to see that the minority character of the Aligarh Muslim University is trampled upon and crushed. On the other hand, no Muslim has so far spoken a word- leave alone, clamoured for the removal of the majority character of the Banaras Hindu university. This contrast shows who are communal and who are not.

S. M. Pasha, Chennai


A sound advice

In the multi-religious society of ours, we can live happily by practising tolerance and not by adopting an anti-religious approach, is limiting essential rites of any particular religion. Unfortunately, this is happening today to the Indian Muslim community. In particular more unfortunate is the attitude of the Natinal press which reflects the inbuilt communal bias and its total ignorance about Islam and Muslims and about lionising 'Progressive Islam and its teachings. This has depend anti-Muslim feelings and this is very much annoying to Muslims. The best course is to follow the Father of Nation's advice and adherence is sure to give a great impetus to tolerance which has been the most distinctive feature of our National culture. Says he "It is only througha reverential approach to faith other than of mine that I can realie the principle of equality of all, religions. But it is both my right and duty to point out the defects in Hinduism in order to purify and to keep it pure. But when non-Hindu critics set about criticising Hinduism and cataloguing its faults they only blazon their own ignorance of Hinduism and their incapacity to record it from the Hindu point of view it distorts their vesion and vitiates their judgement. Thus my own experience of non-Hindu critics of Hinduism brings home to me my limitations and teaches me to be wary of launching on a criticism of Islam or Christianity and their founders (Collected works of Gandhiji, vol. 64, page 332).

Dr. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, New Delhi - 110092


Censorship by Modi govt

Apparently "negative news" will be "tracked and countered" by the government. This is an irrational reaction to criticism, an infantile kind of tu-tu main-main. The rational thing to do is to react positively by improving the implementation of governmental schemes and by making good new schemes to deal with the problems of the people. This sarkar seems to have no interest in listening to the voice of the people. Its sahabs see themselves as above criticism.

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


Mass transfer of High Court judges

It refers to media-reports about mass transfer of many judges from different High Courts allegedly as a sort of maximum punishment for alleged charges of corruption, inefficiency, misconduct and nepotism, because presently judges otherwise can only be removed through highly cumbersome procedure of impeachment by Parliament. But such a transfer cannot guarantee higher judiciary to be clean because allegedly 'tainted' judges will hold courts in other High Courts. At least charges of nepotism can be effectively checked by making a system whereby all High Court judges may be compulsorily appointed from outside their home-states to check influence from local relations and former bar-colleagues. In view of present mass transfer of High Court judges allegedly on various allegations, system does need an effective remedy to ensure a cleaner judiciary.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi 110006


Headley's revelations

Don't you agree with me that Headley's 'revelation' that Ishrat Jahaan was a terrorist is completely baseless and the man's a pathological liar? Corrupt cops like Vanjara will get a new lease of life to kill innocent people as terrorists? This is obnoxious, to say the least.

SP, Poona

MG: Headly's "revelations' are all tailor-made to suit IB and Maharashtra ATS. Much before the revelations, when it was published that Headley's deposition will be recorded via videoconferencing a top cop phoned me to say that now all the gaps in the various stories of IB and ATS will be neatly filled to the satisfaction of these agencies. A lot of contradictions are appearing. Headley is speaking a lot about Ishrat who was encountered at a time Headley was not connected to LeT. In various ways revelations will try to corner Pakistan which is no doubt guilty of employing terrorism against India but India's hands are not clean either. It is responsible for much of terrorism in Pakistan. A top BSF commander told a close friend of mine sometime ago that within any Pak terror activity in India, within hours we give them a befitting reply in kind in Pakistan. India is largely responsible for the insurgency in Balochistan and also for anti-Pakistan activity in Afghanistan. Hands of both are sullied, hence cornering one country alone in the name of fighting terror will never succeed in uprooting the scourge of terror. Even in India our agencies have a long history in encouraging terror outfits like LTTE, Khalistan in the pre-Operation Blue Star period, "Ikhwanis" (surrendered militants) in Kashmir, tribal militias in the north-east and Assam, propping up Shiv Sena to fight against leftist trade unions in Bombay, propping up VHP which later fell in the lap of RSS. These are only a few examples. Add to this the terror and extra-judicial killings by the police and agencies like the 21 encounters in Gujarat to build Modi's image as "Hindu Hiriday Samrat". Village Defence Committees in J&K and Ranvir Sena in Bihar are also examples of state-sanctioned terror. The Purulia arms drop was to topple the CPM govt in West Bengal.... The examples are many showing how our own State employs terror when it suits its aims at any particular time.

