Rejoinders / Letters to the Editor


Black laws & dark courts

Police mischief has been reiterated for the umpteenth time in the first page report of MG dated 1st October 2015. Can a society be called ‘civil’ if police is allowed to pick up any one and not to produce him / her for days, weeks and even months? Then can it be called a ‘court’ if it accepts police - extracted ‘confessions’! Is there any thing like justice!

S. A. U. Patel, Amod , Gujarat


If cow is “Mata”, why not buffalo?

When the cow was given mother’s status? Who gave it and why? Have the religious books any material about it? If someone has any information about it, I would be thankful if he adds to my knowledge. If this is only because the cow gives us delicious milk, then why not a buffalo, she-goat and she-camel too have the same status? Their milk is also delicious and, in fact, it is buffalo which fulfils most of our needs for milk. The other use of the buffalo is that when she stops giving milk, she is slaughtered for meat. No Hindu objects to it, neither his sentiments are hurt. They also do not feel any pinch of conscience in its trade. India has four big exporters of meat, three of them are Hindus. A BJP MLA, Sangeet Som who is a big exponent of cow protection and one of the accused in Muzaffarnagar riots, is one of the meat exporters.

Another problem is that of stray cows. If the cow is so sacred for Hindus, why do they leave the old animals which stop giving milk to roam in streets and markets to eat trash, faeces and polythene, etc. Does their self-respect remain intact in this case? Former supreme court judge, justice Katju and the BJP minister of state, Rajiju, declared that they are beef-eaters. Why does the government not take any action against them, while Muhammad Akhlaq is killed only on the basis of rumours of keeping beef. A great exponent of the Hindu religion, Swami Vivekanand, has said, “According to the ancient Hindu culture, no man can be a good Hindu if he does not eat beef” (The Complete works of Swami Vivekanand, Vol. 3, page 5361). The Vice-President of RJD, Raghuvansh Prasad, has said that Rishis and Munis also ate beef, which is written in the Vedas and Puranas. In order to satisfy the demands of nature, the slaughter of cows which have passed the age of milching and such other animals should be lawful. It would be beneficial for both Hindu farmers and those who are habitual meat-eaters.

