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MG is an excellent publication

Irfan Khan, Wadala (E), Mumbai - 400037


I am a regular reader of the Milli Gazette and love it.

Nazneen O. Saherwala, Surat, 395007


Demonizing Indian Muslims

The main goal of chauvinistic Hindu communal organizations that is R. S. S, Bajrang Dal, Visva Parishad, Shiv Sena, Ram Sena, Abhinav Bharat Sansthan, Sanatan Sansthan and BJP- the standard bearer of Hindutav is to demonize Indian Muslim community by lumping all Muslims as terrorists and equating them with violence prone Muslims lunatic fridge with all Indian Muslims They are thus creating among non-Muslims wholly irrational and entirely baseless fear from Muslims and consequently hostility towards all Muslims. It is most unfortunate that a large section of the press and most of the T. Vs offer platform_ to Muslims haters who spread malicious canards and lies against Muslims. Several activists of Abhinav Bharat Sansthan and Sanatan Sansthan have been arrested for bomb blasts and other terrorist activities yet only Muslims are called as terrorists. This is rising concern across the country on the large number of arrests and harassment of Muslim youths by security forces. They are punched up, taken into police custody and are subjected to inhuman third degree tortures and eventually thrown into jails and awaiting trial for years. This amounts to state terror. On this account Muslim community no longer feels safe.

Dr. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, New Delhi - 110091


Jamia Urdu certificates

What is the real position of Jamia Urdu certificates and is “Adeeb” equal to BA?


MG: Jamia Urdu of Aligarh is an old private long-distance education centre which has no official recognition from any state or Central government. It awards certificates for which no classes are held and only exams are conducted at various centres and these centres have been embroiled in controversies for allowing cheating and mass copying. They may claim Adeeb or Adeeb Mahir or Adeeb Kamil are equivalent to this or that degree but this is not the fact. There is an exception with Aligarh Muslim University where if you also pass AMU’s English only paper of the High School and you have Adeeb certificate, you may get admission in the higher secondary school in some courses. Anyone claiming otherwise should be asked to produce an official document supporting his claim. For about two decades, the institution has been hijacked by unscrupulous rogue elements. (Editor, MG)


Broken myth over the increase of Muslim population

Two well and widely read daily reported the religious census released by couple of days ago in their own style while The Hindu headline hit “Muslim growth decline” and TOI made headline to write “growth in Muslim population increased” but most of them including these two daily remained unsuccessful to convey the real picture which inform that inspite of very much hue and cry of right wing forces over the alleged rapid growth rate of Muslim census data has distinct story to narrate that Muslim population increased in between 2007-2012 around three and a half crore and the population of Hindu enhanced 13 Crore therefor none is to be bothered because all are human and are required to seen by same lances.

Syed Kamran Ali


Muslim under-representation in politics

More than half a century after independence Muslims have woken up to realize that election after election, the pattern of under-representation of the community persists and raises a question-mark on the credibility of so-called secular parties. They feel unhappy to see their falling share in the power structure as a whole. They find themselves powerless. Indeed, no secular party have ever permitted a Muslim worker to emerge as a leader of the party. No political party is prepared to tolerate a Muslim intermediatory between them and the Muslim ‘voters’. They are kept away from decision-making position. They only adorn the Minority Cells or serve as ornamental posts. In the inner struggle of the Hindu society, each caste group wants Muslim support to bolster its own claim but without an equitable quid pro quo, for an assurance to Muslims for due share in power. This has been the common political culture of the national leadership, whichever the party may be.  Muslims, born after independence, have no guilt feeling of the ‘original sin’, the unfortunate partition of India. They aspire to see their proportionate share in the development of nation at par with any other socially identifiable group. They feel increasingly disenchanted with the working of the secular order. And, in the SITUATION, Owaisi’s party is bound to take advantage.

Yours truly,

M Naushad Ansari, Anisabad, Patna


Pharos books

The Urdu in both these books is bad and of very low order. The text is not uniform with Urdu numerals appear in English fonts. It would be better if someone volunteers to carry out the job. Will Pharos facilitate such voluntary activity so that the purpose is better served. Please reply.

                M Naqqaad, (on MG website)

MG: We presume that you are commenting on “Qaidi No. 100” and “Operation Akshardham”. I totally disagree that Urdu of these two books, indeed of any of our books, is “bad”. We take great care about what we publish and in the process incur much more expenses than ordinary Urdu publishers. We edit and re-edit our books in whatever language they are published. For this we employ very qualified and experienced writers. I accept that the numerals in our books of late are “English” (in fact, these are “Arabic” numerals) and this is because these books are not hand-written by calligraphers any more but computer- composed using MS Word where “English” numerals are embedded even in their Urdu programme and using their many automatic publishing features is possible only by using these numerals which are now widely used in Urdu print and online media and publications. Even Arab media, both print and online, now widely use these “English” numerals which have an added quality of being clearer than the Indian (“Hindi”) numerals used by the Arabs so far. (CEO, Pharos Media)


Seven salutes to Pharos Light House

‘Akshardhaam’ has exposed worst characters in males and ‘Qaidi No. 100’ those in females. One hopes sister Zamarruda has regained her health and spirit and is busy working among her near and dear ones. How nice if Dr. Kiran Bedi reads Qaidi No. 100 !

