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Hang Yaqub Memon!

Hang Yaqub Memon as he has been found guilty, and sentenced to death by the judicial verdict, but what about Justice Sri Krishna Report  which probed the Mumbai riots and unequivocally identified the culprits? Still even a single F.I.R. has not been lodged  against the accused. It is a common knowledge that it was the government of the so-called secular Congress  Party during whose regime Mumbai riots broke out, and  which established  Justice Sri Krishna Commission to inquire into the riots that preceded  Mumbai blasts. It was the same  Congress government which maintained stony silence over the report, let alone take any action against the identified culprits. Why this selective culpability and  justice?

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow, U.P. India


The way yakub memon is hastily being hanged shows how the justice in India is becoming prejudiced and politicised. If yakub needs to be sentenced to death to restore faith in judiciary then why Maya kodnani and Babu Bajrangi the persons who have degraded our social fabric are not sentenced to death is it because they have backing from the ruling party and what about the killers of Rajiv Gandhi why are they not being sentenced. The faith in judiciary can be restored only when these people too are punished.           Sheik Tasleem,


Parkash Javdekar and Kirit Somaiya gleefully welcomed the murder, saying that they had gathered the 257 dead bodies of the bomb blast victims. In fact they had killed more than 900 people in the streets of Bombay (we need to restore the name which will prove be deterrent to the rising criminlisation of Indian polity) after demolishing the Babari Masjid. One of the criminals became the Dy PM. Similarly, the criminal of Muslims Pogrom of Gujrat 2002 presently walks as if he is in sleep. We saw him the day Yaquub wa hanged during the burial of Dr Kalaam. Days are not far when we find India in chaos as is the case with Palestine, Syria and Iraq. This all started with division of the country in 1947 due to communalization of the Congress and murder of MK Gandhi. Blaming IS wil l not strengthen the country.

M Naqqaad - (feedback on MG website)


Indian Judiciary appears to be handicapped by state prosecution that is highly politicized. Rare is the case when judges take up issues suo moto or exhort prosecution to tell the truth and nothing but the truth and whole truth. Withholding essential part of the trial material is not a crime for the prosecution. That should be addressed if Indian Justice has to be counted as maintaining highest standard of justice.

Ghulam Muhammed -


India is a strong judicial country, you can get justice here, as your choice, but condition is you have to be rich and beneficial for political party.       Murtoz Hosen -


Good riddance, I say, to bad rubbish. That man was not merely a terrorist, he was a traitor-terrorist responsible for horrific carnage and murders of innocents including children. The pleas on his behalf for clemency were part of a cynical effort by self-serving people abusing the Indian judicial system. What made these scoundrels believe that Indian Muslims support terrorism and treachery against India? And, oh, please do not propagate the lie that any of these wretches had anything but cheap popularity in Muslim community as the motive.

Akbar Mohamadzai -


Let justice prevail

 If our judges have a sincere respect for their position they must ensure that a wrongly arrested person is not only fully compensated form every aspect but all of those officers and media people are also adequately punished who acted like a hotter than tea kettle.              

S. Akhtar, Amod


Jamia Urdu

Adeeb-e-kamil+BA Kanpur University Adeeb1year+BA 3 year-kya yeh sahid hai or kya Adeeb -BA ke brabar hai?


MG: Jamia Urdu of Aligarh is a private long-distance education centre which has no official recognition. It awards certificates for which no classes are held and only exams are held at various centres and these centres have been embroiled in controversies for cheating and mass copying. They may claim Adeeb or Adeeb Mahir or Adeeb Kamil is equivalent of this or that but this is not the fact. Anyone claiming so should be asked to produce an official document saying so. For about two decades the institution has been hijacked by unscrupulous rogue elements.


Millions of murders

The Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs has released reports on abortions practiced in our country. These have doubled in recent years. 10,62 out of every 1,000 fertile young women interrupted the pregnancy. "The unborn child is a human being from conception and his life must be respected. That life was redeemed by Christ, it is a gift from God," says the Swiss theologian Karl Barth. The most applied procedure has been the vacuum aspiration abortion. This technique is performed by inserting a cannula through the cervix, which is attached via tubing to the pump that tear to pieces the baby's body while removes it. We sometimes can touch the parts of the foetus's body. 97.49% of abortions were performed in private clinics. The interruption of pregnancy is one of the most profitable businesses of the health sector. 96.98 % of the reasons to abort been the mother's health. Abortion would be one of the first origins of the killing of children. Worst of all, if a person has a lot of money can abort with total impunity. "Moreover, those who attack me have a great ignorance about abortion and do not realize that if their mothers had decided to abort, they would not be in the world." "Human life begins at conception and while crime is not prohibited, it is useless to tell mothers not to abort." When people say: "I do with my body what I want," they are right, but this is no longer their body, now this is the body of another being that develops inside of their womb. They should have the courage to bring the baby to the world and then, if they do not want the baby, they can leave him to those who can keep him. Abortion is a crime," says Monserrat Caballe.

