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Kashmir solution

It is not only Islam (Pakistan) which (what to talk of Muslim POK) will not forget even Muslim Kashmir but Hindus (India) will also not allow further dismemberment of motherland whereas without unification of Kashmir there is no Kashmir solution. Hence is it too much to expect from anyone to have some idea (how-so-ever remote / unconventional) about solution to gory and chronic Kashmir problem before he / she comments upon Pakistan (involved in Kashmir problem and its related matters).

Hem Raj Jain, Bengaluru


Women in Indian society

Today, women in Indian society are becoming the most vulnerable section as far as their safety and security is concerned. On a daily basis, we come across many headlines reporting cases of rapes, sexual assault, sexual harassment, molestation, ill treatment of women in houses, domestic violence against women in remote areas etc. Our supreme law of land i.e. our Indian Constitution has envisaged a dream of true social, economic and political democracy which guarantees the rich and moral principles of equality (of status, opportunity, law) for our citizens but this has not yet been fully realized. Yet women today in India are unsafe and unsecure towards the realization of freedom and liberty. It is unbearable to imagine the plight of women who are sufferers of such crimes. It is a jolt on the confidence of the women, of society and on our judicial system.

Farzana Z Khan, Nagpur


Muslims in UPSC

I have taken note of the article by Mr. A. R. Agwan on 'Record Number of Muslims'. He has himself said that although the total number increased to 37, the percentage of Muslims in the total list of civil Services of 2014 has not improved it is just about 3% with a total of 1236. I wish we had the break up service-wise of the candidates qualified by the UPSC. That will indicate whether Muslims have improved their performance in the three major services IAS, IPS and IFS.

Syed Shahabuddin, ex-MP, New Delhi


It refers to your special report on page no. 13(16-31July) 'Record number of Muslims selected for UPSC'. Actually maximum number of Muslims were selected for UPSC exam in1977 in Janta party Regime. The number of Muslims candidates was 44.

Dr. Jawed Anjum, Gaya


HC blocked Banerjee Commission report tabling

Laloo Yadav in a TV interview has explained that as a railway minister he instituted Justice Banerjee Commission to enquire into the Godhra fire incidence. Justice Banerjee Commission revealed that fire started from inside the bogie of Sabarmati express. Laloo Yadav said he was about to table the Justice Banerjee Commission report in Parliament but HC barred the government to do so. Justice Banerjee report was not made public by laying on table. Did HC doubt the integrity of Justice Banerjee?

S. Haque, Patna


Harassment of Teesta Setalvad

It is a matter of profound dismay the the official harassment of one of the leading Human Rights activists - Teesta Setlawad and Javed Anand continues at the hands of the central government and its agencies. Since BJP-led government came in power in Delhi in May 2014, the country has witnessed open strenuous official efforts to foist a large variety of charges of financial irregularity on them, to harass them, to tarnish their reputations, and to secure their arrests. Fortunately, the interventions of the higher judiciary have protected them so far. However, the latest raids by the Central Bureau of Investigation into their home and offices in Mumbai on 14 July 2015 are signs of continuing open misuse of official bodies to harass these human rights defenders. The open official bullying of courageous human rights defenders even as individuals charged with a range of serious crimes walk free are brazen official attempts to diminish Indian democracy. These must be powerfully resisted by all democratic voices in the country.

Mohd Zeyaullah Khan, Nagpur


Limits for sadhvis

With the change of the government at the Centre, Hindutva folks are bluntly engaged in communal frenzy through inflammatory utterances, unwarranted suggestions and threats, hooliganism, destruction of worship places of Indian Muslims by way of taking full advantage of their helplessness with eyes bruise around as presently Muslims in India left unshielded and unsaved claiming time to time by the Central am state governments. It is commonly noticed that apart from male chatters , a number of women in the guise of sadhwees have been brought out on forefront who are freely yelling against Muslims for increasing their population unchecked on one hand and continued spewing poison against, every thing related to Muslims. One of the most fantastic and fanatical advise regularly advanced by these sadhwees to Hindu ladies to produce as much children as they could to counter the increasing Muslim population of the Country. The time will tell as to how and in what way their advises to Hindu ladies could substantially be materialised but the question is as to whether these sadhwees are strong enough to extent such suggestions. On plain and simple scrutiny it appears that most of these pious ladies are of marriageable age, some have already crossed that period and some are spinsters who have no knowledge of pre and post agony of pregnancy period. and thereafter the careful maintenance and development of children till their stepping in the real life. Incase, these sadhvis had a knowledge about the mental aswellas physical trouble a mother has to go through during pregnancy time and thereafter, they would not have talked for producing more and more children.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur.


