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Mushrif on Modi

Defending S M Mushrif

This refers to some learned gentlemen like Shahbuddin, Ram Puniyani, Firdaus Ahmed et al differing with Mr SM Mushrif on his positive perspective on Modi. I find Mushrif’s perception of Modi quite balanced. Mind you, I’m no Modi fan and my opinion about NaMo is still pretty uncharitable. But I honour Mushrif’s opinion and his views on Modi which project him positively. Every human being, however evil he/she may be, has the scope of change of heart and even complete transformation. History is full of such instances when sinners became saints. Paul (actually Saul in Semitic pronunciation of Armaic/Hebrew/Yiddish/Ladino) was a sinner and nonbeliever who opposed Jesus tooth and nail. The same Paul became Christianity’s greatest ever missionary and the most avowed follower and spreader of Jesus’ teachings. Valmiki, who wrote Ramayan, was a dacoit who killed people before becoming a sage and seer. Why should we stop people from becoming better if they’re bad and reprehensible? We all regulate our lives with fixed notions of good and bad. Nothing is permanently good or bad. We all have shades of desirable and undesirable. Human character is also not a lodestar as to remain static in all conditions and circumstances. We must be lenient to people in our judgements and refrain from heaping abuses on them, just like we mustn’t go ga-ga over someone’s feats and so-called greatness. Give dog a bad name and hang it is an adage that applies to Modi. Those who condemn him, seem to have taken a solemn vow never to praise him even if he tries to change himself. This is morbid rigidity and not a sign of cerebral acceptance of things as they are. And please don’t say, ‘Et Tu Brutus?’ I’m neither an admirer nor an adversary of Modi any longer. With age, I’ve learnt a lesson in life that the wisdom lies in nonjudgmentalism.

Sumit Paul, Pune


This is in reference to an article published in MG 16-30 April 2015 by Mr SM Mushrif. A person can be awakened who is really sleeping bur can never be awakened who is pretending to be sleeping . The later part of this proverb applies to Mr. Mushrif,  Former IG Police Maharashtra. By writing this article he has reduced his credibility in the Muslim community and peace loving and secular masses. May his tribe decrease.

Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot, Gujarat


Salman Khan

Salman Khan hit killed a man and on run since then though the trial court has given jail punishment but so far he did not take a single breath in a jail cell .He is fortunate person Now again the high court will come to his rescue if it upholds the punishment our grand Supreme court will play its role and justice will be delayed and denied for another 5 years, The judiciary is based on British made laws such laws favour elites and influential and only applicable to poor and downtrodden .Salman khan is a billionaire he can spend crores of rupees to evade the laws .He ran after hitting The law became blind till 13 years after 13 years the trail court gave the punishment for five years he stopped for a while and again the high court came to his rescue and made him run dodging the law he will continue to run till the apex court, He can pleasurably run at least 5 years he can spend 5 crores to run his car the high court can stop the to sit quiet and allow Salman run in its gaze This is proved that the law can be delayed and deviated by money power or political power

AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


Why timid Muslim leaders reach top?

“TMC failed Muslims” appeared in MG (1-15 May 2015). It certainly raised valid questions about the promises Mamta Banerjee made during the assembly elections including Muslim reservation. Muslim lieutenants of Ms Mamta had assured Muslims that after winning, she will give reservation to Muslims. TMC MP and close aide of Ms Mamta, Sultan Ahmad, penned a half-page article in a Patna-based Urdu daily (7 May, 2015) praising his leader and the public mass support she enjoys. He forgot to mention even one line about her promise of Muslim reservation. Why Muslim naamwala leaders reach top must be widely debated among Ummah, then only this disease can be cured.             S. Haque, Patna


