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It have been receiving paper for some time. I appreciate it and thank you. May Allah ta'ala help you in your good deeds. May Allah ta'ala give life to your revolution and success. Aameen. "Tahreek shuru karke band nahi ki jaati". Allah waali hai.

Saman Aqdas


Few Effective Rules

An expert author in education said that in the family and school is where more orders are given and where fewer orders are carried out. The positive is the opposite, I mean that there are few rules that are fulfill and allow that the child can express an opinion. First, in the family must have few basic rules, taking into account the age of children and family circumstances. However, orders sometimes are given for anything, by impetus or affirm their own personality. For example, a mother said to her servant: go to the children's room, watch what they are doing and prohibit them. She didn't know if what children are doing was good or bad, but anyway she had to reproach them strongly. With this attitude two effects occur: parents lose their authority because children will not obey them and the stability of the family environment is broken since now it is arbitrarily prohibited what could be done before without problems. This creates insecurity in children's personality. Second, it is necessary that few established rules are always fulfilled. The child must be convinced that can not break family rules established between parents and children. It is also necessary that teachers participate in the same decisions and demand that the child fulfills them. This consolidates the authority of parents and avoids many tantrums. Instead of repeating many times the same things, such as pick up the jersey and the slippers, straighten the room, study, etc, we must achieve gently and calmly that the child fulfills immediately. This may involve some sacrifice since the mother will have to stand up, take the child of his hand to make that he does what must do. Likewise, it is not good that the mother with little authority threatens the child to tell everything to his father to punish him. With these words, the mother demonstrates that has no authority and does not know how to manage the home. She shows the father as the bad ogre that punishes evil actions of children. In many occasions the father does nothing, because does not know how facts happened and the child can not remember or is aware of his past acts. Third, the child must have the freedom to express an opinion, although some of his preferences do not share those of the adults. This must be respected by virtue of the personal singularity of each person. Parents can not try to make their children in their image and likeness, as photocopies or decals.

Arturo Ramo García. DO-Teruel, Spain


Why India has remained a developing country?

In the so far prevalent Scandalous Collegium System, Upper Caste Male Judges Secretly Selected & Secretly Promoted Upper Caste Male Judges to occupy Positions at High Courts and Supreme Court of India. These Upper Caste Male Judges Hear Cases at Own Whims and Fancy & Not FIFO (First In First Out). These Upper Caste Male Judges Save Upper Caste Culprit Bureaucrats. These Upper Caste Male Judges Save Upper Caste Culprit Corporates. These Upper Caste Male Judges Save Upper Caste Culprit Ministers. These Upper Caste Male Judges get Positions of Power even after they have Retired as Judges ensuring their Dominance in Governance System. Nothing surprising then that India remains a corrupted country with Justice denied to Commoners as Litigants - Petitioners or Respondents. Only Totally Transparent, Objective and Democratic Selection / Promotion System can help Worthy to be Judges to Deliver Justice that has been denied to We the People so far.

Babubhai Vaghela, Ahmedabad - 380051


An unpardonable crime of helping a fugitive criminal

External Affairs Minister's Sushma Swaraj that the help that she gave to Lalit Modi to go to Portugal to sign the consent papers of his ailing wife was on humanitarian grounds does not in any way exonerate her from committing a serious crime of helping a notorious fugitive criminal who is not involved in cricketing betting, match fixing, rigging and money laundering but in number of cases by requesting the Indian origin labour MP Keith Vaz and the British High Commissioner to get travel documents of Modi to proceed to Portugal to see her ailing wife. She conveniently forgot that Modi the tainted criminal is absconding since 2010 to evade scam investigation. It is also to be noted that the Minister had no hesitation in seeking the Modi's assistance in getting his nephew in London School. This incident falsified the BJP's claim that there has been no scandal in the first year of BJP's rule.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Delhi - 110091


