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During my studies at Kashmir University and research which i had to give-up uncompleted, I was a regular reader of The Milli Gazette and Muslim and Arab Perspectives. Now I am a govt. teacher and again a regular reader of The Milli Gazette. Allah bless you for your highlighting the problems of Indian Muslims.

Muntazir Muzaffar Rasool, J&K


Ummah needs hand bills, booklets

Certainly great change has occurred in the Muslim mindset that now some take care of the innocent Muslims wrongfully arrested in coocked up terror charges. Jamiat Ulama lends its hand to fight for justice. They must be congratulated but Ummah need more such organisation. Abdul Wahid Shaikh, the lone accused-arrested in the coocked up terror charges of 11/7 blast got acquittal after nine yars of agony, pain, torture, dispair, etc. Wahid has penned 700 pages of pain, torture, family ruin, social stigma, fabricated evidence, police atrocities, forced confessions, and delibrate ignoring facts by the State, etc. With the helpful Jamiat Ulama, the book is going to be published. At state-level Muslim NGOs must publish booklets, summary of the book and distribut it among the community because the millat is certainly not in a position to buy such a voluminous book. For the sake of awekening the millat, hand-bills and booklets etc. are essential at low price so that everyone may buy it.

S. Haque, Patna


Nepal's constitution is better than India's?

Deepak Kumar Upadhyay, the Nepali ambasador to India, said that Nepal's constitution is better than the Indian constitution since it takes care of minorities as well as women. He said, "Nepal's constitution is very progressive, very inclusive, participatory gender-equality and human rights friendly." After the severe earthquake, Nepali people had thrown the India media out. Clandestine efforts by some large Indian groups to make Nepal a Hindu rashtra.

S. Haque, Patna


Blatant double standards

For VIP movement, UP police SI Pradeep Kumar kicked 65 year-old Krishna Kumar and broke his typewriter which was the source of his livelyhood. Immediately, the UP government suspended the SI, started proceedings against him and a new typewriter was given to the old man. This news was aired on TV channels. Former DGP Vikram Singh said this incident was a matter of shame for the police department. Former DGP Prakash Singh said there were black sheep in every department; this officer must be severely punished and police reform must take place. Justice Srikrishna commission had recommended action and proceeding against 30 named policemen who took active part alongside the rioteers but those killer cops are still enjoying their jobs nad got promotions. Similarly all the killer cops go scot frree including those who were involved in Hashimpura where 49 innocent Muslims were killed. Media don't show interest in Muslim issues. Has Mr. Prakash Singh and Vikram Singh, former police DGP, courage to express their view on such blatant double standards

S. Haque, Patna


Conspicuous silence of judiciary

Mahesh Sharma said "Ramayana talks about the relation between family members, Mahabharta is about war between Pandvaas and Kaoravas. They don't teach prayer, they are ideal granths. H further said that the Hindu holy books are the only ideal ones. Next day, he said "Abdul Kalaam Musalmaan Hote Huye Bhi Desh Bhakt The…." He insulted 19 crore Muslim Indians and indirectly announced that Muslims are not deshbhakts exept Abdul Kalaam and the Hindu holybooks are the ideal. In other words, books of other religions should not be revered. Yet judiciary delibratly keeps silent and police play spectators during riots. Courts can take suo mottu cognigence, yet they maintain conspicuous silence.

S. Haque, Patna


Illegal hangings

Avinash Pandey's article in MG of 1st August 2015 about marhoom Yakub Memon reminds me of an Urdu couplet: "Sutoon-e-daar pe rakhte chalo saron ke chiraag, jahan talak ye sitam ki siyaah raat chale." - "a laisas subhu bi-qareeb?" [Surah 'Hood', The Holy Qur'an]

S. Akhtar, Amod - 392110


Hard work

'Hard work is the key to success' article really dragged me into the deep well's depth. If a man succeeds in his life, there should be a woman behind him. No one can achieve alone and win with his entire unsupported encouragement. I really want to buy and read the book. The leader lies in you - success stories of women farmers in UP. I'll be grateful to you if you publish the review of it at your earliest convienices. Tottally the Milli Gazette is achieving to truthful hearts of our esteemed brothers and sisters and its image is increasing day by day among the multitude of genuine readers throughout our country and abroad.

Haji M. Anwardeen, Tamil Nadu 609703


Bas karo prime ministerji

The entire country is under the shadow of famine and hundreds of farmers are dying daily by suicides and there is no food and fodder for their cattle. Major parts of the country face acute shortage of drinking water due to monsoon failure. Instead of taking care of the agriculture and helpless farmers our PM is flying like butterfly to the world destinations accompanied by his flatterers.

One fails to understand how Digital India, Facebook, Microsoft and other companies would change the life of poor indians. How an auto rickshaw driver, street hawkers, a mason and daily wages labourer life will change with all such Wi-Fi and digital system.

During election campaign people were made fools by showing the dream of Bullet train Smart city, Make in India, but the fact is passengers can not enter in a normal train and in 60 years of time we can not expand another railway track. He is dreaming of Bullet train perhaps in next election he may show one dream to the people of country to have Residential Flats on Mars Planet and we indian will believe it.