Sultan A. Patel, Amond - 392110



It is great pleasure to greet you on the 50 anniversary of Majlis e Mushawarat. Equally worthy of praise is your guest Vice President Ansari who was an ideal example of moderate Muslims in the country. Credit goes to you for both the things. I also hope reason will prevail and Muslims would have a bright future in our country. I pray Allah you carry on the work with greater zeal and have a long life.

Mustafa Khan, Malegaon, Maharashtra


Mulayam Singh Yadav in Bihar

After Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav withdrew from the so-called Janta Pariwar over seat-sharing , I really laughed over the reactions of some Muslim intellectuals , such as “ Mulayam Singh is the agent of B. J. P.” , “ Mulayam Singh wants to weaken secularism in the country” etc. I am sure that if somebody shows these comments of our Muslim intellectuals to Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav, he will make the following comment with a broad smile , “ Bewaqoof qism ke log hein. In bechaaron pe iskey alaawaa aur kuchh aataa hee naheen hei. Arey B.J.P. ko haraaney ke naam par to ham inkaa vote haasil kartey hein. Hamaara maqsad sattaa haasil karnaa hei. Koee jeetey, koee haarey , is baat se hamein kuchh lenaa denaa naheen”

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow


Gujarat govt board claims Qur’an says beef bad for health

Obsessed with Muslims & Islam Hindutva network is working overtime to spread lies and this time it has invented a new verse in Qur’an. It is a fact that Qur’an does not discuss beef as cow was not to be found in Arabia. This is also a fact that many Indian rulers with Muslim names like Babar, Akbar and Bahadurshah Zafar banned slaughter of cows. But Ancient India was different where beef was consumed for religious reasons by Hindus. The Hindutva propaganda that beef eating started in India started with the arrival of Muslims in India is a sheer lie. Let’s know what Swami Vivekananda said about beef eating among Hindus in ancient India. Vivekananda, regarded as a philosopher of Hindutva by the RSS, said: “You will be astonished if I tell you that, according to old ceremonials, he is not a good Hindu who does not eat beef. On certain occasions he must sacrifice a bull and eat it.” [Vivekananda speaking at the Shakespeare Club, Pasadena, California, USA (2 February 1900) on the theme of ‘Buddhistic India’, cited in Swami Vivekananda, The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, vol 3, (Calcutta: Advaita Ashram, 1997), p. 536]. So long before the arrival of Muslims in India all good Hindus consumed beef for religious reasons. Gauseva and Gauchar Vikas Board of the Gujarat must read Vivekananda to know the facts of history.

Shamsul Islam,


Congress and BJP - two sides of a single coin

During Congress tenure secret G.O. was circulated not to recruit Muslims in forces, intelligence dept and other sensitive departments of government. Now BJP openly issued a circular to armed forces and central schools to make Yoga compulsory with chanting of dharmic shloka etc.

S. Haque, Patna


What has happened to our electronic media?

Style of presentation of news by most of private TV news-channels now-a-days has become like some sponsored news-bulletins full of negative and sensational news-stories evidently aiming to gain TRP rather than providing viewers news which could be helpful for public that is to say news of positive nature. Of course news of Sheena-murder case is definitely a very important news-item also highlighting evils of hi-fi style of elite section of society where change of spouses like clothes could lead to even murder of own child by a lady. But continuing it as lead-story coupled with panel-discussions continuously for weeks after weeks can in no way be held proper. News of positive nature like victory in  1965 Indo-Pak war and other such issues of larger public interest should have been given more prominence. Union government should make it compulsory for every private news-channel to simultaneously relay one main evening bulletin from Doordarshan together with Parliament- News with total half-an-hour duration. Doordarshan should also make Parliament-News lively by including video-clippings from day’s proceedings in Parliament. All this becomes necessary because most private TV news-channels give priority to negative and sensational news like of murders, rapes, misbelieve and like others which they find necessary evil to sell news. Even contents of English news-channels from same group are quite different providing coverage to other news-stories also. Union Ministry of Information & Broadcast should set up a committee representing Union government, Main opposition party, media-representative from electronic channels to decide on some important national events to be telecast live by Doordarshan, Lok Sabha TV, Rajya Sabha TV and all private news-channels to keep people of this nation joined with events of national importance rather than only of political issues. It may be recalled that people watching only private news-channels missed special cultural-programme with renowned Indian artists of world-fame organised in the Parliament House in august presence of top dignitaries headed by President of India to commemorate 60th anniversary of country’s independence. Doordarshan can share such programmes with private TV channels like has been done at some earlier occasions.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi 110006


