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Milli Gazette

Tum jiyo Hazaaron saal, yeh, meri hai aarzoo.Since its birth in January 2000, MG is published from New Delhi. In my opinion the paper now needs to be published simultaneously from South, West, East and Central parts of the country in order to cover the readership widely. The settled precedent of journalism is to use common and easiest possible language in the newspaper, especially in the news items and articles to be read by the public, National and international interest requires that the matter is read, understood and followed by  people of all catagories sections. The language of the paper must be simple understood by ordinary readers. Considering the factual position, it is it is observed that MG is published for some particular sections and this has restricted its circulation, thus failing to attract the common pulses which is one of the prime reason why MG failed to catch the masses. It is humbly suggested that MG should avoid to involve itself in any unimportant controversy like the present one about Jamia Urdu Aligarh.    Faheemuddin, Nagpur


Message to Muslims

Pl. refer to “Message to Muslims” (MG, 16-31 Oct. 2015). I appreciate the contents. Be it as may, at least we are coming to an stage and share the thoughts. I am sure you will agree that young Muslims are particularly targetted and are implicated in cases on filmsy grounds and lodged in jails for years on end. Either they are not legally defended properly or none among our body of lawyers is available to file strong cases so that they may either be speedily convicted or released to lead normal life. Is it possible to form a legal body to ensure them justice. They should not spend their young age behind bars ruining their lives for no fault of theirs. By default, they are kept for years together while Milli Gazette does give news about their plight in different jails. But how long?    Javed



Aurangzeb, the great Mughal king whose name has been made controversial. Past historical pages should be studied honestly as shown in the excellent article published in our MG by Brijendra Singh. According to the accurate knowledge acquired by the said writer,  novelist Bunkim Chatterjee who dedicated his whole life to serve the British government was instrumental in this conspiracy to defame Aurangzeb. To wrongly accuse an excellent man is itself malicious. It is the duty of our genuine authors to explore the real history and enlighten the young generation.

Haji. M. Anwardeen, Tamil Nadu


This refers to Shri Bijendra Singh’s article in the MG [16-31 Oct.]. In it the author has shown why Kashi Viswanath Temple at Varanasi was pulled down by Aurangzeb. However, some historians have questioned the veracity of this information as no original source is supposed to have been cited. This fact was first alluded to by the historian and Congress president Pattabhi Sittramayya. When he was asked about the source, he replied that he had got the info from a Persian manuscript in the possession of a person. Neither that person nor the manuscript were ever pinpointed. The reference to Viswanath temple may be accurate, but history is written on the basis of verifiable and easily accessible facts, and not speculation. Would Mr. Bijendra Singh throw some light on it.    Yunus Chitalwala


Shia-Sunni praying together

I have read your article on your efforts to bridge gap between Shia and Sunni sects and to reflect it publicly both the sects have prayed Idul-Fitr Namaaz together. Believe me this news gave me immense pleasure as I myself am a votary of this option and want to demolish this artificial divide  between different sects of the community. Congrats to all of you — keep it up. By the way, similar efforts are underway in Lucknow.

Zia Usmani, Lucknow.


Be positive, rise above regionlism

It seems that Indian Muslims are the seriously affected vic­tims of regionalism which restricted and confined them wholly with in the boundries of particular boundries or areas of their choice. It is noticed that Muslim organisations founded and functioning in a or within the boundries of one area in any Indian state or City hardly thinks to spread its wings in another part of any state, forget the rural areas in the Country. This is one of the reason why no co-operation, co- ordination, connection or relation ever established amongst the members of UMMA leading brotherly relationship and love for eachother. No doubt Muslim organisations of Karnatka or Kerala have successfully attempted to cross the barriers of their respective states but ripness is clearly visible in the matter but the same time it is matter of satisfaction that their activities at social and educational front in other parts may definately yield something positively (Ameen). Now the time is there which force us to think beyond regionalism and boundries which may definately help to find out Muslim Leadership, maintain and promot brotherly relationship amongst, the members of UMW_ from one region to another and so.          Faheeumuddin, Nagpur


Saudi regard for Islam

Apropos of K. Ghori’s article in MG of Oct. 16-31, 2015, let me submit that there is no respect for the Holy Qur’an in the Holy Land ruled by Aal Saud. I had, during my Hajj in 1979, collected dozens of Qur’an Shareefs from the streets of Makkah Mukarramah. Are the Saudi monarchs doing anything against Israel?            S. Akhtar, Amod, Gujarat


