Rejoinders / Letters to the Editor


Rajiv role: not facts but mere accusation

This refers to the article “Hashimpuru - I would have sentenced to death Rajiv, Gandhi and Vir Bahadur Singh to death”, published in the Milli Gazette (May 15, 2015). Unfortunately, in this article facts have been completely ignored. After the induction of N D Tiwari in the Union Cabinet in 1987, Vir Bahadur Singh had been appointed as the Chief Minister of U. P. He was not a contract Chief Minister as has been written by the writer of the article. It was Arun Nehru the powerful minister of state in the home ministry who had conspired with his protégé Vir Bahadur Singh to get Babri Masjid unlocked in 1986 and not Rajiv Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi on the other hand punished these two by sacking Arun Nehru from this Cabinet and removing Vir Bahadur Singh from U. P. s chief ministership. The writer has not a word of condemnation against BJP the standard bearer of hindutva and aggressive hindu communalism and similarly he has not uttered a single word against the highly inflammatory anti Muslim speeches of BJP leaders including minister and other leaders of chauvinistic Hindu communal organisations.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP,

Delhi - 110091


Religion or show of money

It refers to two news-items where in one music-programme for charity, currency-notes worth rupees 4.5 crores were showered like petals on the singer. Clarification was given that all this money was to go for charity, and that it was a usual tradition in the state. But it is not proper to misuse currency-paper in this manner when our Union Finance Minister is now advocating for use of plastic-money. Such a system of showering currency-notes should be banned by amending the law relating to use of currency, also because it encourages use of black money for charitable purposes. Charity is indeed good, but those willing to make donations can very well do through bank-transfer rather than exhibiting their richness amongst the people gathered at such occasions. Other news-item revealed that a rich industrialist took Deeksha for becoming a religious monk where about rupees 25 crores or more were drained on the highly publicized Deeksha-event. Every religion teaches simplicity in life and spending money for good cause. It would have been better if money so spent would have been better utilized by establishing some institution like hospital, college or school for commemorating the solemn occasion in a really dignified manner rather than exhibiting richness of industrialist-turned monk. It is significant that the industrialist-turned monk surrendered all his wealth to his family-members like most elderly persons do.

Madhu Agrawal, Dariba Delhi - 110006


Unfounded fear of Majority creates insecurity among Minority

Friends among majority often look toward our side to understand the cause behind our harsh attitude for present Modi laid government in most of his recent decision .They might get our self wrong for having bias inclined attitude specially for modi while he is leaving no stone unturned to restore the minority reliance over his government and implementing policy's for them .So basically this time i am marching to address all of my closest who keep same kind of thinking . Indeed his remark which is making the headlines of major media outlets are arousing the fresh hopes among each section of minority ."Discrimination on the base of caste creed and religion will not be tolerated" his punch line for lending the minority reliance yet the fear which he has formed during Gujarat tenure still flowing in their hearts his apparent love for RSS and extra freedom to the fringe element of the party create unseeable fear .Prime minister may have leaved his previous communal attitude in the corner of home state but his action and statement put everyone in a uncertain position to guess that has he turned or turning to be a more liberal for which he was unknowable? since the arrival of this government fear among minority is being increased ,losing confidence on the government and seem to struggling to ratify their nationalism again this information may be a new for a certain part of the society but i want to make you aware that we are fearing and striving hard to prove our self more nationalist then majority if we will not do so , would be kicked off from the country

Syed Kamran Ali,

Rampur (U P)


Maggi case: accountability of brand-ambassadors

It refers to media-reports about central government thinking to make endorser-celebrities of Maggi also accountable in case product is proved to be harmful. Super-rich celebrity brand-ambassadors are minting further enormous amount of money through advertisements of commodities for which they do so without even going into harm, if any, of the product. Since these celebrities earn money for advertising, it is but natural that they may be held liable in case product is found liable. It is extremely objectionable that celebrities are cashing their popularity amongst masses by advertisement of harmful products. Otherwise also heavy advertisement-cost charged by celebrities adds to cost of products for consumers. Fixing liability on celebrities for advertising products will keep them away from their business of advertisements, and may tend to reduce costs of commodities ultimately. Only problem may be that central government may back out from its decision for holding celebrity-endorsers of harmful products also liable because of lobbying, influence or 'otherwise'!

Subhash Chandra Agrawal,


Maggi case: What about cola-drinks banned in US schools?