Good morals essential part of Islam

Good moral and ethics are one of the most important teachings of Islam, and essential part of faith. The Quran, Hadith and the life of the prophet are full of moral teachings. The Quran asks Muslim to shun hurting people and to be respectful for others, and telling the truth, making good promises. Islam has strictly forbidden theft, bribery, forgery, backbiting and cheating The Quran invites people to be earnest, trustworthy, truthful and useful for others. And demands to be fair in their transactions and dealings, they should not harm anyone and use impolite language. Muslim should neither defame one other, nor call anyone with bad names. Islam has left no stone unturned to bestow it’s followers the best set of morals and manners. The neighbours have been given much importance in Islam. The prophet said “no one who harms his neighbours can enter into paradise” The prophet was the best example of good morals. He was called even by his bitter enemies as the truthful and the trustworthy. Muslim were civilized and well mannered in the days of Muslim glory, and good manners were the main factor which attracted people to come closer to Islam, the history bears witness that wherever Muslim went, they impressed the local people with their transparent dealings, disciplined and fair way of life. Muslim won the hearts of people with their good conduct. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said “The best among you who are the best in manners”. But it is regretful to say that the moral situation of Muslim through out the world is very poor .we are harming Islam by our bad morals. May God almighty show us the right path to follow and to adopt morals teaching.

Mohd Sajid, Mumbai


NDA Govt record

Its been a year of the NDA government came into power. However, talking in terms of development and achievement has fewer things to celebrate. Right from witnessing high food inflation with basic ingredients of our kitchen like pulses crossing the three-digit mark, the government has simply failed to address the needs of the common man in a judicious fashion. Sadly, the Man coming in power promising developments failed to address the basics of a common man. The past 12 months after the government have just witnessed a number of tours of our Prime Minister, who seems to be quenching his desire to take foreign trips starting with countries where his visa was cancelled going for his desires and ordinary pursuits. On the other hand, he and his government have sadly given open license to right organizations to open hate speech, which has simply consolidated the communal polarization within our society along lines of religion. The hate speeches of several ministers to his cabinet is nothing but a shameful act, which Modi and his government have been allowing by staying as mute spectators of communal elements acting free in his regime. Looking in terms of economic performance of the government, again there is sheer disappointment. Ironically, the PM has given nothing but rhetorics and thus has miserably failed to implement anything worthwhile, which can be named here. Interestingly, there seems to be a notion found within the PMO, which says that Modi wants to fly high; however, the fact is he simply flying to visit one country against the other instead of doing something worthwhile for the common man who has voted him to power. As you find the economy is chugging along, helped by favourable external conditions, the weaknesses of this government will remain disguised for long. However, it needs to get its act together, before the winds blow a sputtering engine off course (which is more likely to be seen soon).                                Mohd Zeyaullah Khan, Nagpur -13


Kala chashma

“Chhattisgarh DM has been sent a notice for wearing sunglasses while meeting PM.” Will the crime of lèse majesté be added to the Indian Penal Code? Or will they replace the /Manava-dharmasastra: The Code of Manu/ with The Code of Namo? The same PM has been photographed wearing dark glasses in a museum in China.

 Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


Political banners

I was driving on the P. V. Narasimha Rao flyover (part of Inner Ring Road in Hyderabad) and found hundreds of banners/flexis welcoming Rahul Gandhi and portraying his picture along with those of the local Congress leaders. This is a regular feature we see across all political parties and of course, we know the funds come from the party coffers. As soon as the leader departs or the function ends, these same banners are torn down and collect as litter. The while exercise must run into crores and if you add up such events and expenditure all over the country, it must run into thousands of crores. These funds come from corporate contributors which are eventually passed on to the customers. Is it worth it? Does it benefit the national and local leaders. Dont they have better things to do which will benefit their party members as well as common citizens in a constructive way, by creating jobs, by training them on enhanced skills or for community projects. We need to think of these issues as they are not minor issues anymore. Whether the parties obtain permissions form the local authorities and pay the appropriate tax is a discussion for another day.       M. K. Zaman, Hyderabad


Modi Ka Jawab Nahin

Modi has successfully contained China. No leader, including Pandit Nehru, had shown the talent and competences shown by Narendra Modi But the correct results will be arriving after a month if we are fortunate The magic of Modi will do and if we are unfortunate Modi will also fail Any way we should be ambitious towards the talented efforts of Modi The second important challenge now is Pakistan Modi should be given freehand to deal? with Pakistan If he can win the game against China very easily he will will Pakistan also. But RSS bosses are dead against Pakistan They have made hostility with Pakistan a part of Hinduism. They perceive that safety of Hinduism is possible only in enmity with Pakistan It is actually Brahminism not Hinduism, In such circumstances Modi will avoid the tour of Pakistan or do to make the relations strained The defacto leaders want at every cost that their supremacy will not be endangered Before Modi ready to board the plane there will be News that Pakistan has bombarded with out provocation and Modi will cancel the tour of Pakistan But the defacto rulers must understand that they cannot make success the china tour unless they become friendly to Pakistan

