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Mushrif on Modi

I am surprised by the article by Mr. S M Mushrif in your issue of 16-30 April, 2015. It is obvious that Mushrif is not familiar with style of functioning of the RSS and above all about Modi who was a Swayam Sevak since his young days. His statements as Prime Minister are exercises in double speaks- lessons he learnt from the RSS, for speaking from both sides of his tongue. He does not mean what he says even to fulfill promises made on the floor of the House specially to the Muslim. Mr. Mushrit should if possible ask Modi that if he finds that his senior Ministers and MPs are speaking out of turn and making statements which are offensive and derogatory to Muslims, why he does not take serious notice and action against them. He will find change in his tone after President Obama visit who not only once but twice indirectly criticized him over the RSS Hindutva approach. I suggest that Mr. Mushrif should read standard literature on the RSS and try to understand its technique not only in public life and in elections but also in personal conversation. It is a wrong conclusion on the part of Mr. Mushrif that Mr. Modi and Mr. Bhagwat the RSS Chief are not on the same page. In fact, Modi is under the total control of Mr. Bhagwat. In this situation the Hindu and Muslim moderates can do nothing to change his life- long style and character. They should wait for what is actually done by his government particularly in the field of education and social welfare.

Syed Shahabuddin, ex-MP


On the ground, the facts remain in contrast with what Mr Mushrif says. I belong to a big town of Maharashtra which is a Muslim majority town but what we have here is continuation of undeclared institutional discrimination which defines secularism in India. Mr Mushrif belongs to an area which has least discrimination due to lack of sizeable majority. The fact that Muslims areas of a town or the place where Muslims are in majority, lacks basic facilities shows how the majoritarian mind works. This had resulted in the vivisection of the country in 1947 and it continues. Till the time no one bothers about 1984, 1987, 1992 or 2002 defining them anti Sikh and last three being anti Muslim genocide carried out by Hindus, things are not going to change. Calling Sikh militancy 'Sikh Ter rorism' and 1993 bomb blasts as 'Islamist terrorism carried out by India Muslims' will not bridge the gap. If people argue about not to drag religions, why the do not live by that while using terms like Sikh and Islamic! The sad part is people like Mr Mushrif easy get swayed by forces who cultivate the Sareshwalas. No one bothers to think who attacked the parliament all this while talking about threat to neighbouring governments from 'incriminating elements' as if India has no chance of any such thing. The fact is India is already in the grip of such elements where criminals name in 1992 Babri case become Home and Dy PM. How can anti-terrorism rhetoric be proof of ones secularism? France is selective secular, so is USA etc where a overtly Jewish state is marketed as bulwark against terrorism. How can occupied people where the international rule of occupier being responsible is not applied be a 'democratic' country. Should one conclude that the democracy ala Israel is what we have in Kashmeer? The racism of Jews or castism of Hindus cannot be legitimized or mainstreamed so easily because what is happening in ME is what is being worked out inside India. Will Mr Mushrif explain how one should 'modify' or 'moderate' ones mind to think so that that thought process results in accepting secularism in India, democracy in Egypt, terrorism of the Palestinians and humanism of EU and the Zionists.

M Naqqaad


The article written by Mr. S. M. Mushrif former IG Police, Maharashtra (M. G. 16-30 April, 2015) failed to impress readers obviously due to the one-sided pleading by the writer who being a retd. distinguished topmost cop of a well-developed Indian state like Maharashtra having full knowledge about basic objectives, structure and ill-motivated activities of the infamous Hindutva organisation like RSS and allied forces including BJP upon the debris of racism, communalism and religion. The writer must  be aware that one of the ultimate aims of RSS is to wipe out the Muslim identity form India at any cost and any how using illegal, unreasonable, un-constitutional resources to achieve its full and final target. It is no secret that Mr. Narendra Modi right from his adolescence has been associated, adhered, trained and firmly rooted under the self-prescribed syllabus of RSS and trained as one of the most trusted lieutenants and staunch sweymsewaks with the fully decorated ambition to convert India into a Hindu Rashtra exclusively where non-Hindus, especially Muslims, will entirely be unwanted. Failing slightly or showing any avoidance or no interest by Mr. Modi to enforce the Hindutva agenda would mean inviting the RSS wrath to the extent of dethronement as a PM. BJP itself will suffer permanent eclipse for being in direct violation of the RSS objective. Keep aside his so-called softness for Muslims, Narendra Modi hardly would like to extend even Eid-greetings to Muslims. The carnage of Gujarat in 2002 and what is going on in Gujarat against Muslims at his behest and throughout the country against minorities is the visible evidence not to be denied or overlooked.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur


36 Million People are infected with AIDS Worldwide

The world has not been able to stop the virus from death. According to the journal Nature Medicine, AIDS affects more than 36 million people worldwide. In that context, the president of Christian Doctors of Catalonia, said that "the Catholic Church cares to 26% of AIDS patients in the world".