SP: Yes. Hamaam mein saare nange hain: We're all tarred with the same brush. What you've stated is a truth, albeit unpalatable to all the governments because they have vested interests in perpetuating acts of terrorism. Headly is just a pawn, who's being used to malign Pakistan and precisely Muslims. Ishrat got a clean chit but agencies are not happy with that. That's why, I always say that judiciary in India and whole government machinery are neck-deep in corruption.


Islam and Government by Consultation

Governing any institution or organisation in Islam, including governing and ruling a Muslim nation must be based on counselling and consultations In other words there must be some form of opinion gathering, some sort of democracy Even our beloved Apostle Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam followed this method But most of the rulers of Muslim nations ignore this Islamic principle in governing and managing the national policies of their respective nations. One Example from the Sirah of Rasoolullah (saw): In order to avenge their catastrophic defeat at Badr in the second year after the hijrah, the pagan Meccans - supported by several tribes hostile to the Muslims - assembled in the following year an army comprising ten thousand men under the command of Abu Sufyan and marched against Medina. On hearing of their approach, in the month of Shawwal 3 H., the Prophet held a council of war At the council the tactics to be adopted were discussed. In view of the overwhelming cavalry forces at the disposal of the enemy, The Prophet himself was of the opinion that the Muslims should give battle from behind the fortifications of Medina and, if need be, fight in its narrow streets and lanes; And his plan was supported by some of the most outstanding among his Companions. However, the majority of the Muslim leaders who participated in the council strongly insisted on going forth and meeting the enemy in the open field. In obedience to the Qur'anic principle that all communal affairs must be transacted on the basis of mutually-agreed decisions (see verse 159 of Surah 3 as well as 42:38), The Prophet sorrowfully GAVE WAY TO THE WILL OF THE MAJORITY and set out with his followers towards the plain below the mountain of Uhud, a little over three miles from Medina.



Govt's terror conspiracy exposed

Did you take the new desh-bhakti test. Take it. If Hafeez Saeed praises you, you are gaddar. If Hafeez Saeed insults you, you are desh-premi. Hafeez Saeed Jud just tweeted @judhafeezsaeed: Modi good boy, injects more communal poison in Indian Hindu minds so that we can break India into pieces. Since Hafeez Saeed praises Modi in his tweet, it means Modi is gaddar just like JNU union leader. I challenge Modi to answer this. Afzal guru was arrested by Kashmir police. After release he used to report twice in Kashmir police station weekly. He had to sign weekly in a Delhi police station when he settled in Delhi. So how come Afzal guru, under police watch purchased explosives & gun? Now Headleynama is the new Ramayana of communal BJP. According to Headleynama, it was ISI which killed 3000 Muslims in Bombay in 1993, not Shiv Sena. Headley says Rajiv & Indra Gandhi were killed by ISI. Headley says Akbar Dumpy is not father of Varun Gandhi, but ISI is. Headley says Gandhi was not killed by Nathuram but  by ISI agent. Hesdley says ISI was behind Gujarat  2002, where thousands of Muslims were slaughtered. Headley says ISI is causing rise of population in India.



Wake Up Call

Tax payers money being wasted, common man/farmers being tortured [1]Common man/Middle class families invest in small savings schemes to comply with future commitments like children marriage, education etc,& Govt has reduced rate of interest on small savings. Similarly Banks have have reduced interest rate on their term deposits, whether it serves purpose of bank Nationalisation? [2] Govt has made interest on Recurring deposit taxable,Govt even has not increased tax exemption limit on Bank inteest   [3] Govt, by increasing service tax, various cess has made common man's purchasing power reduced,so domestic savings [4] 124 Farmers have committed suicide in this yer, in Maharashtra,similarly Farmers suicide cases are increasing across the country.Govt did not extend due relief in the last Budget, even there after. Govt remains insensitive.  [5] What is matter of concern, Govt waste huge amount of tax payers money after decades long loss making Public sector Undertakings now on Public sector Banks. There is no sign of any improvement in working of such PSUs, Banks,despite Govt gracefully go on wasting tax payers money,ignores farmers suicide, spending upon Education, Healthcare, poor children malnutrition [6] Govt protects corporates,extend subsidy, concessions while common man, middle class families, Farmers being tortured is this the way of Govt to take care of principles of Democracy ?

