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People of the Book

I understand, through a Muslim journalist friend who works in Jeddah [KSA] that the Saudi Gazette dated 15th October 1998 C. E. published in full a speech delivered in the U S House Sub-Committee on National Security, International Affairs and Criminal Justice, Mr. Atif Harden, the Executive Director of the American Muslim Council [AM C], who declared; “I am weary of hearing and seeing Islam and Muslims portrayed as foreign and different. We are cousins of Jews and Christians. We worship the same God, follow teachings of the same Prophets and believe in the same books. We are all of followers of Abraham.” My question is: Is what he said correct? Personally I feel that he is wrong.

S. M. Pasha, Chennai

MG: What the American Muslim leader said is not wrong. Don’t we affirm our faith in all the divine books and in all the Prophets who preceded Muhammad (pbuh)? We are not Muslims if we do not do so. Don’t we in every prayer invoke Allah’s blessings for Abraham and his progeny? Don’t we claim that all of them were Muslims? Hence such an assertion is not wrong as long as we follow Islam alone as other divine messages have been corrupted over time and the only correct and valid divine message today is Islam brought by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Our dispute is with the political zionism which usurp[ed a Muslim land and with the Crusader Christians who want to occupy or control our lands. (Zafarul-Islam Khan)

Pasha:Jazakallah. Subhanallah is my Du'a for you. Let us condemn political Christianity and political Zionism and restrict our relationship with the followers of those religions only for this worldly matters.


Arrests of Muslim youth

The BJP government ahead of 26th January is tearooms the constitution of India it nabbed number of Muslim youths By snatching their freedom by arresting them just on was the duty NIA& ATS officers to gather perfect and concrete proof and then apprehend them, But on suspension they arresting the youths like street Dogs and sending them to jails on police custody or court custody.They must think what will be the plight if their own sons or brothers apprehended and sent to jails for years what their wives, mothers and sisters and brother mourn and feel agony, Muslims have every strong weapon of Curse Allah will accept their prayers and will retaliate in His own fashion the bull-headed politicians cannot understand They are making merry on election of Amit Shah But they cannot asses the misfortune they will come across If this oppression is carried out the boat of BJP will sink earlier There is saying Khuda Ke Pas Dere Haiy Andhere Nahin Haiy

Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


Our narrow-mindedness!

The resolution passed by Sunni Conference Delhi on 8 February is regrettable. While it justifiably condemned the arrests of innocent Muslims, it was not justified in linking terrorism to the Wahabi sect of Islam. In fact, Islam is the same wherever it exists. It is our narrow-mindedness and ignorance that we try to give it various names. It is sin to divide Islam in various categories. Islam is the same from the creation of the universe till its existence and Qur’an and Sunnah are its guidelines. No human being can claim to be a true Muslim unless he sticks to the tenets of Qur’an and Sunnah. If one group of Muslims condemns another, it would be playing into the hands of the enemies of Islam, which we must avoid. If we are Sunni, Wahabi or Shia, we would have to be accountable for our deeds on the Day of Resurrection. Therefore, it is imperative that we stick to our sects and serve the cause of Islam. Allah has ordered us in the holy Qur’an that we should unite and not divide ourselves in various groups, which would be succumbing to the temptations of Satan.

Dr. Shafiqur-Rahman Khan, Aliganj, Lucknow


Delhi Police

On the web site of the Delhi Police appear the words SHANTI, SEWA, NYAYA. Each one of the three words was trampled under-foot on 30 January 2016. Outside the RSS office in Delhi, men of the Delhi Police attacked students, male police attacked women, men in uniform attacked press people, throwing to the ground the cameras of photographers. In no civilised society is it the job of the police to inflict punishment. The Delhi Police can only be called brutish. A friend sees them as a Uniformed Bajrang Dal.

