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Dili Mubarakbadfor successful completion of the 16th year of the publication of MG. May Allah Almighty bless all of you with Sihhat, Aafiyat and strength, and also bless you with continuous support from readers, well-wishers and all peace and justice loving people in India and abroad.

Prof. Zafarul Islam Islahi, AMU


Babri issue in DU

After spending a decade in institutions of higher learning, I came away thinking that universities are places for discussing ideas and for carrying out research. I do not understand why Delhi University is now seeing the voicing of a demand for a temple, the dispute over which which has already cost far too many lives.

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


Ban preachers of communal hatred & terror

When bomb blasts occur any where in the country, the pet theory immediately put forward by both law enforcing and investigating agency and the media is that Muslim terrorists are behind these unparadonable crimes and on this account a number of Muslim youths been arrested on grounds of suspicion and most of them are still awaiting their trials. This is in addition to the highly excessive inhuman torture which they are facing in jails. But now as a result of investigation and probe of anti terrorist squad and other investigating agencies it has been found that communal organisations such as Bajrang Dal, VHP, Sanatan Sansthan, Ram Sena nad RSS worker involved in these highly explosive material has been found bouth at the offies and residences of RSS & activists other comunal organisation. Further collaborates the probe of the investigating agencies. Arrest of Col. Purohit and Sadhvi Pritigya the further proves the existence of the conspiracy engineered by these organisatio. Not only VHP and Bajrang Dal had trid to convert Orissa into another Gujarat by killing christians and damaging their churches and Shiv Sena has launched an intense hate campaign against north Indians in Mumbai Terrorism must be fought and every possible effort should be made by the government to terminate it and give deterrent punishment to those involved in these unpardonbale crimes irrespective of their reliigon. The need o the hour is that Bajrant Dal, VHP,, Shiv Sena, Gram Sena, Sanathan Sansthan, RSS, Abhnav Bharat should be banned immediately for their involvement in terrorist activities.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Delhi - 110091


Period of mourning in Kashmir

Not being an alim-e-deen [moulvi or a mufthi] my knowledge of the Shariath is very limited. Hence I request some aalim to tell me why the period of mourning for Kashmiri Muslims is FOUR days, whereas Hadith books say that the Holy Prophet [S.A.W.] has limited the period to THREE days only.

S. M. PASHA, Chennai


A modern vice: The Mobile Phone

Perhaps already victims of consumer society, we are seeing the prediction of the future in which we would be hooked to a cell phone that invades our privacy, as does the TV, making it a pseudo-drug hitching us through. Initially configured as a working tool for executives, it has evolved into a regular appliance of multicolored design. Sociologically it has ended up being an equalizer, not just an economic status symbol that is available to everyone. From its initial purpose of managing voice messages in a few years it has expanded its services to become a small pocket computer and an entertainment device: voice communication and writing, take and transmit images, video, games, connection internet, radio, which is almost infinite. Parallel to this other "toys" join in as the Tablet, MP3, etc. A technological revolution which is having social effects on our customs. These terminals, becoming lighter, offer an apparent freedom: that of not having to stay in one place, in Exchange for slavery: having the device to one's ear. Their sounds can be one of the hallmarks of this beginning of the millennium: they sound anywhere, on the street, at church, at the movies or on the bus. No meeting or gathering of friends is free of interruption by a tune or a lament, with the result that the person receiving the call is isolated from the whole. And this is not the fault of this little gadget, but the person using it who cannot control himself; we must learn therefore to leave it alone quietly when we share space with others. For many teens - and adults - mobile has become a kind of toy obsession. Just watch them watching time and time wrapped up at the screen, at the agenda, pressing keys spellbound to see the LCD messages: a form of mechanical communication, even when the receiver of the call walks next to him. Have not you ever seen a group of four or five teenagers in which each is handling his or her gadget, isolated from each other? Virtual communication doing away with the real. The widespread use of this technical marvel among generations born almost with the device in hand, starts to worry parents and educators for its influence on the capacity of children and young people of school age, thus indiscriminate content (pornography and violence in plain language) that runs across networks, and because the child can resent his or her dedication to the studies, or because the level of attention paid to the cell can lead to disconnect from their environment, or lose some of their ability to care in relation to the immediate tasks they perform. In this age, in many cases, the use of mobile computers is equivalent to having access to the Internet, where technical agility in search of information can have a negative counterpart to jump from one data to another without retaining any in subject to the memory capabilities; or no time for reflective attitude that involves reading a paper book. Another worry about electromagnetic pollution, proactively advises that children limit their use to keep emissions to a minimum. Advantages and servitude of technology that should be controlled.

