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I have been reading the Milli Gazette since a very long. But from last few month, some of your reports have  touched my heart. The article on the conspiracy to uproot Jammu Muslims is one such report. This was one of the best articles I read in my life. It was well researched on Jammu. In fact, this is for the first time that such stuff has been published. Keep it up.



A Deplorable Stand Of Indian Intellectuals

It is really unfortunate that intellectuals of our country some of whom are atheists or are deadly opposed to the religion and moral values and have scanty knowledge about religions of our country come forward to support such authors, writers and film directors who hurt religious feelings of the followers of different religions of our country under the pretext of right of freedom of expression or thinking. In the past they supported Salman Rushdi and Taslima Nasrin who earned notoriety by attacking Islam, its teachings and Prophet of Islam and ashish Nandi who used highly objectionable and offensive remarks against the OBC and SC/S elites on the plea that the right of thinking and expression must be protected at all costs. But they conveniently forget that no fundamental right is absolute is subject to reasonable restrictions and that moral anarchy cannot be allowd.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Delhi - 110091


Yaqub Memon’s execution

Parkash Javdekar and Kirit Somaiya gleefully welcomed the murder, saying that they had gathered the 257 dead bodies of the bomb blast victims. In fact they had killed more than 900 people in the streets of Bombay (we need to restore the name which will prove be deterrent to the rising criminlisation of Indian polity) after demolishing the Babari Masjid. One of the criminals became the Dy PM. Similarly, the criminal of Muslims Pogrom of Gujrat 2002 presently walks as if he is in sleep. We saw him the day Yaquub wa hanged during the burial of Dr Kalaam. Days are not far when we find India in chaos as is the case with Palestine, Syria and Iraq. This all started with division of the country in 1947 due to communalization of the Congress and murder of MK Gandhi. Blaming IS wil l not strengthen the country.

M Naqqaad,

on MG website


Indian Judiciary appears to be handicapped by state prosecution that is highly politicized. Rare is the case when judges take up issues suo moto or exhort prosecution to tell the truth and nothing but the truth and whole truth. Withholding essential part of the trial material is not a crime for the prosecution. That should be addressed if Indian Justice has to be counted as maintaining highest standard of justice.

Ghulam Muhammed


Did the hanging of Yakub Memon wrong Indian Muslims? Recently some articles have been published in the Indian Muslim media saying that Yakub Memon’s hanging was wrong. Let the educated Muslims analyze the facts and understand that such statements are emotional and untenable. Yes there is a lot of Hindu communalism in India, but the answer to that is NOT Muslims adopting unreasonable postures and listening to Muslim communalism ideas. They have to fight for justice using rational means. Yakub Memon made 2 critical mistakes that it is not possible to overlook. 1. He did actively participate in the 1993 terrorist Bombay Blast to revenge the 1992 Bombay communal riot. Whatever the level of anger and emotions, joining hands with Pakistan, an adversary of India, to orchestrate the Bombay Blast is totally unacceptable. 2. He made a huge blunder in getting persuaded by Indian spies that if he returns to India and details the entire nefarious scheme to Indian courts to implicate Pakistan and other conspirators , somehow they will accept his mercy plea and let him go back to normal life. In the face of 292 civilian people who were killed in the Bombay Blast, and his self- confessed active role in the conspiracy, it was never possible to grant him mercy clemency. No government on earth can do that. Articles in Muslim and Urdu media saying that somehow the Indian Courts owed it to Yakub Memon to accept his mercy clemency plea are on the wrong track. His petitions were given the fullest review under the laws. This is insane thinking. The only thing is that people in India including Muslims should insist that Courts were wrong in giving mercy clemency to the convicted terrorists who killed PM Rajiv Gandhi, and who killed Punjab CM Beant Singh, and who killed innocent people in the genocide in Ahmedabad in 2002 and should correct their mistake. Separate justice standards for Tamils, Punjabis, Gujratiis due to political pressure from those parties must stop. Let us not make irrational demands in the name of human rights. If Muslims commit blunders again and again they can hold only themselves responsible for the consequences. Fight for one standard of justice for all regardless of religion or ethnicity.

Kaleem Kawaja


If Manoj Joshi, writing in the “Economic and Political Weekly”, is right in saying that Yakub Memon’s “co-accused in the three charges he faced have all got lesser sentences for the same offence,” it is a damning indictment of our justice system.

 Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1 Delhi 110091


It seems laughable that a criminal who has been sentenced to death by hanging, petitions the President of India for mercy. An appeal for mercy should only be directed by a Muslim to the Creator and the Sustainer of both the worlds, Who possesses full control over life and death. Islam’s system of justice is against asking mercy from a mortal being. Under Islam, heir of the dead have the option either to ask for the execution of the killer or to accept a monetary compensation from the murderer. In a democracy, all of us are aware about the rights ands limitations of a president. He is only a “prisoner of a golden cage”. What he does is that he directs appeals for mercy to the home ministry and he signs the order which is received back from the ministry. The next option for him is that if he doesn’t agree with the government’s decision, he can return it once again for revision. Therefore, it is imperative that no appeal for mercy should be made to such a helpless person. The court, instead, should obtain a decision from the heir of the dead who can adopt either of the two courses mentioned above. For a Muslim it is not lawful at all to ask life from anybody other than the Sustainer.               