Dr AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad


Objectionable name written on football

This is to bring to your kind notice that the footballs you are selling which have flags of different countries; has the flag of Iran as well. The objectionable part is the name of “Allah” written in Arabic in the flag which hurt the religious sentiments. Being a Muslim, I am very disturbed that a football has our Almighty’s name written on it. I would request you to not to sell those footballs in your galleries. I would be highly obliged if you take this matter into consideration.            Abbas Hussain Rizvi


Scarf issue in Lucknow

On 25th April the earthquake came in Nepal and its shocks were even felt in India. We Muslims also scared because it may cause the loss of our lives and properties. But also another quake came in the city of Lucknow on 15th May and the shock was so powerful that it’s frequency can’t be measure on Richter scale but we Muslims were sleeping carelessly because this quack can’t damage our property, our lives. It damage only our faith our Iman. I am talking about the incidence when a 9th class Muslim student was stopped to attend the class because of her scarf . The college administration justify it to say we treat the students only as student but not on the base of their religion. I am not able to understand that the college even not allow SIKH students to wear turban or JOODA of hair or KADA in hands. We left our sister alone to deal with her own matter. Shame on you Muslims. Keep Sleeping.

M. Mazhar Khan, Bahraich, U. P



Government of India registered official protest by calling Chinese Ambassador to MEA in April and India was rightly incensed especially because shortest route for China-Pakistan economic corridor is through Afghanistan (Kabul etc and corridor through Afghanistan would have stabilized Afghanistan) but still China (for the benefit of Pakistan in Indo- Pak territorial dispute) preferred it through Indian territory of POK. Martially deficient India (despite Modi as PM) may not do anything about it and the only hope left is Kashmiri Muslims if they raise their moral to live honourable life. Otherwise (by not raising this issue specifically in China by PM Modi during China visit) India has not only made China a formidable party in Kashmir dispute but also paved the way for Pakistan practically and increasingly becoming another province of China. Despite entire J&K (including POK) the Indian territory as per Indian constitution and as per unanimous Indian Parliamentary resolution to that affect, India should now forget POK  (unless Government of India is constrained to take urgent and EFFECTIVE measures).

Hem Raj Jain, Bengaluru, (Karnataka)


Ministers and Govt. servants

Readers of ‘Milli Gazette’ will be pleased to know that Dr. Hari Desai (Gujarat Guardian, May 6, 2015) has, in his article “Indian Bureaucracy: Narendra Modi against Sardar Patel” thought provokingly analysed relation between ministry and secretariate The outspoken commentator has, inter alia, stated that ever since our independence, during both Congress and non-congress governments, the attitude of ministers (except Sardar Patel) had remained almost dictatorial and government employees (including secretaries) were of two types; that whereas most of them served the ministers like boot-licker yesmen, very few were courageous enough to follow the rules despite suffering scores of inconvenient transfers. Dr. Hari Desai has highlighted unrelenting role played by Ashok Khemka (I. A. S. - Hariyana) who has suffered more than 45 transfers. Hari Desai has paid rich tributes to Sardar Patel who used to advise secretaries to record fearlessly their discord or disagreement with ministers. Dr. Hari Desai has remembered civil servants like L. R. Dalal (ICS) from Gujarat and leaders like SK Sinha.

S. A. U. Patel., Amod - 392110


Intelligence agencies and worst sufferer

“Intelligence agencies” (MG, 1-15 May 2015) presented the picture of Intelligence agencies’ character as MG article said secret service agencies are govt tools (1-15 Oct 2014). Now courts view about the premiere investigating agency CBI is that “the country would have been better off without CBI”. This observation was made while hearing paddy ghotala case on 6 May, 2015. CJ L Narsimha Reddy and Justice Sudhir Singh bench observed this about CBI. Why riots not stopped? Fake encounters common? Innocent Muslims are booked on cooked-up terror charges? Erring cops are roaming free?... When any institution deteriorates the immediate bad effect is felt by the weaker sections of society. We saw first weak structures crumble in earthquake. Muslim masses have been worst sufferers of the deterioration of police, Intelligence agencies etc.