Mandir Shuddhi

Dr. Hari Desai has, once again described an amazing event in Gujarat Guardian (Surat) dated 17/06/15. He has reported that Mr. A. K. Antony, the then Christian chief minister of Kerala had performed his son's marriage in the compound of Nurapuram temple. But, thereafter, the mandir was washed with Gaumutra (cow's urine)!      S. Akhtar, Amod, Gujarat



It is Iran which gains more by losing a little in the nuclear deal between it and the world powers. There is no provision in the deal which can check the Shiahs dominated Iran from continuing its clandestine, hostile and aggressive attitude towards its Sunnis-dominated Middle Eastern Arab countries Be that what it may, something is surely better than nothing,

S. M. Pasha, Abu Dhabi


Teaching students how to study

School results in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) tend to be very negative and one of the causes is usually not the absence of students but they do not know to study or do not put effort in it. As well as we must develop specific skills to practice a profession, we also must dominate general study techniques that improve academic performance and take advantage of the time in order to study. What makes a good student? First, he understands what he is studying, I mean that he practices reading comprehension and learns what a lesson says. Some children do not know make problems because they do not understand neither the approach nor what is asked them. In any reading comprehension is very positive to make understanding questions in order to capture the reasons of the text and not only the data. Second, the good student understands the main idea of each paragraph and stresses it with a pencil. With these underlined ideas he will be able to make a schema, ordering and linking the contents. The underlined text and the schema facilitate understanding and memorization of the lesson. The good student will know to express the ideas of the schema in a synthetic and ordered way. Finally, the study has to be active and reflective. The student tries to ask personal questions and finds answers. In addition, the study will be efficient; I mean that he gets good academic performance in relation to the time used. On the contrary, the bad student does not know neither study nor follow any established method. He tries to learn parrot-fashion, repeating what was studied in a literal way and without understand. This does not motivate him but produces him frustration because does not find any meaning or value to what he studies. His way of studying is passive; neither makes reading comprehension, stresses, poses questions, looks up the dictionary, nor makes schemas. Although he spends a lot of time, he does not get good grades and often it ends in frustration and school failure. Children can learn these study techniques from their parents and are a positive complement in the achieving homework at home. Naturally, they are taught systematically in schools. As in other aspects of education, in terms of the criteria of teaching students how to study, it is necessary the collaboration between parents and teachers.

Arturo Ramo García, Arturo Ramo  Teruel (Spain)



It has become a ritual to give cash-envelopes or costly gifts in marriages and other family-functions. In earlier time, system was devised for a noble cause of assisting non- affording ones to perform marriages of daughters. But with changing time, cash-envelopes and costly gifts have become a show of unholy status which in fact is a forced and compulsory burden especially for middle-income in a status-conscious society. Even parents of brides are forced to 'present' cash-envelopes, costly gifts and fancy platters of sweets and fruits to relations and friends of grooms. All this is responsible for taking birth of girl-child in a family as bane rather than boon. Even rich and elite society gets female-child aborted before its birth in fear of likely heavy expenses on marriages after about two decades! Since society cannot practically initiate such reforms at its own, Union and state governments should in interest of society (general public) impose a ban on gifts and cash -envelopes in marriages and other private functions, so that people may enjoy in such functions with happy mindset without realizing it as a burden to attend such functions as a social necessity by being unwillingly burdened for cash-envelopes and costly gifts.

Madhu Agrawal, Delhi 


Bangladeshi Hindu migrants welcome, Muslim infiltrators no

As exposed by Dr. Hari Desai on 24/06/15 in "Gujarat Guardian" (Surat), Narendra Modi has, diferenciating between Bangla Deshi migrants, said that "they are of two types: Intruders (Muslim) and Migrants (Hindu) and that "Migrants (Hindu) belong to our Parivar and hence it is our responsibility to settle them in Gujarat or Rajasthan."S. Akhtar, Amod, Gujarat


NIA anti Muslim mentality exposed

“Police fails to recognise Gandhi Maidan bomb blast master mind" MG / 16-30 June 2015 / published on line June 13 2015 clearly mentioned that what court observed about CBI "Indian would have been safer without CBI" many be repeated about NIA 30-40 years later.