BJP Government

Notwithstanding its jingoism, present BJP-led government of India (GoI) is also as maritally-deficient as previous GoI led by Congress hence on its own will not do anything to solve Kashmir problem by retrieving POK. But GOI is not understanding that after PDP-BJP government in J&K (especially in view of projected hard instance of PM Modi towards Pakistan), the incidences of Pakistani flags & slogans after every Friday (including this Friday) Namaz meeting in Kashmir and consequently sometimes actions (even excesses in popular perception) against such demonstrators by security forces has developed a situation of growing dissatisfaction among Kashmiris against Indian State. In such situation the entry of most dreaded & popular global Jihadi group ISIS in Kashmir is only a matter of time, if not handled properly. The waiving of ISIS flags in rally in Kashmir after June, 12 Friday Namaz should be taken in this background. Idea can be fought only with superior idea. ISIS is not merely a conglomeration of fanatic people / fighters but an idea of Caliphate. This Caliphate represents military power on a territory in the interest of establishing Islamic rule therefore ISIS is spreading through alliance / take-over in other countries of NAME and has huge attraction among Muslims world-over [and it may be so in Kashmir also which has geographical continuity with Muslim Pakistan (including Muslim POK under Pak possession) and also has history where during last ~ 25 years Islam (Jihadis from Pakistan, Afghanistan, J&K etc) has, as per media report, laid down the lives of ~ one hundred thousand Muslims for Kashmir, hence these Jihadis may again try to finish this agenda under more dreaded & popular Jihadi group ISIS]. Though ISIS Caliphate represents misinterpreted Islam and is attracting misguided Muslim youth from all over the world (which enabled ISIS to perpetrate cruelties and excesses on the gullible and helpless people including women, children, old-people etc) but it can be fought effectively by US led coalition only when a superior idea (about human rights and justice to all) is visibly there to defeat ISIS as explained at :- editorialid=2428 Because naive Government of India wouldn't understand the problem, therefore not only Obama (instead of FIRST talking to GOI) should cause talks to Indian Military Veterans as mentioned above but Indian Veterans (their representatives) should also try to open channel of communication with US & Allies in order to tackle the problem of ISIS.

Hem Raj Jain, Bengaluru, Karnataka


Nationalist spirit?

I propose that we display our newly aroused nationalistic spirit through an annual parade of our stock-pile of Chinese yoga mats – just as we display our expensive weaponry (Make in India?) on Republic Day.

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


Hashimpura massacre

One day last evening, I saw the Hashimpura Massacre programme on T. V. and I was terribly shocked to see it. I could not sleep the whole night. My father was a freedom fighter of India. I couldn't believe that I am living in the same India, for the independence of which my father suffered imprisonment, it was I who rang hastily to Mr. Mushrif to find out whether he saw the programme. Probably that was the most horrifying massacre of this century in India. I am so much shocked that I am unable to say anything more on that, in this letter. I wish very much all the sensible Indians wake up and work together for humanity and uphold the sanctity of the Constitution of India. I am obliged to Mr. Mushrif for contributing the subscription in my name. I will read the Milli Gazette as it is one of the balanced fortnightly. I wish it will be transparent on all social issues. It should take up the cause of oppressed class and not oppressed religion only. This approach will appeal to all Indians. Please try to bring it in regional and state languages. I feel, English reading rich class of all religions, castes and creed get isolated form the masses. 'Higher and up one goes, he gets isolated.' Please concentrate on Education on top priority.

Pratap Ramrao Borde, Pune - 411008


A deplorable stand of Indian intellectuals

It is really unfortunate that intellectuals of our country some of whom are atheists or are deadly opposed to the religions of our country come forward to support such authors, writers and film directors who hurt religious feelings of the followers of different religions of our country under the pretext of right of freedom of expression or thinking. In the past they supported Salman Rushdi and Taslima Nasrin who earned notoriety by attacking Islam, its teachings and Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and Ashish Nandi who used highly objectionable and offensive remarks against the OBC and SC/S elites on the plea that the right of thinking and expression must be protected at all costs. But they conveniently forget that no fundamental right is absolute is subject to reasonable restrictions and that moral anarchy cannot be allowed.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Delhi-110091


Seminar on Tipu Sultan

Nicely said by Dr. Pabla that India and Pakistan should unite. I would also like to congratulate SAF for organizing seminar on Tipu Sultan.

 Saif Alam,

(comment sent to MG website)


RSS antics

When Ram Madhav, an RSS man, now "National General Secretary" of the BJP, insults the vice president of the republic, the government tenders an apology. Why the hell does it apologise for the boorishness of someone who has no position in government? And why does it say nothing when other worthies of the BJP and RSS and VHP spout poison and obscenities?

