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In my humble opinion, MG is doing quite appreciable works and Indians in general and Muslims in particular must be proud of it. As far as newspaper MG is concerned, its only English Newspaper publishing honestly all the important news in the time when media has sold out its loyality. MG appears only torch bearer upholding bold, true, honest and fearless tradition of Journalism. If there is something I can do, please let me know.     Sohail Akhtar, Odisha


I am a big fan of the Milli Gazette. You all are doing a very nice job. Thank you all a lot. Last time I read an article of Bilal Bhat. It was amazing. Really wonderful. Keep it up.         Adnan


I congratulate the Editor for his selfless services in bringing out MG regularly despite many odds. MG has become the mouthpiece of the Muslim Ummah. It contains not only religious but political articles regularly. We Pray to the Almighty: ''Long Live Milli Gazette''. Amin. Mohammad Azam, Karimnager, Telangana


Newspaper for Muslims!

Oh, I somehow landed on this [website] page and was wondering why this was so much of an one sided article. Checked again and realised its a newspaper for Muslims... LOL... all doubts cleared..

Alok Sharma

MG: It is nice that your have cleared your doubts. But, please, clear our doubts as well. Please tell us what is factually wrong in that story.


Mahfoozur Rahman

I am surprised to find a writeup on the 10th Memorial Lecture on the journalist Mr. Mahfuzur Rahman in a recent issue. Perhaps you are not aware of the scandal he raised regarding the relief donations received by the AIMMM which was explained by a committee set up by the AIMMM. However, this was printed in thousands in his magazine and sent by air to many towns in the country. I wonder who paid for it. To say that he was a true and honest journalist is stretching the point.

Syed Shahabuddin, ex-MP


Urdu Mandir in Delhi

Writing in Gujarat Samachar (Baroda) dated 23/04/15, Acharyashri 'Watsaly Deep' Suruji states that in Bharat's heart Delhi and Delhi's heart Chandni Chowk, opp. Red Fort is a famous Jain temple called Lal Mandir (during the rule of Shah Jahan). It is also known as Urdu Mandir. Urdu means army or army camp. It was built for the Jain contingent and the Jain government employees of Shah Jahan.          S. Akhtar

Amod , Gujarat


A wake-up call for Muslims

By whatever name you may call me, but I not an escapist as always to try to find the reasons for our afflictions in the outside world, and keep crying like a person possessed over the external conspiracies. For me, the conspirators existing within our ranks -those who are spreading the sectarian hatred- no matter what titles they use, and what dress they wear - are million, million, million times more dangerous for our community than the combined strength of all the global enemies, which we, lament, are working against us day and night. To clarify, the existence of sects under the broader Islamic umbrella is something different from the 'sectarian hatred', declaring each other 'kafir' and so on. If we are not bold enough to eliminate these 'munafiqs' (hypocrites) from our midst, all our lamentations will look like a mad man's cry, which will inevitably lead to our doom. I know my words will definitely incur the wrath of those who are always blind to themselves, but have sharp eyes to peep into others.

If you agree with my words, then come on! Let us start this mission of 'sectarian unity' from the coming holy month of Ramadan, and raise a banner against those who are surviving on 'sectarian hatred'.

Tauheed to yeh hei ke Khuda Hashr mein kah de

Yeh bandaa do aalam se khafaa merey liye hei.(Iqbal)

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow,


Religious politics

Religious events and festivals in are immensely encashed in by politicians to consolidate their votes and want ever to rule at their emotions, sentiments. Ramadan comes, politicians of all hues come out from hibernation to put on skull cap with their Muslims brethren and partake with them on Iftaar. They in fact don't put on their caps rather make them put on by throwing a cunning ploy in the month of Ramadan(fast).It is pious month and they are supposed to desist from such amoral and political stunt to merely garner support in their favour. In stead of sitting with them to break iftaar they should contemplate themselves to shun their bad habit and take an oath in this holy month to do politics in the widest interests of left out and needy people dying hungry without having even a square meal. Therefore, it is high time they left gutter politics to do iftaar with muslims. Muslims are too squarely blamed for throwing iftaar party in the honour of 'Neta'.

Wakeel Ahmad, Gaya


For Muslims justice is mirage

It is sheer mentality of authorities and institutions that 42 innocent Muslims were killed by PAC in Hashimpura, yet the killer policemen escaped unscathed. Four Muslims of Bhajanpura were killed by police in broad daylight. The killer cops are not touched under the guise of a judicial enquiry since the last four years. Two Muslim meritorious students were killed in fake encounter in Batla Hosue and justice was hijacked by claiming the the morale of the police would be lowered by investigation. But in Delhi a head constable was suspended and arrested on 11 May just on the very day when he hit a lady with a brick. Is justice for Muslims only a mirage?         S. Haque, Patna


Wither, O Women?