Dr. Shafeequr-Rahman Khan, Aliganj, Lucknow


Return of awards

The literature is the mirror of the contemporary social set up. The writers, intellectuals, poets constitute the think thank of the contemporary social set up. It is the thinkers or intellectuals in the society who are instrumental in the ushering of revolutions in the social setup. The environment of the French Revolution was rather shaped up by Russoue, Voltaire and others. It was the intellectuals like Karl Marx and the novelist like Maxim Gorkey who created the socialist social fabric in Russia. The literary creations armed the American war of Independence with the fire and zeal. The U. S. blossomed into a great nation with the American literary creations. In our own country the Independence movement was conceived by the eminent writers, journalists and the intellectuals. The role of the intellectuals’ writers and the poets in championing the various causes can’t be undermined. In Pakistan the leftist poets never comfortable with the regressive political establishment religiously fought for the unshackled freedom of expression. The poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz went to the extent of telling that he would soak his fingers in the blood of the heart if his pen and writing material is snatched from him. He would like the expression to survive on the blood. The writers, poets, intellectuals are not ordinary mortals or folk. Their sharp intellect & deep acumen enable to see the situation ahead of their times. They identify with the interest of a common man rather than the political culture out to destroy and devastate the interest of the common man. In our country the present tumultuous events are read and deeply felt by the writers, poets and the intellectuals. Thus attuned to the sensitivity of the growing culture of intolerance and religious belligerence and aggression with the tragic happenings in Dadri where a man was brutally murdered over the alleged storing of beef and murderous attacks over the Hindu rationalists like Dhabolkar, Pansare, Kulburgi and host of other communal incidents the eminent writer Nayantara Sahgal took the initiative of returning Sahitya Academy Award as a mark of protest against growing intolerance in the country and in support of those who dare to dissent. The 88 year old is Jawaharlal Nehru’s niece in the past she had strongly criticised the emergency imposed by her cousin, Indira Gandhi. Her denunciation of the curbing of freedom during the emergency speaks volumes about her bonafide and the sense of integrity. The great souls never draw the benefits from such affinities. She expressed her immense unhappiness over the situation of intolerance developing in the country. Toeing her line another author Shashi Despande resigned from the Sahitya Academy’s general council to protest its silence on the murder of Kannada writer and rationalist K. M. Kalburgi. In tune with this Mr. Ashok Vajpayee returned his literary award to the Sahitya Academy. Another well known writer Uday Prakash gave up his academy recognition with Kulburgi’s murder. Meantime host of Urdu writers and poets also returned their awards to protest against the sharpening communal divide with the blessing of the current political dispensation. The brutal murder of Akhalque is not an isolated incident but its manifestation of the hate politics practised by some of BJP leaders and despite all talks of reining the fringe elements there is no restraint over them. The repercussions of the culture of escalating hate and growing intolerance are manifest every other day. With the serious repercussions of the deepening communal politics the credibility of the institutions of the govt. has been seriously undermined. With the serious undermining of the various institutions of the govt. under the influence of the deep communal politics how is the minority expected to receive Justice. Justice is the casualty of the first order in the teeth of the vicious game of hatred directed towards Muslims. There is an attempt to radicalise the people ostensibly in the quest for political harvest. There is an increasing abhorrence towards Muslims quite manifest in the politics and policies of discrimination and injustice to them in the different layers of the decision. The worst part is that the community can’t speak on certain areas of injustice and suffer silently. The nefarious efforts to radicalise are to disturb the secular fabric of the nation and fanning the communal sentiments. There is no serious efforts by the Modi govt. to disown the right wing hardliners who some times kill some Akhlaque over alleged beef storing or some Mohammed Yaqoob at Toyota Company at Swree, Mumbai or some Mohsin, a student from Pune so on and so forth. Pakistan has tasted the bitter fruit of radicalisation as well Afghanistan and deeply wounded civilization in Middle East. Let Modi govt. read the writings on the wall and see to it that radicalisation by the fringe elements in the name of Hindutva should stop here to prevent the country from descending into chaos and turmoil unimaginable.

Adv. Masood Peshimam, Kalyan West


Kingfisher diverted portion of loans to tax havens

I deeply regret and inform your that the day since Kingfisher Airlines loan was declared as Non-Performing Asset, I used to inform Ministry of Finance, Reserve Bank of India that huge amount of loan fund appears to have been misappropriated, stashed abroad. However our Law Makers ,Bureaucrats had no time to go through genuine public representation. I had also several times informed Banks do not verify cash flow statements, do not demand audit report of borrower firm, do not take representation in borrower firm on realizing early warnings. It is high time Govt must give up their control from all public sector undertakings in particularly loss making PSUs. Govt is failed to improve working of loss making PSUs, only spends tax payer money as capital infusion after such loss making PSUs.

Jagdip H Vaishnav, Mumbai


Terror group Sanathan Sansta and hypocrite Congress/BJP

From the day Narendra modi assumed office, the RSS and saffron brigade have become more and more violent and pro- active and leave no stone unturned to spoil communal harmony and peaceful atmosphere of the country, be it Dadri lynching or cold blooded murder of pune based software engineer mohsin sheikh. The chain of communal violence in the country is unending. Any Tom, dick and harry is spewing venomous statement against minority specially Muslims. Ironically, The silence and inaction of PM Narendra modi , on these frenzy and anti-national elements too encouraged them, which is serious cause of concern .So, far the PM has just given lip service , that too half heartedly. The recent killing of rationalist like Narendra Dhabolkar, Govind pansare and MM Kulbargi by Terror group Sanathan Sanstah is an alarming bell to all. Earlier, too in 2008 Thane auditorium blast and Goa blast; these group members were involved, arrested and imprisoned. One failed to understand, how much more proof one need to Ban such radical group….Instead of Banning this terrorist outfit, why the Maharashtra BJP state Govt showing soft corner and leniency toward Sanstaha, there act clearly exposes double standard on terrorism. Not only, BJP alone, The then had UPA Govt at centre who ruled 10 years, too down played the activities of Sansta. In 2011, the then Congress CM of Maharashtra Prathviraj Chauhan, has sent 1000 page dossiers, to Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde, to ban this outfit, but It is astonishing to note that, Shinde sat on files, for years, doing nothing. Now, both leaders are blaming each others for serous lapses . This is the same Congress, who keeps on extending ban on SIMI, without any concrete evidences and Justification.. In fact Delhi Tribunal has given clean chit to SIMI, but because of hue and cry by sangh Parivaar, the then Coward Congress Govt, made SIMI a soft target , under pressure from Saffron brigade, Is it not a Congress hypocrisy or double speak on terrorism?. In fact, both are hand in glove, to protect Saffron terror.