A culture of condoms is rejected. The Catholic Church and the Catholic doctors advocate a prevention based on a healthier lifestyle. Faithfulness, abstinence, waiting until marriage, monogamy, abstinence from drug use and avoiding the ritual wounds made with contaminated material. These measures for the prevention of AIDS are more human, and with them millions of families worldwide are healthy and are happy.

Clemente Ferrer, Madrid, Spain


More than 300 days of hate and communal violence

We are really proud of the most distinctive features of our country, i. e., it is the largest parliamentary democracy of the world, the abode of the highly precious national composite culture or Ganga Jamni culture based on the principle of unity in diversity and having a secular constitution which is not irreligious but respects all religions and gives every citizen full religious freedom but alias since May 26, 2014 when BJP under the leadership of Narendra Modi came to power at the centre, things have changed. The Modi government has been implementing the RSS agenda of converting the country into a Hindu country and establishing a Hindu state and attempts were made to destroy the highly valuable distinctive features of the country through vicious hate campaigns. Highly inflammatory speeches of BJP leaders and ministers against Muslims and other minorities fuels the communal physical violence. Hindu communal forces believe that it their right to follow hindutva ideology and saffronize the secular constitution. The compulsory teaching of Geeta, saffronization of history and introduction of Sanskrit are the examples and signs of what is yet to come but the prime minister is silent and does not stop his ministers and leaders of his party for carrying on the hate campaign against minorities. This not only puts a big question mark on the PM's slogan of "Sabka Saath aur Sab Ka vikas" but falsifies it.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Delhi - 110091


The sad story of "Islamic" Tunisia

I confess that I am not an admirer of those who long to or actually make use of the sword instead of the tongue or the pen to prevent Momineen being kufaarized and/or Mominizing Kuffaar. A wise doctor weighs which is better for a patient - cure through oral treatment or through surgery and selects the one suitable for the patient. Likewise, there are two ways of saving Muslims from falling into the quagmire of kuffar ideologies and ways of life. It is only if and when gentle persuasion fails to succeed, force becomes necessary. Recently a Muslim scholar, who runs a well known Centre for the Study of Society and Secularism in Mumbai, who had the honour of attending the "World Social Forum" conference in Tunisia has brought out a pamphlet on the greatness and goodness of Tunisian Secularism. I read it and so I am commenting on it. The Report reveals how un-Islamic Muslim Tunisia has become today and un-Islamic have Muslim Tunisians have become! I call Tunisia an "Islamic country" because 99% of its population is Muslims -Arabs and Berbers speaking Tunisian Arabic. Habib Bourguiba is said to be Tunisia's Father of the Nation. He had the dubiuos distinction of transforming Islamic Tunisia into Secular Tunisia where (1) Aazaans (Prayer Calls} are not proclaimed in Masajid; (2) Only an insignificantly small number of Muslim women wear the Niqaab; (3) Tunisian men and womewn mix freely in public places. Let me add, incidentally, that, na'uzubillah, they sing and dance and even greet each other with cheek to cheek contact and (4) Though pork and alcoholic drinks are haram, both are freely available and freely consumed. The root cause for the conversion and the engineers of this conversion are the anti- Islam and anti-Muslims Western Powers who fanned the flames of the so-called "Arab Spring" in Arab lands. Tunisia awaits a Salahuddin Ayoobi to save it from the clutches of its hidden foes - the western super-powers who are out to destroy those who refuse to dance to their tunes.

