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BJP’s Rout in Bihar

In Bihar Assembly Elections, the BJP the standard bearer of hindutva and Hindu chauvanism has suffered a crushing and humiliating defeat. This rout of BJP has rightly pointed out by Rahul Gandhi the Vice-President of the Congress is decidedly a defeat of BJP’s ideology which follows a policy of communal hatred and which stands for implementing the RSS agenda of converting India into a Hindu country and establishing a Hindu state and which also aims at completely destroying our precious centuries old composite national culture or Ganga Jamni culture and tolerance which is the characteristic features of our country. This is a victory of Indian nationalism and secularism. Equally this defeat is the defeat of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on account of his failure of fulfilling and implementing his high sounding promises of reducing sky rocketing prices and ending corruption.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Delhi - 110091



The preparation, sale and consumption of Samosas [an eatable] has been held by some Ulama in Somalia to be haram and they have banned eating them because samosas resemble the Christian Trinity. On the same ground everything triangular must be declared to be haram and be banned. Is there no limit to religious fundamentalism? What nonsense!

S., M. Pasha, Chennai


Indian Muslims

That the Indian Muslim minority community economically and educationally backward, owing to the step motherly treatment meted out to it by rabidly communal Hindu fundamentalists who have managed to capture political power is a glaring fact. How should Indian Muslims save themselves from utter destruction is a million dollar question but the answer is very easy and simple. They have to adopt the same policy as the Momineen of Makkah al Mukarammah adopted to tackle the atrocities of the kuffar. The Makkan Momineen followed the policy of “hikhmah” May Allah Subhanathallah guide us aright.

S. M. Pasha, Chennai


Return of awards

To those cats on the wall type of awardees who are still undecided whether to surrender or not to surrender their awards, is here good and encouraging news. Ex-servicemen have commenced surrendering their medals to register their passive protest against the unchecked atmosphere of intolerance in the country. Hence they have now to decide which is more sacred and more laudable - their love for their awards or their love for Motherland.

S. M. Pasha, Chennai



When a poor family fails to pay its monthly light bill, that family is not allowed to get power connection for the next month without fare, fine and payment of the previous light bill payment,which might be under Rs 150 to 500 only. When all sectors like factories, mills, private hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, industries and metro trains etc. might get and use power without paying bills. There are lakhs of power connections on credit. Why they should not collect monthly electricity bills in advance from these looting business sector as per minimum previous used light bills as per record? Business sectors not obliging. Thanks

Mohammad Rafique Usman Mansoori


Freedom of expression

If criticism has lost relevance in india then a constututional ammendment is needed to remove the article of  freedom of expression from the constitution itself.

Aamir Sheikh



Re. bloodbath in Paris. I’m very upset to read what happened in Paris last night. This is too bad and horrific. What do you say?

SP, Pune

MG: What has happened in Paris is horrible by any standards and should be condemned unconditionally. But let us wait for some time to know who really did it. ISIS earlier claimed to have downed the Russian plane over Sinai but experts said it does not own the means to do so. I remember the Israelis had downed a Libyan civil airliner over the same area in Feb. 1973 killing all the passengers including its French pilot. Not much horror was felt and the issue died down quickly. Among the many exploits of Israel was the murderous attack on the American navy ship SS Liberty in June 1967 killing dozens of American soldiers, yet the US had no guts to take action against Israel... A very good morning Dr Paul. No, no! I never said that Israel downed the Russian plane. I only brought back to memory some instances where the world and even the victim country  (US) kept quiet on such huge crimes. Same was the case when Israeli intelligence agents attacked American diplomatic targets in Egypt in 1954 with a view to blame Egypt for the same but some of the agents were caught red-handed. This scandal is known as “Lavon Affair” after the Israeli minister Pinhas Lavon who supervised it. But the US did not lift a finger. My point is that any such crime should be properly investigated before blame is placed at someone door. Who owns the technology and equipment to down a plane some 20 kms high in the sky? This is only an example from so many other incidents. Only state militaries enjoy such capabilities. In the recent Russian plan’s case, we find Egypt, Israel and US which could have such capability in the area. Te US from its fleet in the Mediterranean and the base in Diego Garcia has been attacking targets in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. There is a lot of “False Flag” operations where intelligence agencies in every country including our own undertake such terror missions in order to achieve a political result. SP: I agree with you that Israel is yet another rogue country but why on earth should ISIS claim that it’s shot down the plane when it was perpetrated by Israel?