Syed Moinul Hasan, Pune


Three Challenges

On 15 August, 1947, India attained independence. At the very outset independent India faced three challenges. The first was how India may survive as a unified country. The second was to strengthen democracy. The third was to ensure development and well-being of the nation. To deal with these three challenges the first thing immensely felt was its own constitution. Accordingly the task of framing the constitution of India was given to the Constituent Assembly, a sub committee of the Constituent Assembly was set up with Dr. Ambedkar the then Law Minister as its head. The constitution was drafted, signed and adopted on 26 November 1949 and it came into force on January 1950. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India tried his level best to steer the country to right direction exercising democratic practices in accordance with the constitution. But it is unfortunate that post Nehru, the condition of the country adversely changed. Even the country had to witness emergency during (1975-77). Each government, instead of eradicating poverty, ensuring unity and restoring democracy here, tried to fetch votes to strengthen its own party. Even Indira Gandhi’s famous slogan: Garibi Hatao (Remove poverty) was also considered as an election gimmick. Broadly, India still faces aforesaid three challenges. Even after six decades of independence, basic facilities such as education and healthcare are not freely available to its citizens. Moreover, non-congress Government, whenever came to power, conditions deteriorated leading the country to the path of devastation and ruin by adopting British Policy “divide and rule” Particularly targeting minorities. Even it began to raise its finger to their loyalty. While it can vividly be said that Muslims contribution in freedom struggle is no less but they are also feeling neglected. Today atrocities and oppressions are deliberately meted out to them.        Maulana S.  M. Rabey Hasani Nadwi has rightly said: “It is painful that whenever any terrorist activity takes place in the country, security forces without making proper investigation, target Muslim youths on false charges, a number of them are held on assumed and concocted charges.” In his opinion it is a grave injustice to link terrorism to any particular community. The Government must work in accordance with the constitution. There should be no discrimination on the basis of community, caste or religion. That is the only solution to meet the challenges.

Obaibur Rahman Nadwi, Lucknow


Sikh builds mosque

Mr. Joga Singh’s embracing his Muslim friend shows the real communal harmony among the two different religions and but the purity of its main paths towards the spiritual brightness which drag the different hearts and thoughts of our brothers in our country. According to the excellent statement of our Muhammad Jameel the reality and the present situations of that town came into the light path. Really the most appreciable activity lone by our sikh brother is the best roll model and the best guidance to the whole towns of our mother India which only the solution of separation done by the solution of separation done by the cruel politicians cunning plans and the same will be the thundered hit for them. After reading this excellent news I recollect my punja land which was provided as Wakf for the golden purpose of the construction of one small mosque near my town and I pledged myself to establish the excellent purpose of my forefathers trusts ambition which will surely be fullfilled in future. I convey my heartiest congratulations and thanks to our praiseworthy fortnightly M. G. for its evergreen and unforgettable informations which will be surely impress brightness among our esteemed readers.