Jamia Urdu Aligarh

Issues of MG dated 1-15May 2015 and 1-15 October 2015 are before me, causing painful feeling regarding destructive affairs of some people controlling Jamia Urdu Aligarh. I appreciate MG for taking cognisance and exposing unfair affairs of Jamia Urdu Aligarh.It is a great shock for urdu speaking and urdu loving people, despite joint appeal dated 15-9-2001 by three eminent personalities, viz., Mr Syed Shahabuddin, Mr. Mujahidul Qasmi and Mr Sirajul Hasan to Urdu-speaking people of the world to look into the destructive affairs of Jamia urdu Aligarh run by vested interest people.May I dare to say that urdu speaking people have no time to look into the real problem and to save this institution from destruction of Jamia Urdu Aligarh, which is under control of self proclaimed director, OSD and others.IT is equally shocking that Millat Bedari Muheem members were present when Jamia Urdu was conferring doctorate upon Mr Zafar Sareshwala, creating doubt that Millat Bedari Muheem of Aligarh is hand in glove with selfish people of Jamia Urdu Aligarh. As far as my knowledge is concerned, Dr Mohd Tahir Farooqi was a great scholar of urdu, Persian, Arabic and theology. He was also a great admirer of Dr Allam Iqbal. He wrote several books including grand book on him. Due to love and affection of Dr Allama Iqbal, he along with many likeminded people of academic and cultural background, formed a cultural society at Agra in 1938. It was called Bazm e Iqbal.It came into existence for the purpose of development and promotion of Urdu language. Dr Mohd Tahir Farooqui devoted his full time and his own money to run The Bazm e Iqbal. He did not take financial help either from any individual or organisation. He had some greater cause in his mind to serve, the urdu speaking people better, to provide them with low cost distant education. Hence, he proposed to establish an institution to cater the need of distant education in a meeting of Bazm e Iqbal. The resolution was passed instantly. He was elected first registrar unopposed. The institution was named as Jamia Urdu Agra. So Jamia Urdu was founded in 1939 at Agra by Dr Mohd. Tahir Farooqui. In August 1941, Jamia Urdu Agra (now Aligarh) was registered under Societies Act 21 of 1860. When he intended to migrate to Pakistan after partition, he wanted to hand over the charge of Jamia Urdu Agra to a person who could look- after it diligently & honestly, like him. He proposed the name of registrar of Mr Syed Zahheruddin Alvi, lecturer AMU Aligarh and with the efforts of Dr Mohammad Tahir Farooqui, Jamia Urdu Agra was shifted to Aligarh in the 1948 & Syed Zaheeruddin Alvi was the second registrar Jamia Urdu Aligarh. Going through your article ‘ Sareshwala feted by dud Jamia’ 1-15 May 2015 with a picture related with the article, showing some faces of the members of MILLAT BEDARI MUHIM Organisation of Aligarh. It can be presumed that Millat Bedari Muheem is hand in glove with authorities of Jamia Urdu Aligarh and with the person conferred an honorary doctorate by self proclaimed authorities of Jamia Urdu Aligarh. The time has come to take note and come forward to protect and to save this great institution from the clutches of self declared authorities. I appeal all urdu loving people, milli organisations and NGOs and all close relatives of DR Mohd Tahir Farooqui residing in Moradabad, Delhi, Aligarh, Bijnor and abroad to do something to save Jamia Urdu Aligarh from the clutches of present administration of selfish people.      T Habib Azad, Medical Road Aligarh,



In an explanatory note on Ayat No. 149 of the Suratul Aal Imran in the English translation of the Holy Quran brothers Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan and Dr. Muhammad Taqi -ud-Dr Al Hilali [ published by Darussalam Publishers & Distributors, Riyadh [KSA] it is stated: “ What is said about residence [staying] in the land of Ash-Shirk [ polytheism] i. e the land where polytheism is practiced. Narrated by Sumurah bin Jundub [R] : “ Allah’s Messenger [s. a. w. s] said: ‘ Anybody (among the Muslims) who meets, gathers together, lives and stays (permanently) with a Mushrik [ polytheist or a disbeliever in the Oneness of Allah] and agrees to his ways, opinions and ( enjoys) his living with him Mushrik { polytheist] then he [ that Muslim] is like him (Mushrik)” [This Hadith indicates that a Muslim should not stay in a non-Muslim country or a place where he cannot perform Allah’s Islamic obligations, he must emigrate to a Muslim country where Islam is practiced.” [ The Book of Jihad, Abu Dawud]” My queries are; [1] Whether this injunction applies to Muslims in India and (2) which is the Muslim country will allows migration of such unfortunate Muslims?