Now with such foreign trips of PM the other countries are making our mockery and the result is ZERO. It also create heavy financial burden to our exchequer which a country like India could not bear.

Our PM should read the local News papers and see social media, how the common man reacts. May God save my country.

M Bashir Kapadia, Bharuch Gujarat


Our sartorial pantheon has grown

The Gandhi Topi and the Nehru jacket have been joined by the Modi kurta. Some say that the Bhagwat Chaddi will follow.

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar, Delhi 110091


MIM entry in Bihar created ripples

Assaduddin Owaisi announced that his party will contest Bihar assembly election form Seenanchal. It is an area with a large Muslim population but has been delibrately kept backward. His announcement created ripples among the so-called secular parties. Simultaneouly, media immediately plunged into action to prove that MIM entry would help BJP. So-called secular parties see instant loss but media visualises deep and far-reaching effect of MIM entry - that MIM would expose the shadows-boxing of saffron and the so-called secular parties. Another important probablity is what a lady anchor asked: would you (Assaduddin Owaisi) be the kingmaker after the elections? These so-called secular parties had taken Muslims for granted and that's why parties like AIUDF, MIM etc are gaining ground. (MG / 1-15 Dec. 2014)

S. Haque, Patna


Reservatio is wrong

The governments are going against the spirit of the constitution. It was good for ten years but the Congress was mistaken by continuing it further. The government wanted the reservation to strengthening the caste system. The SCs will remain SCs for the greed of reservation. The superiority of Brahmins will prolong.  The Brahmins are happy with their superior birth under the Hindu system. Religions such as Islam, Christianity, Judaidm and Buddhism have no casteism. In this modern age of science & technology casteism has lost its ctedibility. No SC believes in the dogma that they had been created by the feet of Bhagwan whereas Brahmins had been born from the head of Bhagwan. Even the justice-loving Brahmins refute this belief. But the ruling BJP Brahmins are more political than religious.  They do not want to forego the gifted superiorty. As a matter of fact this is acquired not gifted/ Casteism is against morality. But the ruling Brahmins want to decieve the nation and want to put to loss poor persons of other religions. It is sheer injustice and lawlessness.

Dr Maqdoomi Hyderabad



Muslim community in India is badly in need of ownership of print as well as electronic media to remove media bias against Muslims .

Moreover, in order to make such efforts economically viable Indian Muslims must subscribe to these media in very large numbers. A few like Milli Gazette and some Urdu papers are the only available ones as of now. Regional angle, in this connection, is somewhat hazy.

In-turn, the media owned by Muslims must provide only objective news and features , without fear or favour.

Manikfan Malimi



Apparently the police of Dadri have sent samples of the meat in question for analysis. Well, if the meat was from a bovine, is that sufficient reason to kill a man? Does it justify a murderous attack on fellow citizens?

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


The killing of M Akhlaq at a Dadri village in UP is culmination and continuation of vote bank politics. The irony is that the present dispensation is executing imported technology which is a misfit despite payment of hefty monetary and political price. This import is from Zionists who sale their ware by branding them useful for anti-terrorist. The ware are used against hapless Palestinians who are not only unarmed but are under siege for past 70 years. Moreover, they equipment is stolen from USA and other European countries who are apologetic towards Jews and Zionists encash this reusable cheque. The folly of these moron now in power here in India is that to them an occupier subjugating occupied people is democratic and secular while being overtly messianic and racist. The militancy in India especially in Kashmeer cannot be compared except in case that India considers Kashmeer to be occupied territory. Unfortunately, the situation for people of Kashmeer is sometimes worst than what the Zionists do for Palestinians. Ban on beef consumption and internet terrorism during Eid are recent examples.

The people of India must know or are to be told in firm words that no single group has monopoly over beliefs, culture or practices except the common criminal laws and personal laws acceptable by themselves or as enacted by the legislature. No one has any say on what one eats or drinks. There have been instances where even High Courts have ruled that a law is universally applicable to all disregarding personal laws. If a court rules on equality they must look into other aspects of the same group and apply them on all.

The charade of 'sentiments' is one of the most dangerous aspect of the monopolisation of application of law. Cow, being a bovine is not sacred to Muslims or Christians and no one should have any say just because a group of people think and believe that cow is sacred. If such things are permitted then sentiments of others should also be respected. These morons must be ready to ban sale and distillation of alcohols and pork without bringing things economics.

Even if laws have been enacted to curb and ban beef, there is no provision of sentencing an accused to death that too by a mob. Mob justice is abuse of justice and must be dealt sternly. The role of even central ministers and their utterances are proof of mainstreaming of criminals which were mere 'aberrations' a few months back. Present PM of India, who sales his 'vision' of India using media and public money is silent as if twitter and facebook are not present in his 'enlightened' vision of India.

M Naqqaad


Kashmiris in civil service

In the recent past a few Kashmiri youth have qualified to enter the Indian Administrative Service - one of them is Shah Faisal topped the list of the year. I would be grateful if you kindly let know the number of Kashmiri Youths who have qualified to enter the IAS, IPS or any other senior civil service during the past 5 years.