Ban on 'Maggi' noodles subsequent to various laboratory-tests in different states confirming excess presence of harmful lead, has hit news- headlines continuously for several days with even court-cases filed against celebrity-stars endorsing its through advertisements featuring 'Maggi' noodles. It is surprising that no one from media has recalled that mega-star Amitabh Bachchan disclosed at Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmadabad about his not advertising for cola-drinks after a school-student at Jaipur drew his attention about harmful ingredients in cola-drinks. It is significant that cola-companies voluntarily stopped selling cola-drinks in schools worldwide in view of increasing obesity in school-going children. If 'Maggi' noodles can be banned for its harmful contents, then Indian government should also not only ban advertisements but even sale of cola drinks in the country. Earlier also, soft-drink manufacturers were asked to remove an oil from their products which was found to be harmful for health. It is time that Union government, Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) and soft-drink manufacturers should revive drinks like old and famous rose-flavoured ones, which can not only replace cola-drinks in India but even dominate global-market by breaking monopoly of harmful cola-drinks in tune with Prime Minister's ambitious 'Make in India' concept. It will rather earn foreign-revnue for the country rather than Indian money being drained out to multinational cola-manufacturers.

Madhu Agrawal, Dariba, Delhi - 110006

Media harm felt by others

Prime responsibility of media is to stand against injustices by exposing the excesses and crimes. But our media toes the saffron agenda, harming Muslims and other persecuted groups. Justice-loving people and Muslims have been crying against the biased media but no one pays heed. Now others are feeling the heat and speaking against the media conspiracy like President Pranab Mukherji who said Bofors was media trial. Former UPA minister Shashi Tharoor said in Trivandrum on 21 May that media was self-appointed liars. The Hindu daily published a result about AAP govt’s 100-day performance which shows 70.47% dissatisfied (25 May) but the same media exaggerates Modi's performance. It was very embarrassing for all Indians to see how Indian media were asked to get out of Nepal by the Nepalese govt & people.

S. Haque, Patna


Muslims in the armed forces

Heroic role? This is unbecoming of any armed forces and no doubt the Hindus in India feel suspicious whether Muslim soldiers will not defect if there is a war against Pakistan.

Ghasi Ram posted onMG website)

MG: How many Indian Muslims defected to Pakistan during the wars of 1948-9, 1965 and Kargil in 1999? What is your opinion of the Indian National Army and Subhash Chandra Bose? (Zafarul-Islam Khan)


Akbar & Pratap

With a view to drive away narrow-minded communal hatred, all Gujarati-knowing readers of 'Milli Gazette' must never miss Dr. Hari Desai's historical truth-telling in Surat's Guardian on every Wednesday. On 27-05-2015, Dr. Hari Desai has, inter alia, reminded the distorters of Indian history that there were many Hindu warriors in Shahensha Akbar's army and many Muslims in Maharana Pratap's armed forces and hence it is wroing to consider wars between Akbar and Pratab as Hindu-Muslim wars. Dr. Desai emphasises that facts should never be ignored; that it must not be forgotten that, serving as a Diwan of the Brish Raj, the grand father of M. K. Gandhi had rushed to crush the 1857 “rebellion” of Wagherias….

S. Akhtar, Amod - 392 110


Man sacrificed for better harvest

Sixty-year-old Thepa Kharia's headless body was found form his house at Kharvadih, Pal Kot Block, Gumla district, 130 kms south of Ranchi. He was missing since May 28. Villagers say he was not having any animosity with anyone and he was not police informer so that Naxals may have  killed him. Among villagers, a strong view floats that Thepa was sacrificed for better harvest. Thirtee-year-old Dev Dasi delivered a baby, lakhks of widows live in dharmik nagri, lakhs of female babies are aborted every year and dulhans are burned alive for dowry etc. This mindset makes India fit for fake encounter, arrests on coocked up charges, killings, lootings, rapes during riots etc. All this happens while our judiciary constitution and insaniyat remain mute spectators.                            S. Haque, Patna


Govt's education policy

The recent SSC result 2015 shows majority of govt. schools with lowest percentage of result and govt policy to cut the grants of such school will indirectly affect the minority and Dalit students as their poor parents could not afford to send their children to such expensive private and self finance schools. The education ministry in our country, shouting for education rights to every child by birth in our nation where as on other side they have made education as business by their political counter parts. If we will not provide basic need to education ,teachers how we can produce a talent in our country and make true the PM dream of Make In India. ! ! ! May be only for cheap publicity in the world. The education policy of the rest of the world is quite systematic and realistic, will our education ministry realize the importance of education rather than profitable aspects ?