S. M. Pasha, Chennai, TN

MG: To start with, Muhsin Khan-Hilali translation is one of the worst. The Hadith you mention, and there are many others, should be seen in the context of Arabia in early Islam when Islam was being consolidated in Madinah and reversion to beduinism, or return to Mushrik-dominated areas, was prohibited. Once Islam became established after the Conquest of Makkah, the same was not the case as the danger of fitna no longer existed. In early centuries, Muslims lived among non-Muslim majorities without any problem, starting with the Prophet (pbuh) and the Companions living in Makkah for 13 long years before Hijrah, then Muslims migrating and living in Ethiopia, then living in Madinah until the Conquest of Makkah, then living as minorities in Sicily, early decades after fall of Andalus and later in many countries across the globe. In pre-Islamic history, we find the example of the Prophet Sayyidna Yusuf (‘alaihussalam) who accepted to work under the mushrik ruler in a postion know now as food or supplies minister. Only Malikis are rigid about the obligation of Muslims to migrate from Muslim areas which fall to non-Muslim control, while all other Islamic schools of thought are of the view that so far as Muslims enjoy the freedom to follow their faith, there is no need to migrate. Hanafis are most liberal as they say that even if only some symbols [sha’air] of Islam are allowed in a territory, it remains Dar al-Islam (abode of Islam). Therefore, Hanafis in particular discourage emigration from such terriroties. This is the traditional fiqhi position. But the position prevailing today is totally different. On the one hand, there is no place for you to migrate to even you wished. There are rigid national boundaries which cannot be easily crossed and no country is ready to accept bulk migration of people from other countries. On the other hand, today a minority enjoys the same legal and constitutional rights which a person belonging to the majority does. Now, universally, there is a social contract based on the national constitution, under which every citizen is equal in terms of rights and duties. Hence, the old world does not exist today and, therefore, old ruiles also are not applicable to today’s world. In today’s world, only two Muslim minorities have valid reason to wish to emigrate, those of Rohingya Burmese and the Muslims in the Republic of Central Africa but even for them there is no welcoming country. Therefore, we should be very careful before touching this subject as it has far-reaching implications.The issue of Hijrah (the conceptual side of it) was the subject of my PhD thesis which is published as “Hijrah in Islam” but the book is out of print at present (Zafarul-Islam Khan).


Hindu terrorism

“Terrorism has no religion” is an airy statement that sounds good but contains little sense. It is necessary to speak of /Hindutva terror/ -- an expression which was /not/ coined by the UPA, never mind Rajnath Singh’s bilge -- because it is powerful evidence that violence is the guiding principle of Hindutva. Hindutva, not Muslims, should be the first suspects when there is an act of terror in India.

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


Injustice to Madhani

Utter injustice is being done to a handicapped religious leader only because he is a Muslim. Do we have two sets of laws in India? One favouring the anti-nationals and another for torturing the innocent victims who are the prey of saffron terrorists. Abdul Nazer Madhani a philanthrophist and an Islamic scholar, Director of an orphanage in Karunagappalli, Kerala as well as the chairman of PDP (people’s democratic party) is being tortured in Karnataka jail for the last four years without any specific crime or charge sheet. He was attacked by hindu terrorists throwing a bomb while he was coming to his home after evening prayer. By the grace of Allah he was not killed, but severely wounded and he lost his one leg. With the duplicate leg and all aillments while he was pulling on life to set aside the case against the attackers a false charge was levelled against Madhani, arrested him and tortured in Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) for more than 9.5 years. As the judiciary could not prove any crime against Madhani logically was released without any charges. Even after  22  years, none of the attackers were punished or charge sheeted. Abdul Nazar Madhani is already half dead and no sight still with fake charges he is being tortured. Neither he have killed any body nor he tempted to demolish anybody’s worshiping structures. He is not being treated for his ailments and loss of sight.            Raj Mohan, Kollam, Kerala



“Pakistani” is the strongest term of abuse that the Hindu Right has — so it is natural that Amit Shah should use it, by implication, for those who are opposed to his gang of beefy ruffians.

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


Should Muslims return awards

Will it be all right to call upon Muslims awardees of Padma Bhushan, to return their awards as a mark of protest against the increasing intolerance?