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


Possible Confusion On The Right

I keep wondering if the right will be able to solve the economic problems of this country. Probably yes, but I think there are also others more important problems. Trying to remember, we realize that some sections of the left, heavily influenced by Marxism, have not recognized the failure of their ideology and instead of correct them, have focused their attention on other areas where they can continue to defend their theories. Seeing that today the class struggle has no meaning, they have taken it to the battle of sexes and it has its greatest expression in the "gender ideology". The tools that are used for its propagation are the ideas of the Old Italian Communist Party founder, Antonio Gramsci. According to this ideology, masculinity and femininity would not be determined by the natural biology, but by culture. While the term "sex" refers to the nature and involves two choices: male or female, the term "gender" comes from the field of grammar where there are three variations: masculine, feminine and neuter. Then, the differences between male and female do not correspond to a received nature but would be merely cultural constructions, "made" according to the stereotypes that each society wants to assign to the sexes. According to this theory can have up to six genders: heterosexual men, heterosexual women, homosexual men and women, lesbians and transsexuals. For this theory, any sexual activity can be justified and we could choose the type of genre that we would like to belong. These ideas are a terrible reality in Spain and in Latin America because they are infiltrating through various skillfully handled media and many young people are falling into this deception. With these theories, the family would not be more than a nuisance, the motherhood a trap and the children's education should be supervised by the State. I keep wondering: what will the right do with all these theories? Would be able to repeal laws that promote them? If it will be the case, we are going to a new dictatorship because the left will not cease to instill them in the society, without break.

Isabel Costa, T. FRAGA, Huesca, Spain


Advani's slip of tongue or original views

It refers to statement of Union Home Minister in the press-conference on 24.06.2015 wherein Rajnath Singh said that there is no system of ministers' resignation in NDA regime. Ministers are also normal human-beings coming from the society which has both good and bad persons. Otherwise also human-beings are always prone to committing errors though not intentionally, and this can be case with ministers also where some errors may become so grave as to requiring resignations/sacking from the posts. Therefore the statement made by Union Home Minister is either a slip of tongue or endorsement of BJP-veteran LK Adwani's original views on emergency (without subsequent clarification) made a few days ago. Statement of Rajnath Singh becomes even more significant with signed documents of Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhra Raje in favour of former IPL Chief Lalit Modi with some unusual and objectionable remarks like not disclosing her signed documents to Indian authorities having been subsequently public.

Madhu Agrawal, DelhiI 110006


The role of zakat for education and self-employment

It is a very good initiative but the amount gathered by these people shows how much the Muslims care for themselves. The people from all walk of life should not spend their salaries so fully that they have nothing to spare as Zakaat. It is high time people organise themselves at local level (town and cities) so that the funds are used collectively and efficiently for the upliftment of the poor of the community. Piecemeal distribution of Zakaat during Ramazaan defeats the very purpose of the idea called Zakaat. It must be utilised to create Zakaat givers as has been rightly pointed out.

M Naqqaad,

(comment sent to MG website)


The Muslim community of Kerala

I am from Malabar, Kerala. More than 90% of Kerala muslims follows Sunni Islam, and out of this, majority are with Samastha ( But this study emphasis on Jamaet Islami and Mujahid sect, they are collectively less than 5% of total Muslims. This cannot be a mistake, because any body from Kerala knows that what is Samastha, what is Mujahid etc and who are influencial. It is shame that, academicians are doing biased research.


(comment sent to MG website)


The other side of Modi, Muslims should know

The only solution for Mr. Narendra modi to wash from his white cloths the black spot of Gujarat 2002 riots is he should not protect the perpetrators of Vadodara 2002 Gujarat riots as the riots atarted at 2 PM from Vdaodara railway station whee the hindu mob stabbed three peoples. Two were Muslims and one was Hindu. Modi was not present at 2 PM of Vadodara Railway Station, He has not given orders to police go soft for three days on Saffron Parivar and let them take revenge from Muslims. Every one knows the perpetrator of Gujarat riots of 2002 started from Vadodara Railway Station at 2 PM on 27.2.2002

Dr. R.K.D.Goel,

(comment sent to MG website)