Agustín Pérez Cerrada,Zargoza, Spain


Hostile Relation Between Iranians and Saudis

Why has the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia abandoned the cautious fence-sitting that long characterised its diplomatic style in favour of an forced antagonism. Why the sectarian and political rivalry with the Shi'a republic of Iran? Have not the Muslims lived peacefully with sectarian differences for centuries? It is a huge damage to the solidarity of Islam. The toppling of the Shah by the 1979 Islamic revolution caused fear into the hearts of Saudi royals' and led to greater political and military dependence on the West by KSA There is growing brutality of Islamic extremists within the opposition (a situation some suspect actively encouraged by Saudi Arabia) The west now prefers a political solution to the Syrian civil war and reluctantly conceded - largely under Russian pressure - that this could not be achieved without Iran and Bashaar Assad Furthermore, it looks that IS could not be defeated without the co-operation of the Syrian army, making Assad - temporarily at least - from the problem to part of the solution. To the disappointment of the Saudis, Washington began to desire a good relation with Tehran, the nuclear limitation agreement which had been blocked for thirteen years but now successfully finished. The Saudis feel betrayed, but they now faced another problem as a result. Almost for a year KSA has been bombarding the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen The Saudis were believing that the Houthis would be defeated in a matter of days. But ten months on, with no exit strategy, nothing has been achieved but the devastation of the poorest country in the Middle East and the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians. Analysts estimate that the financial cost of this adventure has already topped $60 billion. What a huge loss and Shame to the Ummah In Gulf countries, autocratic systems are generally tolerated due to an unspoken contract between government and the people that everyone benefits from the nation's wealth (though extremely unequally)

PA Mohamedameen


Swami on Babri Mosque

Before requesting Muslims Mr Swami should try to understand what is the deference between fiction and historical event 2) What is fraternity and equality?, What is castesm? Does believe that he was (Brahmins) born from the head of God and Sudras got birth from from feet of God, Why the priests in all temples exploite Hindu masses and take bribe to conduct pooja?, In thisway the poojais play the part of a Dallal There are crores of pujaris who intercept in the Bhakti of common Hindus Mr ythough seems but he does not know the merits of Islam and demerits of Hinduism He is a politician the politicians fetch fame and wealth His belief on God is erroneous He says Ram was a God his father was Dashrath He wasborn in Babri Mosque. Therefore the Mosque was demolished to construct a Ram mandir, He might have seen the mode of worship in Mosques. There are fixed timings for collective prayers.

Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


Pakistani agents in India

As per news item in Nav-Bharat (Hindi) 23, Nov. Nagpur ISI across the Western Border with and incollsion or Daud Ibrahim fully involved in appearing communalism, creating communal tension, disturbing communal harmony and engineering frequent communal riots on Indian Soil through the agents active in the country but those have little elements are? Evidently, it is quite clear that a large number or elements form Hindutva force, police personnels having thick relations with Daud Ibrahim and Company in one way or the other secretly which is within the knowledge of big wigs of Hindutva flag holders including RSS. This is the reason with the capturing of power in some states and at centre some of the hindutva hooligans right from 16th May, 2014 came out of the bag openly under the protection of central and state home ministers under the leadership or Yogi Audhyanath, Sadhvi Parachi, Sadhvi Niranjan Joyoti and many BJP stalwarts using all platforms and stages to malign Indian Muslims by accusing them traitors, unpatriotic, Pakistani, terrorists and so. The motive behind such action is to kept on creating communal hatred, disharmony to take the country backward. Their such dirty activities proved that they are doing all these at the instant and instigation of ISI and Daud Ibrahim groups, if examined microscopically for all sorts of anarchy and chauvinism, the are moving souls behind.