S. M. Pasha, Chennai

MG: My dear Brother Pasha saheb, Assalamu ‘Alaikum. It is perfectly alright, rather required, to ask such awardees to return their awards at a time non-Muslims in their droves are standing up and getting counted concerning an issue which affects the whole society and in particular we Muslims. It is shameful that Muslims, especially our Urdu writers and poets, are much lagging behind in this campaign to fight for our rights and to show to the world the real face of the Modi government. (Zafarul-Islam Khan)


Parliamentary Elections in Egypt

Recently, the Head of African Union (AU) Election Observation and Monitoring Missions (AUEOM) issued a statement legitimatising the 1st phase of the farcical parliamentary election held in Egypt on 18th and 19th of October 2015. His statement is in clear breach of the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Government. After the 2nd phase of the elections this month, AUEOM is expected issue a report on the whole elections. We have written to the heads of AU Commission and AUEOM not to issue a report legitimatising the farcical elections as it will negatively impact the integrity, competence and credibility of AU. Kindly write to the AU not to issue such a report and not to send any election observation and monitoring mission to Egypt until the Egypt government implements the recommendations of the High- Level Panel for Egypt on greater inclusively and political pluralism; ceases violations of human and civil rights; and ensures an independent media and judiciary.

S. M Mohamed Idris

Chairman, Citizens International Penang, Malaysia


Why man has become lawless

The anarchy visible throughout the world today is only the result of man becoming lawless. He has made his desires his deity and the purpose of life. He is no more afraid of God. He is no longer ready to lead life according to the laws handed down to him by Allah. He is ignoring that God sees all his deeds, is aware of his intensions and has made arrangements to get all his deeds recorded by angels. The same record will be shown to him in the Hereafter, which will be the basis of his going to heaven or hell. Our government has also lost its direction, which is why it is not interested in performing its duties and obligations. It no more loves its people. It only wants to keep itself in saddle. As for Modi government, it came in power at the Centre after making many promises with the people. It had promised to end inflation and unemployment. It had promised to eliminate corruption from the public life and even to put the “corrupt ministers” in jail. But nothing of the sort has been achieved after almost two years of its rule. The BJP had also made the tall promise of bringing “black money” back into the country, but instead, the money is still going out. The government has only encouraged the Hindutva elements to put in jeopardy the lives of the minorities and the down-trodden so that they are always busy defending themselves and forget to ask the government about its duties and promises.

Dr. S. R. Khan, Ali Ganj, Lucknow


Sex education

Forty-six million children receive single-sex education in 70 countries worldwide “We meet with each student every three or four weeks, with parents, three times during the academic year, but these meetings often defer to another date if the father and mother can not go together. We have found that schools that educate boys and girls in separate classrooms enjoy better academic results”, says Dobrochna Lama, Strumienie’s school headmistress in Józefów, a village near Warsaw (Poland). The relentless spread across the globe of this educational option has been reviewed in the III International Congress of EASSE on single-sex education, held in Warsaw, organized by the European Association of single-sex Education (EASSE). According to EASSE, about 46 million students receive single-sex education in 242,000 schools in 70 countries around the world. In the United States, the development of single -sex education has been spectacular, especially in public schools, with more than 2,000 centres where this educational model is used. In particular, in South Carolina, 34% of public schools have established this educational system, with great success. It is a solution to problems such as school failure, the “bullying” and unwanted pregnancies. In Spain, 81,000 students take courses in 184 centres of single-sex education, of which  109 have economic concerts for public funding. Almost all are of Christian inspiration. However, some of its advocates lament the prejudices that exist about this educational model. One of the aspirations of EASSE is that single-sex education can also be hold in public schools. In countries such as Ireland and the UK, educating boys and girls in separate classrooms is a pedagogical model that has existed since the nineteenth century and is not disputed. Moreover, these centres are synonymous with prestige. Those in the UK are among the best in the world. Ireland has introduced single-sex education in 40% of the secondary schools and all them receive public subsidies, explained David Nolan, director of Dublin’s school Rockbrook. In France the law specifies that single-sex education does not mean any kind of discrimination. In Germany, “the Constitution not only does not prohibit single-sex education, but admits it” said Werner Neumann, Judge President of the Senate of the Federal Administrative Court based in Leipzig.      Clemente Ferrer, 28002-Madrid (Spain)


Bihar results

Bihar election results Jashn-e-charaaghaan mubarak ho. I anticipated the result. Didn’t you?

                SP, Pune

MG: I was very much expecting JDU-RDJ victory in the Bihar elections though I was afraid of some last-minute trick by the BJP either by exploding some sudden communal incident or event to polarise the voters or by manipulating the EVMs. I think Nitish Kumar’s good hold over the administration frustrated evil Amit Shahh’s designs. Bihar has taken the lead and I hope whole India will follow. (Zafarul-Islam Khan)