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091,


42% of “in vitro” conceived children develop cancer, reveals a study by the University of Lund

Infants conceived with techniques used in fertility clinics, are four times more likely to have certain birth defects and malformations than children conceived naturally, according to a study by researchers at the University of Lund (Sweden). By in vitro babies, the risk of childhood cancer is great. Specifically, they have a 42 % chance of having a childhood cancer. Experts say that the figures are evident but they have not yet determined how the disease develops. Among the defects that have been detected are heart problems, cleft lip, cleft palate and abnormalities in the esophagus or rectum, which normally occur once every 700 births. Assisted reproductive techniques, such as fertilization “ in vitro “, which requires doctors to work with embryos and sperm outside the human body, increased these serious dangers. “I think it’s important to consider the fact that there may be a risk of birth defects”, says Jennita Reefhuis, epidemiologist from the Centers for Birth Defects Research and author of a study published in the online journal “Human Reproduction”. Reefhuis also said that although her study linked fertility procedures to birth defects, it did not demonstrate nor explained this connection. If the connection is real, it is not known whether the procedures increase the risk of these malformations, or whether infertility itself raises this risk. On the other hand, Dr. James A. Grifo, director of the fertility clinic at the Medical Center of New York University, said that more research is needed to test these findings, because the study was done with only 281 women who had undergone fertility treatment. Nevertheless, “the results are worrisome but, with a small sample of patients, we need to do a larger study”, added Dr. Grifo.  Also, Dr. Alan R. Fleishman, vice president of March of Dimes, said: “I think it’s an important study that confirms the direction in which we were concerned, that of an increase in some structural birth defects in children born with assisted reproductive techniques. Women who choose to undergo this fertility treatment should be informed of the risk of birth defects in their children”. Fertilization “in vitro” could be defined as the taking of male and female gametes and the realization of their union outside the human body to transfer the fertilized embryo into the uterus of the mother to implantation and subsequently birth. In addition to the risk of malformations in the child already indicated, fertilization “in vitro” goes “against nature” And nature never forgives, it is relentless.

Clemente Ferrer, 14. 28002-Madrid (Spain)


Hollande’s hollow talk about Islamic terrorism

Entire world is afraid of taking action against India-centric Jihadi terrorists of Pakistan due to the potential of regime change in Pak as a result of the unresolved Kashmir problem. The visiting French President Francois Hollande wa doing drama, even quoting November 13,  2015  terrorist attack at Paris, when he showed sympathy with India which has been facing Islamic terrorism for decades (latest the January, 2 terrorist attack at Pathankot allegedly by JeM headed by Maulana Masood Azahar). Had Hollande been serious about fighting Islamic terrorism then he should have demanded that Pakistan hand-over Maulana regarding his prison escape through plane hijack by his Jihadi terrorist colleagues. But like everyone else France also knows that as per media reports, one hundred thousand Jihadis from Pakistan, Afghanistan, India etc have laid down their lives for the Muslim majority Kashmir (J&K). If France and rest of the world-community are serious about fighting Islamic terrorism then they should call the bluff of India which goes round the world crying about Islamic terrorism but does nothing to resolve Kashmir problem (which is the key for eradicating Islamic terrorism in SAARC region).

Hem Raj Jain, Bengaluru


What should Muslims do now

I was searching for an answer to my question “What should Muslims do now’’, and I got my answer in the above named article by Dr. Zafrul-Islam Khan. It is a seminal piece, which i read and studied, and would advise all to do the same. The article is divided into three parts, and he advises a continuous process of discussion on the subject in our circles. 1. Building of good and law-abiding citizens, 2. building of institutions. After independence, we inherited the British institutions, but our citizens and many of our leaders were of the same slavish mentality, accepting ‘’injustice and oppression as a way of life’’. Parliamentary Democracy and Judiciary were the only two institutions added after independence. ‘’Efforts are being made for the past four decades to weaken these institutions. And if the present ruling party secures a majority in the Rajya sabha also, the day is not far when all our institutions will dance to the tune of the political masters. In other words, a fascist system will take over the whole country’’. In this piece, there is great emphasis--top of the list-- laid on ‘’failure to develop the individual citizen. Dr. Zafrul-Islam has written about the moral weaknesses of the nation with the usual traits of corruption. With such slavish traits’’ How can any nation progress’’? He asks. 2. This part consists of ‘’ what role Muslims should play in building the country and how ? He advises thus: An attitude of defence and apology has taken over the Muslim mind in dealing with the Government’s and administration’s discrimination. There is no positive and bold literature to present our case before the critics and general masses in their own language and idiom’’. We think ‘’ by writing and reading in Urdu we have solved our problems, and misconceptions which our countrymen have against us.’’ We remain cut off from political and human rights movements, because we do not take part in protests, dharnas, and demonstrations for safeguarding the interests of dalits, adivasis, and weaker sections of the country’’. In the third part, which deals with the internal condition of the Umma itself, he asks ‘’ Are we really Muslims’’ I will stop at this. The truth is Indian Muslims are not united at all in any respect. Whatever few public- spirited people, we have in our community have set up their own’’Shops’’ and are interested in their own agenda without caring for the larger vision. Politically, we are poorer than Dalits. Mayawati formed her own government, and Ramdas Athavles and Paswans always make sure that they get cabinet posts. All Muslim leaders have to think seriously after reading this article and make All India circles of think-tanks who will put it into action, which is not difficult in this age of digital world.