Mbashir Kapadia, New Anand Nagar, Bharuch


Israel's scandals

I have no doubt that like USS Liberty and Lavon affair 9/11 is 100% pure unadulterated Israeli act. Motive? To create justification to attack Afghanistan; why? To restore 62 billion $ annual heroin smuggling from Afghanistan for underground Zionist controlled drug mafia! As Mullah Omar has totally banned heroin cultivation and as Noam Chomsky clearly showed on his website that during Taliban time heroin growth was almost zero in Afghanistan! The drug mafia was convulsing because of this hard drug deprivation! Mullah Omar took severe beating for saving the American and European Non Muslim youth! He rejected billions of dollars bribe from Bush administration! Its unfortunate that Muslims by and large remained silent on false allegations against them as a result many naive Americans falsely believed in unfounded allegations and sided with criminals. It was and it is the prime responsibility of Muslims to defend their honour, truth and to show the world true and bright face of Islam! The religion that founded all modern sciences and pulled Europe out of darkness and gave them renaissance and industrial revolution is portrayed as enemy of education, since and civilization; nothing could be farthest from truth! Inactivity, laziness and not fulfilling responsibilities is not without serious and severe consequences! We must shun theses bad habits if we want to survive and live honourably and with dignity. We must expose hidden Zionists and Brahmin hands behind most acts of terrorism. If we do not act swiftly and wisely many naive Westerners will be siding with real terrorists on false belief that these terrorists are justified in killing Muslims! From Daesh, ISIS, to al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Pakistan Tehreek e Taliban, Hezbollah, Sunni Tehreek, Anjuman Wahdatul Muslimeen and MQM etc. all have the backing of global terrorists. We must expose them and present true picture of Islam and Muslims to the world!

Prof. Anwar Ul Haque, Islamabad


We don't need enemy if we have such desh bakts

Names of top industrialists Yash Birla, Sneh Lata Sawhney, Sangeeta Sawhney (linked to Sawhney Tyres), SM Masood, CKM Masood, Gurjeet Gurjeet Singh Kochar, Ritika Sharma were made public in black money expose. Before 2014 parliamentary election the black money amount was said to be 500 lakh crores and after one year few names were revealed. Now emphasis is on 12 lakh crores siphoned off during the last 10 years of UPA rule in 73 scams. Patna police arrested Shailendra Kumar and Sudarshan Mishra with lakhs of fake notes printed in a printing press in Pandarak Bazar and a very short news was published. Desh Bhakti ki Pehchan Bande Matram gaan.                S. Haque, Patna


Inappropriate attitude over Atal JI political legacy

Since BJP has archived the central stage a big part of media agencies are making hue and cry to serve previous NDA prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee as legend leader who devoted him self for the welfare and growth of all Indian selflessly his old speeches and interview being telecasted by most of the reputed media houses but reality stands completely distinct which is being telecasted by the media Atal ji was a active member of RSS since the early days of childhood, demolition of Babri Masjid was a direct outcome of atal-Advani unbreakable pair who incited the people sentiment during pro Babri time period .His political journey carry a load of much unjustifiable things therefore media current trend to place him in the heart of 1.2 million Indian as patron of secularism is inappropriate and must come to an end

Syed Kamran Ali, Rampur (U P)


To regain lost glory, Muslim must break the myth

In Bihar, under Nitish Kumar's regime more than seven lakh jobs were created and Muslims share in this is not more than 3 percent although  Muslims constitute 18 percent of the state’s population. State assembly election is just 6 months away. A so-called grand conference of minority development is being organised on 11 June at Krishna Memorial Hall. In which CM Nitish Kumar will be the chief guest. For nine years, scholarships for minority students was on the back burner but now online registration is being organised by the minority welfare dept at district level with much fanfare. Yet, the original hidden Brahminical Congress and their leader push the old theory of "Agenda of Sangh, BJP government is toeing" (P. Chidambaram, former Congress HM). Mr. Chidambaram didn't allow fair judicial enquiry in Batla House fake encounter just as the Hindutva groups wanted. To please Hindutva groups, Congress hurriedly and clandestinely hanged Afzal guru who was not given fair chance to defend himself. Saffron groups announced AMU campus at Kishanganj will not be allowed. Congress exactly did not allocate budget although Sonia Gandhi had laid the foundation. Tacit understanding between secular and saffron ruined Muslims. As Muslims lean towards education, they will understand the noora kushti (fakr wrestling) between seculars and saffrons. Once they realise this, Muslims will in earnest try to regain their lost glory