Faheemddin, Nagpur


The plight of Kashmiri pandits

I have full sympayhy with Kashmiri Pandits and the government of India and Kashmir solve their problem at any cost But their case is complicated Now in the present situation the safty and security of Indian Army is at stake who can give the security of Kashmiri pandits, for their present plight They them selves are also responsible,To understand theit present plight you have to trace the history,When Islam was introduced Kadhmiri

99% of them embraced Islam except the Kashmiri Pandis They were in the superiority complex that they born from the Head of God Therefore they are superior than all human beings,Theregore they did not give any heed to the teachings of Islam. The same case was seen with the Brahmins of India many of the countries embraced Islam,The Brahmin community Never understood the Islamic philosophy and remained ignorent towatds Islam After the change of political situation The indian army captured kashmir and killed thousends of Muslims in Kasmir,The Indian army could not protect the safty and security Kashmiri pandits As they were in favour of India,The Kashmiri militants targetted the pandits and killed them. The kashmiri pandits migrated to Delhi with the hope that the Brahmins will help them as the ansari Muslims Helped The Mahsjirs of Macca. They were true follwers of Mohammad sas the kashmiri pandits are facing the fall out of their blunder mistake committed by neglecting the glaring teachings of Islam Even now if they embrace Islam the Kashmiri Muslims will help and provide full security to them as the Ansars of Madeena did The Brahmins of I ndia are narrow minded Thery are always try to gain and not to loose any thing But their is no other solution is possible.

Dr Maqdoomi Hyderabad


Salman's acquittal

This is a rejoinder to your write up in the "MILLI GAZETTE" dated 16-31, January  2016 under the caption "Salman's acquittal". Like you we too regret that at times our judiciary take an extremely long time to deliver judgements. Take for example the Babri Masjid case before the Apex Court. It is dragging on since several years with the result the accursed accused are freely and merrily enjoying their normal lives whilst the petitioners are sitting with their hands crossed waiting for the Day of Judgement. But your remark that " Indian judiciary is most corrupt and biased. And the power of pelf can make all the difference" is uncharitable and unacceptable inasmuch as you are painting the entire judiciary with the same brush. No offence is meant and it is hoped none will be taken.          S. M. Pasha, Chennai

Sumit Paul: Thanks for your rejoinder. I'm happy that my write-up at least elicited a response from a perceptive reader like you. Yet, I reiterate that Indian judiciary, like journalism, has prostituted itself and is corrupt to the core. Well, there could be some honest souls in both the noble professions, but it's the majority that's taken into account to reach a definitive conclusion. Let me know if you come across some exceptions. I shall be thankful to you. Remember the immortal words of T S Eliot in his poem 'Burnt Norton'-'Humankind cannot bear very much reality.' Reality often disconcerts us and jolts us out of our slumbering complacency.

SM Pasha: I am at a loss of words to thank you profusely for replying to me so swiftly and so Sweetly. You concur with the famous English novelist who, in one of his novels remarked that " laws are cobwebs........................." but I don't and so as I remarked earlier let us agree to differ. The Americans say [ whether they really mean what they say, is doubtful] "In God, we trust'. We, Indians, say: " In our judiciary, we have faith."We mean what we say.


Why terrorism is connected with Islam only?

After the return of the Russian troupes from Afghanistan, a European politician had said, "The world is in danger now, not from the Red Revolution, but from the Green Revolution. What he meant was that now Islam is their "enemy". He wanted to caution the developed world that if Islam's system based on justice got its way, the western exploitative system would find no place to hide and we shall not be able to continue their hegemony. The same thinking was responsible for 9/11, which later on was proved to be the handiwork of America and Zionism, but it was used to destroy Afghanistan and Iraq. In their wave of pride they had said, "Either you are with us or with them", and this war was called "The Crusades". The result is that all of the terror-related incidents are now called "Islamic terrorism", whoever may be behind them. The incidents which cause financial loss or loss of human life to Muslims only too are considered a handiwork of Muslims and Muslims are arrested in those cases and prosecuted. Examples are Makkah masjid blast of Hyderabad and the bomb blasts of Malegaon. The war against terror has now become a business of terror. These actions taken are a show of strength, clearly proving that it is not a war against terrorism but a show of strength against Muslims and Islam. Some so-called Muslims and avaricious people have come forward now in relating terrorism to Islam and Muslims, who include one Tarek, a Pakistani, who is carrying forward the mission of Rushdie and Tasleema Nasreen. It is our duty to expose him and the people of his ilk.