Dr. Syed Khurshid, Bandra, Mumbai


Is Parliament House Temple of Democracy?

If at all, MPs are determined to make Parliament Temple of Democracy in principle & spirit, then  [1] take action against elected representatives who have pending criminal & other cases against them. [2]  Many leaders who were chargesheeted, jailed on charges of corruption are freed on bail after enjoying VIP treatment in jails, but no recovery is made by the concerned authority of the bribe money. [3] Do not protect politicians, ignoring which political party he /she belongs to, if they are involved in corruption, scams and impropriety. [4] There must be discipline & decorum in Parliament. [5]  There has to be “Code of Conduct” for MPs whether of ruling party or of Opposition. Discussion, debate on any issue must follow within appropriate time with vote on the issue, Country shall not progress, if unruly behaviour of MPs go on stalling parliament sessions.

Jagdip H Vaishnav, Mumbai


Arrests of Muslim youth on mere suspicion

The ruling clique seems to have become mad and is playing with real bombs as its toys. They are ignorant about the risk to their lives. The news of the arrest of 14 Muslim youth for mere suspicion that they were  trying to join IS as this will provoke terrorists of IS to attack Delhi, Mumbai, KolKata or Bangluru. The BJP bosses want to torture Muslims but they prefer certain kinds of Muslims like Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Aamer Khan etc. The death of Akhlaq Ahmad might have been noted by Taliban, Al-Qaeda, JeH and ISIS etc. Why Indian rulers are adopting the policy of Aa bael mujhe maar?

Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


Uttar Pradesh

The prevailing political scenario in the most populated state of India, almost equal to the Great Britain in size, the Uttar Pradesh, is most distressing. Elections knocking the doors, to be held in early 2017, the situation is getting vulnerable day by day, at least for Muslim community. An ever smiling technocrat chief minister, youngest in the history was crowned by his father Mulayam Singh Yadav, the Samajwadi supremo against the wishes of his senior colleagues and co founder of Samajwadi party. Upset and distressed with Mayawati, who neglected them throughout her tenure as chief minister, threw all their weight behind Mulayam’s party with the hope that their rights and dignity would be protected by Mulayam Singh. But with the pace of time, his heir disappointed them. At present they are feeling betrayed. They complaint that in case of his deteriorating health, as Mulayam justified his decision, Azam Khan should be given a chance as chief minister being the senior most leader in the party as well as co-founder of this party. His decision questioned his secular credentials too.A complacent leader surrounded by rootless panegyrists, disappointed them. He is junior most among his cabinet colleagues therefore has no control upon senior ministers as well as bureaucracy. Even the state police do not seem to take him seriously. Yogi Aditya Nath’s diatribes and his Hindu Sena has created havoc in the east of UP and a Hindu fighting army being prepared by VHP in the name of fighting against ISIS. Muslims are terrorised but Government seem unwilling to face the situation. It was only” Mushawarwt” that sent a delegation and informed the masses about the atrocities against Muslims. Muslims are waiting the reactions of their elected leaders, in deep slumber. The present cabinet or council of ministers is a conglomerate of nonchalant naives. Barring two or three senior ministers, all are adhered to their one point agenda, of which supremo Mulayam Singh also had pointed and warned not to loot. I know a cabinet minister who was a bureaucrat and after demitting his office joined Mulayam Singh party. He started his job from pushing the pram with a child of Yadav clan, seated in side. Due to his services he was awarded MLC seat and later cabinet minister. He never contested any election. Can this minister speak for his community? Another is a timber smuggler and everybody from Tarai belt knows him and so on and so forth. At present there are about more than a dozen Muslim ministers but.....? When I see these guys, touching feet and cringing before master with folded hands, my memory goes to the pages of Roman history back. Rome was a republic for more than five hundred years and during this period conquered all land around Mediterranean Sea including Britain. But in 27 BC Octavian grasped supreme power. Octavian, the adopted son and heir of Julius Caesar was conferred by the senate as Augustus, legitimising absolutism. His successors too followed him. Inheritance imposed Caligula as emperor who took many revolutionary steps. He made a horse his consul (Member of Parliament), and even made a palace for him, thus making the mockery of democracy. In the later period Rome was divided into two and ultimately Empire vanished after three centuries, Are we heading towards that direction? There is a buzz that Samajwadi party is not going to repeat 2012 results. Under such circumstances the role of Muslim community is crucial. Our leadership will have to sit, irrespective of their differences and will have to come out of hubris.                              