Syed Shahabuddin, ex-MP, New Delhi

MG: Readers having such information are requested to inform Syed Saheb with a copy to MG.


Why are Muslims suffering?

This question asked has been asked by many and answered by many in many ways. But still, people continue to ask this questions and many are coming forward with their views and I am one amongst them.

To my mind, one of the main reasons is the indifference of Muslims to the sufferings of other Muslims and their passive selfish policy of non-interference in the tiff between an unjust tyrant and his or her weak victim adopting a sort of a silly and selfish non-interfernce in the affairs of others policy. I have observed and I am sure you, too, would have observed that most of us, when we witness a fight between two Muslims feel; '" Why should I intervene when I am not a party to the dispute?' Alas! We fail to realize that on the Final Day of Judgement Allah Subhana'thallah will certainly ask us as to nwhy remained mute spectators when we witnessed a struggle between a strong unjust tyrant and a just and weak victim of oppression.

Pardon me, dear readers for being brutally frank in my expression but then Truth was, is and will ever bitter !

S. M. Pasha, Chennai


Martyr Hajis

The Saudi government should pay at least one crore Riyals to the heirs of everyone who lost his/her life due to State mismanagement.

S. Akhtar, Amod , Gujarat


What a paper, what a cloth!

A body in Akshardham shoot-out kept a paper in a totally torn shirt, yet it was absolutely safe! Centuries back, a wolf which killed (?) Prophet Yusuf (A. S.) kept his shirt quite intact!

S. Akhtar, Amod , Gujarat


Majority Conscience

Justice A. B. Shah, former chief justice of Delhi High Court and former chairman of Law Commission, asked in a TV interview  how a judge can gauge majority conscience. He mentioned that an SC judge had questioned majority conscience and had expressed his worry at the execution of Memon. Justice-loving people consider this version as not more than a "jumla" to engage people denied justice just like after riots enquiry commisisons are instituted.

S. Haque, Patna

Jamia Urdu


Sub : Publication of my clarification regarding Jamia Urdu & further allegations by you in MG issue.


Esteemed Sir,

While thanking you for publishing my clarification, I am surprised that you did not published an apology despite putting the facts before you by me .Instead you have further tried to misguide and misinform the readers .Please take note of that :

1- You have yourself accepted in your reply published in MG issue of 1-15 October, 2015 That," it is possible that some government authorities and some universities may be accepting Jamia Urdu certificates ". Despite your acceptance, though very cleverly, you again went on to create misunderstandings in the mind of readers by saying that, " which has been suited by the people who illegally control this milli ( Jamia Urdu ) asset today ."

2- I am at loss to understand how you can say that present governing body of the Jamia Urdu Aligarh is "illegal" ? The present body is recognized by the Registrar , Societies , Agra according to law of land and calling it " illegal " may invite a defamation suit .

3- You have heavily based your arguments upon a Committee called,"Jamia Urdu Bazyabi Committee " in 2001 by late Syed Hamid sahib . In this connection, I wish to point out you that anyone can constitute any Committee and may draw its conclusion. Despite that fact , I am pointing out that in 2001 , the Jamia Urdu Aligarh was under control of late Syed Anwar Saeed and no doubt that irregularities and mismanagement had taken place at that time which have been corrected by the present governing body and the Jamia Urdu Aligarh has been brought on rails by much efforts .

4- When present governing body had took over JamiaUrdu , it was in very bad shape , academically and administratively but we embarked upon massive developmental path in a transparent way . The JamiaUrdu Aligarh did not only modernised its curriculum based on NCERT pattern but also functionalised its centres spread across the country to conduct transparent and credible examinations which is paying positive results now .

5- As far as de-recognition of Jamia Urdu certificates by Rajasthan government is concerned , your information is half backed . In fact Rajasthan government never de- recognised our certificates. Factually it was Rajasthan Madhyamik Shiksha Board which withdrew equalisation recognition of Adeeb course with its High school examination due to a court case which was not related with any academics but job . I must mention here that in that case Jamia Urdu Aligarh or government of Rajasthan were not party at all and the case is still pending in the Supreme Court .

6- As far as audit of Jamia Urdu Aligarh is concerned , I want to bring in your kind notice that all accounts of the Jamia Urdu Aligarh are being audited and all taxes including income tax are paid which have an authentic documentary proof and you may get them by filing a RTI .

7- I am very sorry to point out that you are perhaps deliberately defaming Jamia Urdu and its management committee apart of mis-informing readers due to any reason best known to you but your acts are not in the interest of community , institution and violate journalistic ethics .

8- I , personally , treat the Milli gazette as a responsible publication . Hence in consideration of all the facts presented before you in earlier communication and thisone ,

I again request you to please publish an apology in your next issue otherwise the Jamia Urdu Aligarh management will be forced to file complaint in the Press Council of India and take legal actions for the damage caused to institution by your motivated unfounded charges .

I hope that now all uncalled for charges have beencleared and you will take up required and requested step for publishing an apology in your next issue to maintain your credibility.

I do hope to see an apology in next issue.


Jasim Mohammad, PhD 

Director Jamia Urdu Aligarh Medical Road, Aligarh-202002