The ever-rising charm-show among a ot of ladies, especially in big cities, shows that they are the least worried about the rise in the wild passion resulting in the rape of even small babies

S. Akhtar

Amod, Gujarat


Maharashtra govt to derecognize madrassas

Constitutional freedom of religion means no state role in the affairs of religion, including its teaching, promotion, and other allied activities. BJP rule is deliberately going against the spirit as well as of the letter of Constitutional law, in trying to impose Hindu religion and religious culture on all people of this multi-cultural, multi- ethnic, multi-religious land. The use of 'de-recognition' of Madarsa students as not enrolled in any school system, is a very sinister move to enforce Madarsa students to compulsorily abjure their religious education and force them at some stage to enroll 'mainstream' school system, which is rapidly being Saffronised without any approval by the 69 percent of the voters of this democratic nation that have not voted for BJP and its coalition partners. This move will be strongly resisted by all religious groups that may include caste groups that do not fully subscribe to Brahmin religious mainstreaming.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


For Ram Mandir,. HM worries about Rajya Sabha

HM Rajnath Singh said that they did not have the required strength in Rajya Sabha. Therefore the needed legislation to build the Ram mandir construction is not possible at present. BJP rose with salogan “Ek Dhakka Aur Do” and “mandir waheen banaayenge". In broad daylight, in the presence of Constitution and judiciary, Dhakka Bhi Diya, Masjid Todi Bhi Aur Mandir Bana Bhi Liya. Court and PM Rao silently watched. Rao pyre-burning enquiry report not made public yet. HM must have petience: court hai naa, why to worry? Saffron brigade will be satisfied with beef banning, Muslim reservation, 341 issue, etc with court blessing.

S. Haque,  Patna


Central Govt Scholarship Schemes: Joke with Minorities

We began this scholarship season with a surprise, Central Government Scholarships were announced in May itself (normally they would start in July). This is how, Muslim students were supposed to apply:

Class 1 - 8 : First, it was supposed to be online but in middle of June, they announced that it will be offline and the last date is  July 31 this despite knowing that most schools in the North are closed at this time for summer vacations, and with Ramzan and Eid, there will be hardly any takers.

Class 9 - 10: Online. But the website didn't work until two days back when the PM launched Digital India. Filling details on the website is a nightmare. In-spite of all details being correct, it will never register the student’s details. Again the last date is July 31.

It seems that Government wants these schemes to go... they are not serious. For the past three years, we worked hard in taking these schemes to the community. People started nursing hopes. Some started receiving scholarship money. But it seems this year, these hopes will once again be a mirage and the community will once again be dependent on community funding for its education.

Muslims do not have a voice in the government. Parties who used to raise our issues are silent now. Hope, someday, we might be able to build our leadership from within.

Ajaz Farooqui, Lucknow


Smart city project in India

Our PM is going to start smart city projects in our country but before that one should think over it that: (1) How many acres of agricultural land would go away from the poor farmers and loss to agriculture product ,grains, food ,vegetables, and fodder for cows, Buffalos and indirectly affects our milk products; (2) in smart city who will leaves farmers ,middle class people No only govt. babus and industrialists and reach family; (3) our county's future lies in Agriculture and agribusiness with dairy products if we forget industrialization and only concentrate our mind on agriculture we can grow such huge tones of food that we can feed the Whole world; (4) smart city project would also adversely affect our Environment and increase uncertainty of regular Monsoon

M. Bashir,


Thanks, Mr Obama

You sent a green chadar, than you Modi also imitated you, thank you now please send a white round cap so the suit man may wear it and get a thunderous clap

S. Akhtar,  Amod - 392110


Selfie with Daughter

As long as every single daughter in India feels unprotected, unsafe, unrepresented, it is simply a naive to join Prime Minister's latest initiative to post a selfie with daughters. Instead of the high drama cleverly marketed in the media, it's time to get our priorities in place first. The farmer from Haryana who is the man to start this had a valid point in doing this, however, for the Prime Minister to quickly snatch this idea and build a powerful brand out of it doesn't sounds logical. Though nothing wrong in doing that, but the whole idea has becomes just another political gimmick from the PM, which carries a zero real value in it. Perhaps with this attitude taking a "selfie with daughters" can be a wrong idea. Its high time for the PM to first announce tangible steps to make our girls safer. Let's not become the victim of this gimmick by keeping the important issues by settling for tokenism of this kind. Its time for daughters to secure from such hollow promises and empty slogans.