                Mohammad Sharif Khan Akuzai, Rampur


All are equal

Shun barbaric attacks on lower caste citizens and treat all as human beings like yourself. Day by day the atrocities on lower caste people are increasing while legal, police, political activists and media are keeping mum. The suicide of Rohit Vemula in the University of Hyderabad is not a rare instance. Here are some other hate incidents which occurred in this country: 1) A village in Tamil Nadu where a public well was located in the midst of the village had lots of lower caste people living there. The lower caste people were not allowed to draw water from the well during day time. The village head ordered that the lower caste should draw water after evening and before morning so that each group will not touch or see the other. This problem continued for decades. In the meanwhile some youth condemned this uncivilised system and they approached the authorities to end this long pending draconian system. After strong pressure and intervention, the authorities constructed a crosswall in the well from top to the water level to stop each side from seeing the other. Thus one side was for upper caste people while the other was for dalits and this was recorded on the wall. 2) In north India (Rajasthan) some dalits were peeling the skin of a dead cow lying on the wayside. They were lynched to death by people who claimed that they had insulted their mother cow. 3) In North India, near Delhi, an old man who entered a temple to worship, was burnt to death on the ground because he was a dalit. 4) Two kids playing in a street were burnt to death as they were dalits and were making noise. After killing them the criminals said that two puppies were killed in accident. 5) In Kerala, a dalit I.G. retired from the registration department. On his retirement day, his seat and table in the office were purified by spraying cow dung mixed water by the staff of his office. 6) In Kerala, a talented youth artist played musical instrument in Guruvayoor temple for more than 20 years and everyone appreciated his play. When the temple authorities came to know that he was a dalit, he was immediately discharged from the temple. 7) A dalit holding a top post in Kerala university submitted his PhD thesis but the authorities rejected the thesis claiming it was copied from another thesis. 8) Two final year dalit students of MBBS at AIIMS Delhi committed suicide due to the abuse and ill-treatment they faced from their teachers and classmates. 9) In the University of Hyderabad during the last ten years, many dalit students, including Rohit Vemula, committed suicide due to the humiliations from teachers and students. 10) In addition to the above, many dalit students ended their lives in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Rajasthan etc due to abuse and misbehaviour of teachers and others. Moreover,  rapes and killings of dalit ladies are common across the country. The anti-nationalist enemies of mankind should know that the blood in their and dalit bodies are red and blood donated by dalits is transmitted into the bodies of high caste people in hospitals. Why and how the high caste people worship the characters of Ramayana, while the author of Ramayana, Valmiki, was a scheduled tribe person. Likewise, the author of the Constitution of India was a dalit. Don’t treat Indians as dalits, harijans, scheduled caste and scheduled tribes. Name them as Valmikies and Ambedkarites and give them human status as others.

Khan Vellayani

Trivandrum, Kerala


Arrest of goat in Chhatisgarh!

It refers to unusual incident of arrest of a goat alongwith its owner in Janakpur-Korea  (Chhatisgarh) for the goat repeatedly entering garden of a District Magistrate, on a police-complaint lodged by gardener of the senior officer. Even more surprising is that the goat (and its owner) was even granted bail also. Chhaitisgarh government should take note of the incident which has resulted in mockery of police-administration in the state through arrest of an animal. Strict-most action should be taken against all those involved in arrest and grant of bail to the goat also because there is no provision of arrest of an animal in Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Madhu Agrawal, Dariba, Delhi 110006

Mushawarat (continued from the previous issue)


Knowing you well as a very dedicated Muslim leader and a thorough gentleman it really pains me that you were subjected to such unfair and harsh attacks. No  Mushawarat president or senior leader as you are, should have to faced such a treatment. I feel very sad that it happened to you. In my opinion your services to the community and Mushawarat are very praiseworthy . And the community owes you thanks.

Kaleem Kawaja, Washington, US

MG: My dear Kaleem Kawaja saheb, Thank you for your kindness and understanding. (Zafarul-Islam Khan)

(Other letters on this issue are not being published)