S. Haque, Patna


National Security?

While it is expected that members of the ruling party, including ministers, will speak of "national security" at the drop of a hat, because that is a shibboleth which they must dance before, an agency like the CBI must pass the test of credibility if it does the same. Its claim that Teesta Setalvad is a "threat to national security" because (it says) she /may/ have violated the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act is plainly incredible.

 Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar, Delhi


Hanging of Yaqub Menon is murder of justice

You are right. Equality before law is enshrined in the Constitution of India and it is duty of the State to enforce it. Victim Sikhs of 1984 have still not got justice. Has anyone guilty of murders in it been hanged till date? What about those guilty of Hashimpura murders? And of course why are, as you pointed out, murderers, killers, rapists and plunderers of the post-Babri riots of December 1992 and January 1993 roam scot-free despite all the evidence piled up against them in Srikishna Commission's report, submitted way back in February 1998. Both Shiv Sena leaders as well as police officers energetically participated in those gruesome riots in which 900 persons were killed including 575 Muslims.

Naved Yar Khan,

[On MG website)


Ummah must boot them out

Advertisements with Muslim names, beards, skull caps, Haji rumal etc regularly appear in newspapers claiming to solve all problems. Their names are “baba”, “guru”, “Sufi”, “Aamil”.  “Maulana” etc. They come complete with phone numbers and even addresses saying that the baba can solve love problem, business, husband/wife quarells, illness, evil eye, black magic, tantra, mantra. These babas can even pinpoint where wealth is hidden underground, etc. Such rougues are spoiling the name of Islam. Muslim must boot them out and call the police to tackle them.

S. Haque, Patna



Muslims countries major contributor to Indian economy

The PM and CMs are running from pillar to post begging ffforeign investments. They welcome foreign tycoons and spread red carpets for them. Single widow system, economic concessions, SEZ, and other benefits are provided to lure foreign investors. But ghar wapsi, surya namaskar, Love Jihad, Gita to be declared national book, Ram Setu, Ram mandir, Hindu rastra etc vitiate the environment. Our bright side is deliberately obscured that major contribution to the Indian economy comes from Muslim countries as only last year, 2.5 crore Indians remitted 10,000 million dollars to India. On the other hand, bande matram chanters have stashed trillions in foreign countries.

S. Haque, Patna


Obsolete judicial system for Muslim

Four innocent Muslims including a 7-month-old kid, were killed by police on 3 June 2011 in Forbesganj. The world saw how policemen stomped over dying persons’ bodies with their boots one. Four years have passed but justice remains hijacked by  judicial commission. Patna HC retd justice Madhvendra Sharan was given responsibility to enquire into the grave incident. Justice Sharan could not finish his enquiry even though four years have passed. Centre told SC that many inefficient judges were appointed by collegium (10 June 2015). Appearing before constitution bench attorney general Mukul Rohtagi said that many inefficient judges being appointed in higher judiciary by collegum. He said that even a SC judge was not coming on time during her tenure and she used to attend court proceeding in the afternoon. He raised question on as to why the judiciary shied away form taking any action against such judges.            S. Haque, Patna



Imbecility of intelligence investigation

"Police fails to recognise Gandhi Maidan bomb blast mastermind." MG / 16-30 June 2015. Intellignce agencies are proving the thier imbecility as if police & intelligence deliberately drag their investigation of Gandhi Maidan and Gaya balst in the wrong direction to save the real perpatrators of blasts as the timer used in Bahadur Pur colony blast bombs were the same as the ones used in the bombs of Gandhi Maidan / Gaya. JD(U) MLA Sunil Pandey was arrested in Ara Court blast. Police captured huge cache of arms and detonator, 12 IEDs, 52 timers, 10 kgs amonium intrate, 100 electronic detonators, two sensors, 7 remotes, explosive materials from a lodge in Khemnichak. The owner of lodge is one Ram Pravesh Rai. Police says that Awadhesh Kumar Jaiswal and his brother operate a gang and supplies and take supari to do blasts etc. Police caught huge cache of arms from Mukesh Yadav’s residence in Halim Pur, Yadav Toli of Jamal Pur. Insas rifles and deadly weapons were captured. (11/07/15 / Hindi daily) Timers used were same but police and intelligence investigation deliberately covered up..

S. Haque, Patna