 Dr. Shafiqur-Rahman Khan,

Falah-e-Insaniyat Academy, Lucknow


I was deeply touched by the article written on Yakub Memon by your reporter, who has touched every aspect and cleared his stand why it happened and how it happened. The reporter has done a good job in describing its background and other things.

Farah Khan, Research scholar


Abdus Sattar Edhi

May he have a very long healthy life. A unique humanitarian gentleman of universal fame Abdus Sattar Edhi is, as per a recent news published in Baroda’s Gujarati language daily “Gujarat Samachar’ hospitalised in Karachi where a woman named Komal Rizvi talked shamelessly with him! Does such country deserve to be called a ‘ Pak’ sthan?!!

S. A. U. Patel, Amod - 392110


Muslim monuments crying for attention

Thousands of Muslim monuments, throughout India, which include mosques, tombs and shrines, built by Muslim rulers and notables over the centuries. But, after Partition, thousands of these historic monuments, instead of being handed over to their rightful owners, fell under the management of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) in an apparent bid to mismanage and destroy them. While Muslims are not allowed to pray in such mosques, the non-Muslims are allowed to use and occupy them for all types of sinful acts, including gambling, drinking and fornication, etc. Yet 5-times-daily prayers are forbidden there. These monuments cry for help, beseeching Muslim ulama, intellectuals and political leaders, including ‘Shahi Imam’ Abdullah Bukhari of Jama Masjid and ‘Shahi Imam’ Mufti Mukarram of the Fatehpuri Masjid, Delhi to do something. This is our historic legacy which calls for our best efforts to free these monuments from the governmental slavery and the filth and dirt imposed upon them by ASI. There are hundreds of historic mosques in Punjab and Haryana which are occupied by the non-Muslims while Muslim leadership is doing nothing to retrieve them. The efforts of Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind, in this regard, are commendable, which deserve cooperation from all right-thinking Muslims.

Salahuddin Ahmed, Dr. SR Khan,

Aliganj, Lucknow


Archaic expresssions

Expressions like “ten rupees” and “one thousand rupees” ceased to be used long ago, having been replaced by “rupees ten” and “rupees one thousand”. Isn’t “Rs.” written before the numerals? Recently I found that the foul disease is affecting Hindi also: someone said, in a radio commercial, “rupai panch hazar”, no doubt thinking that the abomination in English is the correct way. Are we all proof-readers’ copy holders, speaking out things precisely as they are written? Let’s forget that few today have ever known what is a copy holder.

 Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1 Delhi 110091


It was indeed a diplomatic wonder when Indian Prime Minister during short-planned two-day visit made UAE agree on allotting land and permission for building temple in that country. It will be the first temple in UAE where there are reports that till now even carrying photos of Hindu gods and goddesses in that country was not allowed. Motivating for a huge investment of rupees 4.5 lakh crores, support to curb terrorism and support for permanent membership for India in Security Council of United Nations Organisations are other achievements of this highly successful short UAE-trip of Indian Prime Minister. Indian Prime Minister even did not spare earlier NDA regime while expressing regret on Indian Prime Ministers not visiting UAE in last 34 years even though thirty-percent population of that country is of Indians. Indian Prime Minister was at his best oratory skill while addressing 70000-strong Indians at Dubai Cricket Stadium on 17.08.2015. However his speech would have been ideal if he would have avoided just a single sentence about his victory in 2014-elections of Lok Sabha. Foreign land should be avoided by any Indian political ruler to highlight political achievement in his/her own country. Most notable feature of the trip was creating definite signs of worry for terror-land Pakistan.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal,

Delhi 110006


Communalism is not lesser evil

During UAE’s visit Honb’le PM said in his speech that there may not be two kinds of terrorism good or bad terrorism. Terrorism is terrorist and got to be uprooted. I agree with him. Terrorism of any kind anywhere in the World is to be condemned and uprooted. Similarly communalism is not lesser evil. It has divided India. Now certain political parties are trying to divide Indians in the name of religion in their political interest. I requested Honb’le PM to announce war against communalism from podium of Lal Qila, on August 15, but my voice was too frail to reach him. No doubt British sown seed of hatred but certain political parties are nurturing it in their political interest. State can eradicate communalism if has the will. Marxist and Laloo Yadav proved it in W. Bengal and Bihar. Mr. Modi holds fiat to ponder upon. He may do it.