SP: The politics of international terrorism is really murky.

MG: I am not at all exonerating ISIS. They may be the criminals who perpetrated this crime. My point is that any apportioning of the blame should be after proper investigation. In our own country, Hindutva terror crimes have been quickly laid at the door of LeT, SIMI and IM etc. Months and years later it became clear who the real culprits were. My other point is: who created Al-Qaeda and who created ISIS? There is ample proof that the CIA played a leading role in creating, arming and financing both and many others, but as it is often the case, monsters you create turn against you. Shiv Sena, Khalistan and LTTE are cases in point in our own recent history. All of them were created by megalomaniac Congress chanakyas and they devoured their creators.

SP: You’ve convinced me but at the same time, you can’t turn a Nelson’s eye to what the ISIS is doing. Thanks for the invaluable information. I was not aware of many things that you’ve mentioned in your mail. Very very true... You’ve hit the nail on the head.


Relationship with non-Muslims

Allah Subhanathallah says in Suratul Al-Imraan Ayat 118: “ O you, who believe ! Do not take as Bitanah [friends, advisers, consultants, protectors, helpers and the like] those outside your religion because they will not fail to do their best to corrupt you. They desire to harm you secretly. Hatred has already appeared from their mouths but what their breasts conceal is far worse. Indeed We have made plain to you the Aayaaths if you understand,” Does not this Divine Directive prevent us from joining non-Muslim political Parties and also considering non-Muslims as our friends, may I know?

S, M, Pasha, Chennai

MG: There were certain rules which applied in early Islam when there was fear that Islam may get influenced or engulfed by Shirk because Muslims were few and weak. This fear has no justification today. Allah ta’ala has guaranteed to preserve the Qur’an for ever and Muslims are a big power today. Our rulers may be corrupt but the Ummah, its scholars and the huge quantum of books available everywhere are a guarantee that our religion cannot be corrupted. All such attempts like the Qadiani Islam have failed. We live in a predominantly non-Muslim country and society which is by and large tolerant and peace- loving. We cannot live in isolation. Our rights and duties are intertwined so much that we have to take interest in the affairs of our society as a whole and this cannot be done unless we are part of the political process and are present in assemblies and parliament where important decisions are taken. For this we have to be part of political parties which are secular, treat all Indians as equal and do not propagate fear and hate. We have tried and failed with our Muslim parties which have not grown out of a few pockets simply because we do not enjoy majority except in some pockets. We can become a force only when our small percentage is added to other votes in a constituency. As long as non-Muslim-led political parties are secular and promise to look into our problems and solve them, it is imperative that we help them from outside as well as from inside.


Info, please

My name is Mohiuddin Mohd. Sarwar from Kolkata, West Bengal. Recently I was referred an ‘article ‘ in the Milli Gazette on the Cacutta Madrassah Alia ‘ written by one Md. Shahid Rafique of Kolkata.I could not locate the date of the article though.In the article, reference was made of one ‘Shams-ul-ulema Moulvi Kamaluddin Ahmed’ as first ‘Principal’ of this institution way back. What I need / want is this: Any book/booklet /articles published on Moulvi Shams Ul Ulema Kamaluddin Ahmed of Kolkata, please refer /or send me the same. Also, any such book /information also on his illustrious father also a - Shamsul Ulema Moulvi Zulfiquar Ali also of Gorachand Road, Kolkata. Please refer the name of books if available in Kolkata.

M. M. Sarwar, Kolkata


Nobody to curb the atrocities of cruel Israel

Jews never lived in Palestine and they have no right in Palestine. Due to the Holocaust of Hitler, Jews sought shelter. The Palestinians, being God-fearing Muslims, granted them shelter. Thus they migrated Germany and other countries and formed their own country called “Israel” in 1948. Thus the Jews had state in the midst of the Arabs. This tiny nation subsequently became ungrateful, unkind, cunning and cruel and occupied all of Palestine includig the sacred mosque of Al-Aqsa and much more. Now the Jews are acting as masters and the hosts are being persecuted at all levels.