Jagdip H Vaishnav, Mumbai


Attack on democracy

Arrest of Kanhaiya coming close on the heels of Rohit Vemula in Hyderabad sounds politically motivated. Kanhaiya arrest in JNU on the charge of sedition speech has given rise to redefining sedition law and nationalism. The custodial attack on Kanhaiya in Patiala court has exposed the vulnerable condition of Delhi police and for this BS Bassi is responsible for what happened with press person and teachers. His inability and passive reaction over the attack by lawyers indicative to the fact that it is being covertly or overtly misused by the present dispensation in the centre. The whole drama enacted by the likes of BS Bassi has ignited the fire of nationalism and in utter bid to strike on the leftist bastion in JNU by hook or crook at the behest of the central govt. Why have all of sudden NDA govt started targeting selectively Litterateurs, teachers and now press? Given the prevailing condition in JNU, I appeal to the Prime Minister of India to solve the issue in order to ameliorating the academic aura of the university as career of students hang in balance?

Wakeel Ahmad, New Karim Gunj Gaya


Arnab Goswami

Is Arnab Goswami a TV #Terrorist? He barks and bites like a rabid street dog. He can learn a lot from Rajat Sharma, Barkha Dutt, Doordarshan National (DD1) or BBC News interviewers. In comparison to Arnab Goswami Meme, the fellow (someone called #Omar) came across a gentleman, even though Arnab defamed him and then cut him off without giving him an opportunity to speak. After my 3 extensive visits to USA one word has entered my decent British English vocabulary. Fuck you Arnab, the Harvard University Graduate. You have bastardised the fine profession of #journalism. You are behaving like the #Black Coatwallas attacking people in the precincts of the Courts, about which you have done nothing even though you were notified about the Supari Attack on me and my son Robin by 20 advocates in the Open Court of PH KARVE, MM 67th Court at Borivali, Mumbai on 28th September 2016. Did you get crisp notes to quash that story? Why are you NOT taking up the Issue of #INTOLERANCE and #CORRUPTION in the Police and Judiciary? If you got guts, contact me and I will give you solid evidence.

Dr Leo Rebello, Mumbai

[Posted on Facebook after seeing Arnab Goswami's raging video, on 19/02/2016 at 3.00 PM]


Steroids in medicines

There are reports that many a times some medical-practitioners including in Unani, Ayurvedic and homeopathic fields mix strong doses of steroids in unbranded medicines like powders and syrups in a bid to exhibit their 'expertise' in curing diseases. Central government should formulate some effective remedy to overcome the problem. Even though remedy lies in banning unbranded medicines, but the step is liable to open a pathway for minting money for drug manufacturers. Best remedy is that Central government may establish its own production units for all types of medicines including allopathic, unani, homeopathic and ayurvedic like once it had Indian Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Limited (IDPL) to provide cheaper branded medicines in all fields of medicines so that it may be feasible to impose a total ban on unbranded medicines. Step will make drug-manufacturers to reduce prices of medicines where presently they are minting money out of their brand-names.

Madhu Agrawal, Dariba, Delhi 110006

Messianic Shiism

I am pained to read the article on Messianic Shiism in your latest issue. We already have so many problems at hand and we must avoid anything which increases our problems. Kindly avoid such articles, especially by Middle Eastern writers.

Prof. Juzer Bandukwala, Baroda (via phone)

MG: It is never our intention to add or increase our problems. I have all along championed Shia-Sunni unity and I have personally taken part in many activities by our Shia brothers and do maintain excellent relations with many Shi’i brothers in India and abroad. Ever since the Islamic revolution in Iran, I have consistently supported it and have considered it a harbinger of change in the Muslim World. Indeed, the Iranian Islamic Revolution has changed much in the Muslim World and was to some extent responsible for the Arab Spring. Iran has been a consistent supporter of the Palestinian and other Muslim causes but it is also a fact that the Iranian intervention in Iraq, then in Syria and now in Yemen is responsible to some extent for the chaos we see now in that region. Iran too is partially responsible for the chaos in the Middle East. It is a fact that Sunnis have been badly treated and marginalised in Iraq and Syria which led ordinary Iraqis to rally to the ISIS ranks when it started in north Iraq where Sunnis were pushed from southern and central Iraq. Iran is also responsible for exporting its maslak to areas which never knew it and now we have unwarranted trouble in areas like Nigeria and Indonesia. We love and support Iran in the face of the western pressure. We support Iran as an important member of the worldwide Muslim community but Iran too should learn from the recent past and ponder over the fact that it has now lost much of the previous support it once enjoyed in the Sunni world (Zafarul-Islam Khan).