Dr. S. R. Khan, Ali Ganj, Lucknow


I was very surprised to read Dr Tasleem Rahmani's article on the recently conducted elections of the Majlis Mushawarat. As Mushawarat has grown it is expected that officebearers will be elected by an open election and candidates will canvass for themselves. Ofcourse underhand tactics and influence peddling should not be used. It is most unfortunate that Dr Rahmani chose to wash all the dirty linen in public and to describe in gory details the various happenings. There was no need to paint Mushawarat in such dark colors that can harm it. The most galling is Dr Rahmani's grotesque comments on Syed Shahabuddin. The long, sincere and dedicated services of Syed Shahabuddin sahib to the Indian Muslim community for the last 35 years since about 1980 are very well known. In the dark days of 1980s and

1990s when the anti-Muslim forces of BJP were attacking and maligning Muslims with much distorted, false allegations and the mainstream media was siding with them, and Muslim leaders were unable to give credible responses, it was only Syed Shahabuddin who rebutted those allegations with facts, figures and well articulated responses, rather than emotional diatribes. After the demise of the first generation of Mushwarat leaders in the 1990s the organization was reduced to almost a paper organization with no significant activities or visibility. In that hour Syed Shahabuddin took charge of Mushawarat and put new life in it. He persuaded a lot of very reputed mainstream Muslim leaders and thinkers from all over the country to join and support Mushawarat. He also worked hard to vastly improve its financial situation and helped Mushawarat acquire its own office building in Abul Fazal Enclave in 2005. In 2005 he established the "Friends of Mushawarat Circle" that provided much support and also started the publication of the Mushawarat journal that disseminated information about it far and wide. Using his contacts he made major political parties and government recognize Mushawarat.  Where is the comparison between the services, quality and capability of Syed Shahabuddin and Maulana Saleem Qasmi to Mushawarat? In 2000 when Maulana Qasmi, a cleric, separated and formed his own group using the Mushawarat name, Syed Shahabuddin was already a prominent Indian and Muslim leader with international reputation. What services has Maulana Qasmi performed for Mushawarat since then? It was Syed Shahabuddin's greatness that in 2013 in an efffort to join the splinter group with the main body he agreed to have Maulana Qasmi become the Chairman of the Supreme Guidance Council. At that time Maulana Qasmi was in very poor health and had difficulty even walking. If Syed Shahabuddin has left an imprint on Mushawarat it is because of the sublime quality of his thought and yeoman services. Why should anyone resent it? As a long time supporter of Mushawarat I wish it much success. I hope Dr Rahmani will refrain from such harmful articles in the future.

Kaleem Kawaja, Washington DC

MG: The article in question, basically written and published in Urdu, reflected only faintly on the unprecedented, unethical and un-Islamic ways adopted by a certain candidate supported by Syed sahib to win the election by hook or by crook. It is this unprecedented style of electioneering which has left many in and out of Mushawarat aghast about its present and future. I was not a presidential candidate in this election, hence no personal issue or vested interest is involved. It was particulary painful for me to see this because when I had taken over Mushawarat, it was almost a lifeless body where quorum of meetings was difficult to achieve and where all state units were dead. When I left Mushawart last month, there was problem accommodating members even in the larger hall of the Mushawarat building and all the old and many new state units were fully functional. The golden jubilee, for which I sacrificed a lot in terms of time and personal resources, was a grand success which made some people think that here is a golden goose which could be exploited for their personal agendas. To put the record straight, the merger in 2013 was not because of Syed Shahabuddin. It was because of Maulana Ahmad Ali Qasmi, Maulana Ataur Rahman Qasmi and myself as the then president of AIMMM and the post of the chairman of the supreme council was kept vacant all along for Maulana Salim saheb in the hope that his group will one day merge with us and, therefore, I offered him that post and announced it in the press conference held on 27 October, 2013 to celebrate the merger. Syed saheb, in fact, was furious about the press conference saying "what is the hurry?" He was persuaded with great difficulty to attend it. Syed saheb is a great man and has rendered remarkable  services to the country and the community but he is not above criticism. At this age, when he is almost senile, unable to hear or even to understand what others tell him, let alone consider and evaluate others' points of view, he continues to dabble in Mushawarat affairs as a super president. He is now in a stage where he should retire gracefully but he refuses to do so - go haath mein jumbish naheen, aankhon mein toh dam hai / rahne do abhee saaghar-meena mere aage. And this is one of the main sources of Mushawarat's current problems. It is because of his doggedness, rigidity and inability to listen to others that big problems like the escalation of the Babri issue and split of Mushawarat in 2000 occurred. A little flexibility and gentleness would have spared the community a great disgrace and Mushawarat a split. (Zafarul-Islam Khan)