Mohd Zeyallah Khan, Jafar Nagar, Nagpur


Maha. Law protects lawmakers

The Maharashtra Government has amended a provision of the Criminal Procedure Code(CrPC), (156)(3) and 190. According to them, no FIR can be registered against MLAs and bureaucrats without the approval of the speaker of Assembly, even if directed by a court. It is an unethical move which should be taken back immediately. This amendment directly encourages the politicians and bureaucrats to indulge in unlawful activities without any fear of getting caught, and on the other hand, it discourages the citizens to raise their voice against the powerful people. This is a direct attack on the basic principle of the Constitution, which is equality before the law. This step has been taken because the government claims that there are many fake complaints filed frequently against the politicians and bureaucrats. Now, the government says that without the sanction of the speaker, no FIR can be filed, but in most of the cases, evidence is collected after the lodging of an FIR. Without any evidence, on what basis will the government decide to approve or disapprove an FIR? After this amendment, no citizen would like to raise his voice against any injustice done by politicians and bureaucrats. Everyone is equal in the eyes of law, but this amendment proves that everyone is not equal in the eyes of law.

Dr Hamid Kazi


Indian Muslims vis-à-vis Modi govt

When the genuine stakeholders withdraw from the market on the pretext that it is dominated by dishonest persons , then it is filled up by fraudulent elements, who in the due course of time, assume all the façade of genuineness, as there never exists a vacuum. The genuine ones only keep crying from their rooftops against the whole world. The same phenomenon is occurring with Indian Muslims vis-à-vis the Narendra Modi government.

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow


Pathan Regiment torch-bearer of freedom struggle

Freedom struggle against the British rule got impetus on 10 May 1857 from Meerut Chauni when the Pathan Regiment en messe raised arms against the British government. Collector Allen Octovian Hume ordered to arrest them. On 16 May 1857, police arrested seven jawans of the Pathan regiment and presented before the commanding officer Cornfield. One of the Pathan Regiment jawans fired at Cornfield but he escaped and ordered that all the seven ben shot as they were returning their home, Fateh Pur. Four Pathan Regiment jawan died while three fled away (Jagran, Hindi daily (Patna), 10/05/15). Yet, after independence the Pathan Regiment was disbanded in Hindustan.

S. Haque, Patna



Besides being a shameless cruelty towards one's family, is it not true that on attempt to end one's own life is the worst kind of self-degradation?         S. Akhtar, 

                                                Amod - 392110


Hike in pay, allowances of MPs: Is it not a conflict of interest?

It refers to a Joint Parliamentary Committee recommending nearly doubling the salaries and allowances of Parliamentarians after these were last hiked to almost 300-percent just five years ago. It is usual that bills for hiking benefits including monetary ones for Parliamentarians are easily passed in Parliament without any discussion. But it is certainly a conflict of interest that Parliamentarians decide for themselves at cost of public exchequer. Ridiculous arguments being placed include increase in cost of contesting elections. By that logic even person losing elections should also be compensated as right of equality. Parliamentarian's total benefits including all types of allowances must not exceed total take-home salary of highest paid bureaucrat thus making hike in monetary benefits of a Parliamentarian depending according to implementation of recommendations of pay- commissions. In that case salary may be deducted in case of Parliamentarian not attending to daily Parliamentary session or committee-meetings. Since pension of government- employees recruited after the year 2004 is abolished, there is no logic for continuing pensions to Parliamentarians. All other subsidies available for Parliamentarians like on food in Parliamentary canteens or freebies like electronic items, junket trips etc should also be abolished. Parliamentarians not cancelling rail-reservation in case of their not travelling must be penalised by charging cost of non-availed journey from the concerned Parliamentarian.

Majority of Parliamentarians are extra rich. There may be practically very few and rare cases of some non-affording Parliamentarians, for whom affording Parliamentarians can surrender their salaries. In present era, actual election-costs (not as per limit fixed by Election Commission) is so high that non-affording persons cannot even dream of contesting elections. Rather in most cases, politicians which also include many Parliamentarians mint money out of their being in political system by taking politics like a family-business. There may be many who may like to retain membership of Parliament even if system of paying salary and allowances may altogether be abolished.     Madhu Agrawal, Delhi