Khan Vellayani, Trivandrun - 695009



Contrary to the Hinautva claim, it is observed that cow was never and is the part of Hindu religion which has now made a symbol of religion by handful Hindu fanatics who themselves have no knowledge of Religion. In India itself, whereas in some parts forced beef eating is imposed but in various parts slaughtering of cow and beef eating is a common delicious food being used by Hindus themselves freely but RSS and its Hinautva generation has no courage to prevent the same any way. It all shows that the strong and murderous attacks and illegal beef eating restrictions carried out by hinuutvadis only because governments, Law enforcing machinary and Law of the Land is at their back. If wrong, it is suggested that unarmed Muslims in India be granted free hands for few hours to deal hindutva forces,rioters, vendalism, hooliganism, sadhus, sadhuvis, Hindutva fascit organisations with individuals, barking dogs like Adityanath, Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, Sadhvi Panchi, other acharyas ete, The moment the governments with their respective agencies with the intention go unheeded against Hindutva forces by sending all the law enforcing machinaries behind the barrackes even for few hours the faces of Hindutva forces may go on dry permanently. Maharashtra Government which is called more progressive State, soon after assuming power in the State, showed horrible narrow mindedness in such a way that the cow slaughtering, beef eating with other animals imposed bann upon their slaughtering and consuming too whereas the same Government rejected even five percent reservation for Muslims in the State.




Islam declared cleanliness as half Imaan

The Last Prophet (PBUH) said cleanliness is half Imaan (Faith). He emphasised cleanliness 1450 years ago. Mahatma Gandhi said everyone must be scavager of his own. Nepolean Bonaparte said water, air and cleanliness are the chief articles in my pharmacy. A Japanese playwright said “The level of cleanliness is proportionate to the degree of civilisation.” Now our PM Modi has launched “Swach Bhart.” The Prophet (PBUH)  declared cleanliness is must to complete Imaan. But, alas, see the toilets used by Namazis adjacent to Masjids. These stink with spits of beetle (paan), bidi, khaini etc. Muslim areas are littered with trash. Ulama and Imams must use their platforms to wage a war for cleanliness which is half Imaan. This will help the Ummah get rid of its ghetto mentality.

S. Haque, Patna


How political parties fight corruption?

AAP minister Asim Ahmad Khan was removed from cabinet by CM Kejriwal when a sting video appeared. Awadhesh Pr. Kushwaha, s Bihst minister, was sacked from cabinet by Nitish Kumar when a CD showed him accepting 4 lakhs became viral. P. M. Modi and BJP president Amit Shah targetted Nitish Kumar for corruption in election rally. Immediately Nitish Kumar replied that he sacked his minister.. But Modi inducted an MP (Giriraj Singh) into his council of ministers even as an unaccounted amount of Rs. 2 crore was recovered from his house and Mr. Singh had vowed publicly that critics of Narendra Modi (PM candidate) would be packed to Pakistan.

S. Haque, Patna


The Present Tour of Namo

The latest tour of our beloved P. M. proved gloomy for him and India too. Anti Modi banners held by thousands of followers of different religions, faith and beliefs with slogans like Mody go back, enemy of humanity and minorities killer of thousands of innocent minority members and likewise appeared to have not only flabbergasted Modi and host P. M. but put him specially in an upset position which was never expected by him, the host P. M.,Cabinet members but the whole Hindutva Family in India. The Indian P. M. from the very beginning appeared quite disappointed alongwith host P. M. with his pale and dry face could easily be visualised exposing his internal feelings thus proving that the tour remained absolutely failed and unhistoric. however, it would be/ is something unusual if our media admit the flopshow of P. M. but the facts are the irreversible part of history which can not be wipedout by Congress and Hindutva forces or ideaolgy.