Haji A. M. K. M. Anwardeen

Tamil Nadu


Farmers suicide: Political parties should become more human

Farmers are committing suicides through out the country mainly because of natural calamities, crop failures, debt tension etc. Government irrespective of any political party can not solve the issue single handed. Casualties takes place by natural calamities like drought, flood, earth quake, etc Governments do have sympathy for those who lost their lives and for victim families however Govt can extend only possible help.  What is requested as regards to farmer suicide issue, Political parties instead blaming Govt, must arrange fund raising drive, arrange events, shows etc & collection can be used to help Farmers. Similarly we all have to remain human, help people in need. Film Actors ,sport personalities, corporate, big artists, etc are humbly requested to donate as per their wish ,& help Farmers & their family members who are living in pitiable condition.

Jagdip H Vaishnav, Mumbai


Dadri lynching

In saying that the central government has no role in the Dadri lynching and the cancellation of Ghulam Ali’s concert in Mumbai, Modi was trying to be too clever by half. No one expected the central government to do anything. What all wanted was for Modi, the head of that government, to unequivocally condemn violence by people of his own ideological persuasion as a means of reining them in. Does he not incessantly give directions to the people? Was the deafening noise about “Svachchha Bharat” made by the central government?

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


Save all communities

I strongly censure unsympathetic attitude of the UP as well as NDA-led government who did not take any draconian step against the perpetrators of the Late Akhlaq’s lynching. Neither it is sufficient to express condolence in the time of ordeal or to give a hand full of money to the deceased’s family. It will not take back the life of Akhlaq. The government should not pay only lip service but it is the onus on the government to take several measures to save all the minorities whether is it Scheduled Cast, Scheduled tribes or Backward Classes and take punitive action to put the full stop on this sort of grisly accident.

Taha Haleemi Qasmi Jaunpuri



“Hypocrisy” behind Naari Shakti (woman power) dances during Nav Raatri festival is exposed by Shri Chandu Maheria in Baroda’s Gujarali daily “Divya Bhaskar on 08/10/2015. It is stated therein that a Lok Sabha member Smt. Usha P. Chawdhari had, on 25/02/1983, told the parliament that there were 5,00,000 Devdasis in South India. According to Chandu Maheria, when M. Gaznavi attacked Somnath, there were 500 Devadasis in that temple; that among tough fighters against this cruelty to woman were Rama Swami Periar, Mahatma Phule and Dr. Ambedkar….

S. Akhtar, Amod


Humanity has misplaced happiness

It is spreading, with great force, an ethic that considers valid a double standard for many areas of human existence. For the same reason has emerged a mentality that accepts that the end justifies the means and that everything is legitimate provided it will be valid to enjoy a happiness beyond measure But one can never justify the means just because the end is sublime. The output of this situation will depend on us to be united to the author of all things, so that, by the exercise of our free will, we can recognize or deny the greatness he deserves. This builds the chiaroscuro of the free will, the personal freedom. Humanity has lost, has misplaced happiness, the joy of life, because it has refused to give up its freedom. Moreover, the truth that hovers like a mantra to free will, make us free because freedom reaches its genuine sense when acting in the service of truth. The dilemma is that either we are children of God or prisoners of pride, of eroticism, of this tormented narcissism in which so many mortals seem to be struggling. Furthermore, freedom carries a great responsibility that straightens life, our whole existence. A man without freedom is like “clouds without rain, blown hither and thither by the winds, autumn trees, unfruitful, twice dead, uprooted”. Where there is no intimacy with the Deity, there is a personal emptiness and in that dark, silent abyss, everything is oppression. Augustine of Hippo wrote that wonderful hymn to freedom: God “who made you without your consent does not justify you without your consent”. Therefore, free will and donation are not facing each other. On the contrary, they protect each other. Freedom can only be given to another by an impulse of love. A freedom without any climax, with no objective standard, no obligation, is debauchery. Because I love, because I am free, because I am willing to donate my will, for all those reasons I decide to God. Finally, human freedom attains its full meaning when it is grown to serve the truth. The Gospel of St. John (8:32) stated that “the truth will set you free.” Pierre Joseph Proudhon (pictured), French political theorist, son of a bartender and a humble peasant, said that freedom has “the charm of the Revolution without which the work is torture and life a long death”

Clemente Ferrer Roselló, MADRID (Spain)