Ancient Bharat and Modern Hindustan

Under the heading “Sex and the ancient Indian women,” an English daily (July 18, 2015) reviewed the book The Mare’s Trap, Nature and culture in the Kamsatra written by Wendy Doniger in which she wrote about 3rd century CE kamsutra and kamsutra for women. She revealed that the eighth century CE playwright Bhava Bhuti MALATIMADHAVA mentioned MANU and VAT-SYAYANA etc. She quoted from eighth century CE playwright “BHAVABHUTI” depicting “women actually citing the kamasutra. At the start of act seven, when a woman complains that her friend was raped by her husband on the wedding night, she changes from the dialect in which she is speaking (as the most women in Sanskrit plays do”.... (HT / 18 July 2015 / p.12). According to world bank report (2014), 53% of Indian households (600 million) defecate in the open which contributes to increase of disease burden and impaired cognitive development among children. The most common joke at the toilet fair is “Do you need to go” in modern Hindustan (Times of India / Net / 24 March 2014). According to NCRB data in 2012, 24470 and in 2013, 24923 rapes were committed in modern Hindustan, that is at least 68 rapes per day. Now VHP chief Ashok Singhal announces that by 2020 India will be Hindu Rashtra (18 July).

S. Haque, Patna 


Indian Muslims

The fact that a community which accounts for 14% of the nation’s population is so severely underrepresented among the directors and senior executives of the top firms points to some kind of discrimination that obviously cannot be attributed to a paucity of talent. This is a precarious trend and does not fit in with the secular ethos of the nation. Some may say that 138 million Muslims in the country could only spawn 62 top honchos is a misdemeanour that can be corrected in th... e long term. But then it is only right that then steps are quickly rolled out so that there will be adequate representation to a religious group that is set to touch 310 million and become the largest Muslim population in the world by 2050. The under-representation of Muslims in the top levels of corporate hierarchy is not something new. Evidence from the early fifties show that only one of the 80 largest publically traded companies had a Muslim at the top. And the scenario was no different at the turn of the millennium when, according to reports, only one of India’s largest fifty largest business groups was headed by a Muslim.

Javed Rashid


Timid judiciary or judiciary terrorised

Ninety seven innocent Muslims were killed by a mob of VHP and Bajrang Dal during 2002 anti-Muslim pogrom in Gujarat’s Naroda Patiya. Muslim women were raped, burnt and killed. Narendra Modi-ruled state had the worst pogrom and his cabinet minister Maya Kodnani and Bajrang Dal’s Babu Bajrangi were convicted in Naroda Patya killings. Now a division bench of Gujarat high court consisting justice M R Shah and Justice K. S. Jhaveri recused from hearing  appeals in Naroda Patiya massacre case in which former miniser of the then Modi administration was convicted. Why HC judges recused from the case of Naroda Patya case hearing?

S. Haque, Patna


Rajdeep Sardesai and Vijay Vidrohi. true journalists

Hundreds of channel and thousands of printed papers shied to mention that 900 people died in 1992-93 anti-Muslim riot in Bombay but every media hundreds of times repeated 257 innocents died in Bombay blasts of 1993. Yakub Memon is perpatrator of the bomb blasts, 1993 if proved then hanged. it is fine. But should plotters, rioteers and killers of 900 innocents not be hanged? Rajdeep Sardesai raised the issue of blatant double standards of justice by questioning “justice for 900 people died in 1992-93 by anti-Muslim riots” (India Today / 8-30 pm / 30 July 2015). In the programme a bomb blast victim was sitting in the debate (Ajmera). He said he is partially satisfied by hanging of Yakub Memon. Mr. Rajdeep your true journalism would be revolutionary if you present riot victims and ask how justice eluded them? Vijay Vidrohi, senior journalist (ABP News) mentioned that in almost all big bomb blast cases only Muslims youth were arrested and after years of jail, mental torture, family ruin etc they got acquitted. (6-30 pm / 1 August / programme).

S. Haque, Patna


Promise breakers

May Allah shed mercy on marhoom Memon Yakub, who trusted those fellows who are notorious for breaking promises. Moreover, could he not see how Afzal Guru was hanged.

S. Akhtar,

Amod, Gujarat


Justice N N Singh commission report

Justice-loving people expected from Justices-headed commissions but hundreds of such commissions are lying under dust and proved worthless. The 1992-93 anti-Muslim riots were investigated by justice Srikrisna which mentioned that 31 police officers were involved in riots. But those khaki-clad rioters got promotions. In 92-93 anti-Muslim riots, the official record of death is 900 but unofficially people say 3000 innocents were killed. Just before Bihar assembly elections, Justice NN Singh Commission report is tabled in assembly which was instituted to provide justice to 89 anti-Muslim riot victims of Bhagalpur. The report shows that huge properties of riot victims were sold for pittance. Influential people and police officers are the owners of prime propertis of riot victims. According to sources, government is going to make a law to take back those riot victims properties. Such commissions headed by hon’ble judges, their recommendations and such soothing news are worthless because justice Sachar and Justice Rangnath Commissions proved futile.

S. Haque, Patna