Zaheer Zaidi


A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Shree (NOT JANAB) A. P. J. Abdul Kalam       Read an article in The M. G. of 16-31, 2015 about Missile Man-An Advocate of Peace & 1st Vegetarian President of India Dr. Kalam by Ms. Nilofar Suhrawardy. Sorry, I cannot join with millions of his lovers in expressing sorrow upon his death due to reasons mentioned hereinbelow. (1)  He never expressed his regret over the killings of Sikhs in 1984 after the assassination of Mrs. Gandhi. (2)  He never protested over the killings of Muslims during Post-Godhara massacre in Gujarat in 2002. (3) He never uttered a single word over the killings of innocent Kashmiris (inclusive of Muslims & Hindus). (4) He publicly praised Dr. Hegdewar, founder of RSS, and bowed his head before his statue.  In brief, I can say that he was neither a Muslim nor a Hindu. He was an atheist, but he never disclosed his atheism publicly.   How can this man be called a humanist while he kept silence upon the killings of Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus in various parts of country?  Dr. Kalam was self-centered, materialistic & time server. He encashed his Muslim name which was given to him by parents. Many more Kalams may be in the queue for plump posts.              Anti-Muslim lobby in India used him to serve their vested interest and to cheat illiterate Muslims.               I pray to Allah that he may save the Muslims from such stooges.

                                                Farooq Abdul Gafar



Dr APJ Abdul Kalam had a unique honour of being recognised as People’s President out of all the Presidents country had till now. Having risen from being a newspaper-hawker to become President of India, the missile-man had unique distinction of being admired by one and all for the blend of qualities which are rather impossible being accumulated in one single human being. I recall his bypassing protocol as President of India when while attending a seminar, he sat on floor of the dais with those making presentations occupying the chairs on the dais! I have reasons to give the departed soul my big personal salute. He was the President of India who did not allow elevating a High Court judge to the Apex Court despite strong backing of the then Chief Justice of India, because he had gone through my documented complaint against the said judge. He was who made Supreme Court realize that it was also a public authority under RTI Act by transferring my RTI petition seeking information on action taken on my complaint against the said judge to Supreme Court, while earlier Supreme Court declined to respond to my RTI petition filed directly there. In my untiring crusade to highlight vital issues of national and public interest through daily e-mails a copy of which was also used to be marked to President Dr Kalam, he occasionally used to personally respond to my some selected e-mails. Perhaps such direct communication between a head of the nation and a commoner may hardly be noted in any of the countries of the world! Central and state governments should think over some unique honour even more than ‘Bharat Ratna’ for the personality which was in fact above the normal human beings.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi 110006



It is a matter of great joy for me and for all Indian Muslims that All India Muslim Majlis Mushawarat-that is the only Muslim organization in India that raises Muslim affairs at national and international level-is going to celebrate its Golden Jubilee ceremony. I congratulate and pray for its better service in future.

Dr Noorul Hasan,

Maunath Bhanjan (U. P.)


Anjuman Hamie Muslimin

As reported in the media new office bearers were elected for the period 2015-19 on 27th July 2015. I and all the new office bearers thank Almighty Allah for bestowing us this honour and express our sincere gratitude to all the executive members, and to members of Anjuman as well as members of our community for placing their faith and trust in us and considering the team capable to handle this responsibility. We pray Allah that He guides and blesses us to shoulder well this responsibility of managing this prestigious institution and bring it up as an exemplary educational institution providing Value based modern education with focus on Deen and character. We seek the support and cooperation of all the Executive and general members, members of the community, staff teachers and students of Anjuman in this stupendous task of bringing up this institution. Once again we thank Allah and all of you for providing us an opportunity to serve you. Please print this message on behalf of Anjuman Hami-E-Muslimeen for the benefit of your readers. Jazakaalah Khair

Jukaku Abdul Rahim, 

President Anjuman Hami-E-Muslimeen Bhatkal


Raj Dharm & government of India

 Atal Bihari Vajpayee the ex Prime minister of India had remarked Narendra Modi the ex chief minister of Gujarat in view of the Gujarat massacre of Muslims Modi did not heed towards Raj Dharm If he had been the prime minister of India in these daus he had declined to send yakhub to gallows in the perspective of Raj Dharm ,if low type of people come to power they forget and set set aside the Raj Dherm and practice on their innate badness They do not care the high morel and political values Such people cannot rule for a long period. Lord Krishna had said to strengthened and prolong the state two thons areessential 1) strong Army on the border and secondly Justice should gcrrvso8j But here in i we ate missing boath the things Chona and Pakistan are intruding and grabing our land The supreme court is being taken sa granted The apex court can hang the accused with out hearing their cases take the example of Afzal guru and Yakhub maimen

Dr Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


Sunni-Shia Salaat

Shia-Sunni joint Namaz pictured at p. 15 (MG dt. 1st August 2015) is indeed heart-warming. I have not been able to visit Mumbai for the last five years. Before that I could observe some Shia employees of Iran Culture House, opp: Charni Road Rly. Stn. Offering Zuhr Prayers behind a Sunni Imamin a nearby Masjid daily. Long live Milli unity.

Sultan A. Patel, Amod