Clemente Ferrer, Pantoja, 14. 28002-MADRID (Spain)


Urdu and Hindus

Hats off to Dr. Naresh (MG of Jul 16-31) who has mentioned that a lot of Hindus have served Urdu. Many are still doing so. This makes me remember Munshi Naval Kishor of Lucknow who had magnificently served not only Urdu but also Persian and Arabic.

Sultan A. Patel, Amod - 392110


Photo Image

The photo pose of our Indian Prime Minister is so important at this moment. In Tamil Nadu our politicians are acting during the Iftar Time on Ramadhan month while they are acting with caps on heads and with raised hands. But this shows the artificial devotion and no body knows their inner thoughts. Therefore there photo poses should not be counted as their real devotion and should be ignored after seeing it. Whether raising or cloning hands are not important, but with actual and real broad minded activities toward minority society is very very important. The wide Indias one twenty crores prime ministers photo poses are different according to the occasinos but the real communal harmony only should be shown through his justified and honestful administrations.

Haji. A.M.K.M. Anwardeen, Tamil Nadu


Muslims Youths: Targets of ATS & Police

It is really shocking that the Police, ATS and security agencies across the country have been using nefarious and draconian laws on sedition and terrorism to implicate Muslims especially Muslim youths. For several years this sinister campaign of the Police and security agencies, which is wholly illegal has expaned to include thousand of Muslims especially Muslims youths. It has now being fully exposed to expand through numerous court judgments and also journalistic investigations that all such cases are fabricated. But what is most unfortunate that this vicious campaign of Police and security agencies has labelled the entire Indian Muslim community the largest minority of the country as suspects in the eyes of the country. No charge sheets are filed for months and even for years and cases do not go to trials for several years. Despite all this when trials are held courts end up and declare the accused as innocent. But that by then several more than a decade has passed. What else than the worst example of great justice. One of the hundreds of such shocking cases is that of N. Amir Khan who was 18 years old when he was arrested on charges of terrorism and has been in jail for 14 years before the court acquitted him of all charges. The less said about the performance of ATS the better. They associate any and every bomb blast with Indian Mujahidin, but have failed to prove the existence of such an organization. Thousand of Muslim youths are its victims and are languishing in jails. The need of the hour is that this nefarious and illegal anti-Muslim activities are ATS, Police and security Agencies which his blot on Indian Democracy should be ended and the guilty responsible for this should be punished.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, New Delhi - 110091


Memorial To Three Congress Former Presidents

Hakeem Ajmal Khan, Maulana Muhammad Ali and Dr. M. A. Ansari the three former Congers presidents and national leaders occupy a distinguished place in our Nation History. These three lived in Delhi. Hakeem Ajmal Khan belonged to famous Hakim Sharif Khan family of Delhi and Hakeem Sahab presided over the Ahmedabad session of the Congress in 1921 and he was among the top ranking leaders of the congress and the Khilafat and had gided these organisations. A number of important meetings of both these organisations were at his palatial Haveli Sharif Manjil at Ballimaran in old Delh while Maulana Ali alongwith Gandhiji and his elder brother Shaukat Ali were the most important leaders of the non-co-operation Khilafat Movement which was the first non-violent revolution. He was the president of the congress in 1923-4 and was the moving sprit behind attempts to bring about Hindu-Muslim unity which had suffered a serious set-back on account of Shuddi-Shan-ghatan and Tabligh Tabligh-Tanzeem movements of 1923-24. It was at his house in Kucha chelan that Gandhiji had undertaken fast of 21 days to bring about Hindu-Muslim unity in September 24. Dr. Ansari had been the Congress president in 1927-28 and at his palatial Kothi at Daryaganj Daras Salam stayed congress leaders and congress working committee meeting were held. It was here that the Congress working had approved of the Gandhi-Irwin Pact in March 1931. In recognition to great contribution made by these leaders to national freedom, their residences should have been converted into national Monuments. It is unfortunate that nothing has been don in this direction by the central govt. so far. During the tenure of my membership of Rajya Sabha I had urged the govt. through my questions and special mentions on several occasions to do so but unfortunately nothing was done. Time has come that govt. should take necessary steps.

Dr. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, New Delhi-110091


Be like Sikhs

Muslims should unite like the Sikhs ! One single Sikh is victimized by this sick government and the whole community comes to the rescue! That is why Hindus chicken out when they are even shown the face of a Sikh!  

  Oliver Craig -


Milli Masaail

Jazaakumullaah for your booklet "Milli Masaail".  Maa Shaa Allah you have have very deeply analysed all of our common problems. I read this book again and again . Now I am busy rendering it into Gujarati. It deserves to be published in English also at the earliest possible time.                  Sultan A. Patel, Gujarat