S. Haque, Patna


Muslims not wanted

I strongly condemn the Hari Krishna Export Pvt Ltd’ s response “ We regret to inform you that we hire only Non-Muslim candidates “ No shadow of doubt that it is a blatant and brazen misdemeanour. It drastically ruptured the ties among Muslim and Non-Muslim brothers. The PM should act upon his much-raised slogan “ Sabka Saath Sabka Wikas “. Nay, the Fadnavis led-State Government should take punitive and stringent step to fight against discrimination As well perpetrators.        Taha Jaunpuri


In what may be called a master piece of ‘Deliberate omission’ by Mr. M J Akbar in Tuesday’s editorial of Express he has given a splendid account of the Govt, s one year term in the office. His well calculated selected narration about the inflation, growth rate, public finance, fiscal deficit, power output, infrastructure and social security is quite impressive to convince many including those who not even voted for the BJP. But there is an equally important account of the modi led Govt which he deliberately seems to have missed out. It counts from farmer suicide trail, religious intolerance, crime scenario particularly against women, aggressive pro-business neo liberal agenda, fear and alienation among national minorities, negligence of the marginalised sections, corporate friendly policy design, draconian land acquisition law, u-turn on FDI in retail after defence and insurance, selective immigrant policy, soft on right wing hate mongers deteriorating law and order etc. Though nobody can doubt the writer’s immense potential in creative political and social writing. He has earned name and fame beyond the boundaries for his critical write-ups. His writings were equally popular when he gave an extensive and authentic account of the Gujarat riots and won accolades across the world. A few years ago his proximity with the INC and its leaders is also well known. What is the point to highlight is beauty of writing lies in the neutral approach which has tremendous potential to enhance the readership otherwise to use pen for power proximity will only cause irreparable loss to credibility.

                Mohd Anas, Dept of Masscomm, AMU, Aligarh


Support LG Najeeb Jung

Najeeb Jung the current Delhi LG is one of the few upright and highly credible and capable Muslim senior officials in India. He is from a distinguished Delhi family with two of his brothers being IAS officials (retired now). In the dispute on the powers of LG and CM several AAP politicians are making derogatory personal comments on him. They think that because he is a Muslim and hence supposed to be weak he will buckle in the face of harsh attacks. In the sting tape recording Kejriwal had said. “What choice Muslims have but to support AAP”. Now Kejriwal who has shown himself to bs a dictatorial politician is trying to usurp LG’s powers. Since the central govt has emphasized that the laws and constitution must be followed in this respect, Kejriwall is trying to create ruckus in the street through unlawful means. For Muslims it is always safe to stick to the laws and constitution. When Kejriwall can turn on his senior leaders why will he care for Muslims if they do not behave like Yes men? Jung is fighting to preserve the laws and constitution and integrity in govt. Let us all support LG Jung .

                Kaleem Kawaja  


Cow issue

Maharashtra chief minister Mr. Devindra Fadnavis while justifying, advanced arguments, stated that conservation of cow and its progeny was important as per science, constitution of India and religion which expression is full of ambiguity stands clearly reveals that pages of ancient Indian Vedic history it is if and when beef eating totally banned in Hinduism, how Brahmans of ancient India did take beef which according to the experts, thinkers and historians, having authority on ancient Vedic History beef happened to be the most delicious food that time proudly served to the guest by Brahmans, so how and why, the same, now became the part of religion as claimed by hindutva forces including the Maharashtra chief minister who tried vehemently to link with science and constitution. Wine consumption is harmful for human health and society as it is capable enough to turn human being in an untamed animal within no time for which it is rightly banned by al religions including hinduism but wine consumption is not at all banned in India despite religious prohibition, why, because all big wine traders in India are Hindus. On the contrary ban imposed on beef trade only because the business is exclusively in the hands of Muslim which the hindutva forces intend to shatter the economical position of Muslims in the name of religion, hence the arguments of C. M. of Maharashtra are antiquated liable to be dismissed.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur


Corporate houses’ transparency doubtful

Reliance got undue benefit of $ 530 million - CAG. Jindal is summoned by CBI in Coal Block ghotala, Sahara Shree is languishing in jail for many months in corruption charges. Mallya group has big patches of grey shades. Big firms’ staff were involved in ministry espionage. Radia tapes have very vital clues about how big corporate houses deals are finalised by greasing palms. But big fishes are generally not trapped in net.

S. Haque, Patna