Moral decay of the country

The moral decay of our country has plummeted to its lowest these days, when the sanctity of cow has surpassed that of human beings. Human beings were created by the Lord as the most eminent of His creatures. The milch animals, as long as they provide milk, are fed and taken care of by human beings. But when they pass the age of milching, they become a burden for their owners. If some people give the status of a “mother” to such an animal, will it become a mother indeed? No. Mother is only the female human being who gives birth to a child. It is an example of moral decay when a human being is killed on the mere suspicion of keeping beef in his house and the prime minister of the country doesn’t even condemn the killing. Writers, who objected to the Hindutva elements’ blind followers, are killed by merciless mobs and the government plays silent spectator. Then sensitive writers and intellectuals of the country, who decide to return their awards, are condemned by the government and its propagandists. They should have, instead, welcomed this phenomenon as a proof of the living conscience of the country.

Dr. S. R. Khan, Lucknow


Jamia Urdu

In reference of the entitled “Jamia Urdu Aligarh” by Mr. T. Habib Azad (MG-16-30 November, 2015) on behalf of the Millat Bedari Muhim Committee, Aligarh I wish to point out that: 1. The writer has accused the Millat Bedari Muhim Committee (MBMC) that, “ MBMC organization of Aligarh is hand in glove with authorities of Jamia Urdu Aligarh and with the person conferred an Daktu e Adab Award by self proclaimed authorities of Jamia Urdu. 2. The false and motivated accusations and allegations leveled by Mr. T. Habib Ahmed have two parts. First is against defaming Millat Bedari Muhim Committee (MBMC), Aligarh and second against the Jamia Urdu Aligarh. 3. As far as MBMC is concerned, I wish to make it clear that MBMC is a social organization for empowering Muslims educationally and politically. MBMC cooperates and participate in all the projects which are held for educational, social, political and empowerment of Muslims of India. 4. The programme mentioned by Mr. T. Habib Ahmad was a seminar in Jamia Urdu Aligarh wherein Chancellor of Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU), Hyderabad Mr. Zafar Sareshwala was Chief Guest. I am at loss to understand why the writer has any objection on that? As Mr. Zafar Sareshwala is chancellor of MANUU and holds no other post. 5. The accusation that MBMC members are in hand glove with self proclaimed authorities of Jamia Urdu is not only funny but legally objectionable too. The writer must make it clear who is “illegal” in Jamia Urdu. Further, I wish to point out that the MG is carrying on a campaign against The MBMC and the Jamia Urdu Aligarh which is not proper by any journalist standard. The editor of MG seems some grudges against MBMC and so MG never published its news too. I believe that this is not right. I hope now this defamation campaign will be stopped.  Please look into matter.

Thanks. Sincerely yours,

Dr Jasim Mohammad

Gen. Secretary, Millat Bedari Muhim Committee, Aligarh

MG: We respect your right to differ and put across your opinion and position but we disagree with your accusation that we are carrying any campaign against your organisation. We have not done so in our 16-year-old history of publication and insha Allah, we never do so in future also. Whatever we publish is in public interest. We only write about organisations and persons in public life and we believe that the public has a right to know the facts. We never touch private persons. Personally, I do not know you and most of your members. It is a fact that I know two persons who appear in your programmes and they may be your office-bearers too, but I know them from a different context and we have mutual respect


Modi hugs

In the matter of unwanted hugging, all the male leaders of the countries which India’s present prime minister has visited are expected to issue denials like the present chief minister of Delhi did in respect of a former chief minister of Bihar. Mercifully, the queen of England was spared.

Mukul Dube, Delhi 110091


If CBI could fabricate, then whny not police?

CBI is the premium investigating agency of our country which fabricates charges against honest and innocent persons and this was proved in court when a court discharged the former telecom secretary Shamal Ghosh in 2G case saying the chargesheet was full of distorted and fabricated facts. Finance minister Arun Jaitley said the fabricated chargesheet was prepared by CBI at the behest of the former Telecom minister Kapil Sibal. Kapil Sibal replied: “it is not necessary that what he does is not being done by others” This is the reality of our premium investigating agency, so what to say about our police. Intezar Ali was arrested and explosive was shown under his seat. The court said giving him bail that the charge sheet is full of fabricated and distorted facts (Ranchi 14/10/15). Innocent Intezar Ali languished in prison many months on coocked up terror charges.

S. Haque, Patna