S. Haque, Patna


ZAKAT — A Tool For Community Uplift

Zakat is one of the 5 pillars of Islam, which every Muslim agrees to. It is not only a potent for us to purify our wealth but it is also a support system for the needy. Every Muslim true to his religion (and one who is Saheb-e-Nisaab) sincerely takes out the Zakat applicable on his wealth. At times isused for the acquaintances and at times people are on the lookout for proper sources where their Zakat money can be authentically utilized/ disbursed. With the oncoming Holy month of Ramzan where The Almighty rewards even our smallest of good deeds exponentially, it is when most of the community members plan to take out the Zakat to drench themselves in the Showers of Almighty's Blessings. Zakat is not only a tool for fair Wealth Distribution and reigning in Social Imbalance but if utilized aptly it can turn out to be a very powerful source for Poverty Alleviation and welfare of the community. So, let us put our thinking caps on, come together and discuss how we can utilize this effective tool for Sustainable Poverty Alleviation, Socio Development and Community Uplift.

Sanober Hasham, Association of Muslim Professionals, Mumbai


Highly painful and offensive remarks of Prime Minister Modi

Mr. Kapil Sibal has rightly condemned Prime Minster Narendra Modi's remarks in Shanghai that Indians used to see their butt in India as a curse as a slight to national pride. He is cent percent correct in stating that never in the history there has been a moment when the Prime Minister went abroad and remarked that it was his misfortune that he was born in India. There has never been a Prime Minister like Modi who felt ashamed of being born in his country.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Delhi - 110091


Police fails to recognise Gandhi Maidan bomb blast mastermind

During the BJP PM-candidate Narendra Modi's humkar rally at Patna Gandhi Maidan on 27 Oct 2013, series of blast soccurred in which 6 innocents died and 80 were injured. Police captured Imtiaz Ansari at the railway station with bomb manufacturing material. Media carried many links exposing terror activities. NIA filed a chargesheet against Imtiaz and other Muslims on 24 April 2014 and declared a 5 lakh cash award on absconding Mujibullah, Hyder Ali, Noman and Taufiq etc. Media carried venomous propaganda for months. Now in court, GRPSI Shyam Sundar refused to identify Imtiaz Ansrai and BDS UdayThakur did not recognise Imtiaz who was “biggest terrorist” in media trial during Oct-Nov 2013. S huge bomb blast took place in Bahadurpur housing colony on 30 March 2015 and bomb material wsd similar to Gandhi Maidan bomb and Bodh Gaya blast. Kundan Kumar, Hemant Kumar and Ashok Kumar were arrested in Bahadurpur bomb blast. Lotus company timer was used in Bahadurpur and G. M. bombs. NIA shirked the glaring link but adamantly dictated the line of investigation. India would have been safer without CBI. What court observed about CBI, may be repeated about NIA 30-40 years later.

S. Haque, Patna


Natural Law

It is a commonly accepted fact, not only in moral philosophy but also in everyday life, that all human beings, when have full use of reasoning, possess an inner voice that informs them about good and evil, truth and lie, justice and injustice of human acts. This is what we call consciousness which not only informs us but also through the consideration of these acts, censures or approves them in an independent way. The question is: what is conscience based to inform us about the goodness or evil of these human acts? I think that it is based on three factors: reason, faith in God and knowledge of the nature of things that person perceives in the world. With the reason it reflects and judges on the facts, with faith it perceives them with greater clarity and with the knowledge of the nature of things it shows its objective characteristics, challenging us to discover and know them deeply. The natural law or natural moral law is the objective discovery of this nature of things done fairly by the person and its subsequent recognition For example, we discover the natural law when we say that people should not take over the property of others (steal) or deprive them of life (kill), or maltreat them (violence), or deceive them (lie), or abuse a minor (child sexual abuse) or have sex with another man's wife (adultery), etc. But we have to consider the role that the will plays in human beings which have the last word in their decisions. In effect, people may reject the faith and even the natural law (the voice of God in the heart of man) to take a subjective stance that takes them to satisfy their ambitions of power, money, domain, influences and wealth or simply for convenience or cowardice. Since old times until nowadays, many people have chosen to reject the faith in God and the natural law to follow the dictation of willingness inclined to the ego and the power over people. With this attitude they have caused countless harms and injustices to their fellow men with greater or lesser cruelty and intensity (I will not mention names) as the concentration and extermination camps or induced abortion.

Roberto Grao, San Diego, Zaragoza, Spain