S. M. Pasha, Chennai


Muslims are suffering

Today Muslims are suffering from deep and unspeakable humiliation and a number of Muslims are facing enfeeblement in thinking processes, and as a result they are not feeling ashamed for committing sins and wrong doings openly without hesitation. There is no doubt that the real reason for Muslim's humiliation is that they are away from Deen. Deviant social and religious behaviour is common. There is indifference towards Islamic fundamentals and necessary injections to a great extent undervaluing religious truths Using drugs among youth is increasing rapidly, and its harm is a manifest evil. Especially immodesty and skin show is growing day to day among Muslim women. Obstinacy and nudity has reached its nadir in displays shared through theatres to, TVs, internet and mobiles . The infiltration of wrong nations and irreligious customs has become the order of the day that is undermining the social, political and religious life of the Muslims internet On various occasions the judgements of courts are an infringement of basic Islamic teachings and commandments. The insidious tentacles of western culture and luxurious living have constricted Islamic identity. Therefore, the of hour insists and it is incumbent upon all Muslims to reaffirm and put into practice the enjoining of good and forbidding of evil ,and particularly the Ulama should play a significant role in such attempts without inflaming passions and hurting sentiments and. In avoiding bad habits and stop in wrong doings such as intoxication, immodesty, as well as other social evils the Muslim populace should adopt Islamic ways. To strengthen the reform efforts and in cleansing the moral and cultural pollution it is required that Muslims work at the grass level, by making committees entrusted with the day to day tasks of bringing people out of the moral quagmire with guidance in the right spirit, tolerance and a step by step process.

Mohammad Sajid


Vali Gujarati's mazaar

Surat's 'Gujarat Guardian' dated Wednesday 22/4/2015 has, besides publishing dr. Hari Desai's criticism of Shiv Sena, also printed Manishi Jani's lament (Chintaa) over the plight of the Qabar of the late great Urdu poet Vali Gujarati. Manishi has, inter alia, written that: In the year 2002, when in Gujarat's communal mass massacre, many lives were lost, the famous Urdu Gazal writer Vali Gujarati's mazar at Ahmedabad's Shahi baug Road (photo presented) was also destroyed by communal minded killers…. She writers that Vali Gujarati was 'Bhishma Pitamah' of Urdu gazal; that 300 years ago, when Vali had gone to Delhi, he was given a great honour there, that very regrettably the big writer 'Sahityakays' of Gujarat remained mum on this tragedy; that now the question arises: Is our freedom and our independence so crippled?

S. Akhtar,

Amod , Gujarat


Muslims marrying non-Muslims

This refers to "Are Too Many Muslims Marrying Non-Muslims?" (MG, 16-30 April) by Mr. Kaleem Kawaja. A very pertinent question, resultant of the conflicting civilizations of the day, has been raised here which demands serious deliberation. Lack of understanding of the meaning & message of the Holy Qur'an, the ultimate guidance for mankind, has made man indifferent towards this code of conduct. There is no compulsion in religion (Qur'an 2:256) & one is free to choose the religion of his/ her own choice. However after entering into the fold of Islam one has to follow its directives in letter & spirit. There is no space left now, for one to behave like the different resonating structures of a compound, none of which represents the actual molecule. The human being is a species different from the sort of animal "Mule" which is neither true horse nor true donkey; something between. Such type of personalities having fractured attitudes & ideologies are not good. The  problem needs to be accorded priority by the parents. Besides money, Time & Training (proper) are also required in the shaping & moulding of character & career of the children. First of all, attention is to be paid for improving/ changing the atmosphere of home, slowly but surely if it matters. There should be free & frank debate & discussions on merits & demerits of the present &past social & cultural ideologies & their impact on their life & community. The younger generation has tremendous potentialities, stamina & strength to deliver on these crucial issues if it so desires, which would definitely leave foot prints on the sand of time. Parents should take interest in to daily affairs of their children, i. e., curricular & co- curricular activities, habits & hobbies, aspirations & intentions, friend & the environment of the institutions where they learn. At sight of one picture, the imprint on human mind is more heavier & deeper than one thousand words. So the parents should project their image as roll model, and training of the children, from their early childhood, should be so effective & strong which encounter the challenges of the day. Even now, many families keep a waterfall eye on the routines of girl's outsides home, which is in their own interest but there is no such effort about their boy's. Why? Are they not vulnerable to sinister designs of the opponents? Girls often have grudge against this attitudes of parents; We hope our younger generation will be mature enough to rise upon the occasion & read the writing on wall.

Shaista Bano, Aligarh



The president of the BJP is reported to have made fun of the "Italian glasses" of the vice president of the Congress party. One wonders about the source of the spectacle frames of the BJP person who is now prime minister and who, as the "saheb" of many telephone calls, was the boss in Gujarat of his present party president. Please look for "Bvlgari" in this -- -- and then look at to smell the Chianti and the Parmesan.

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


Justice for Salman Khan

Our entire judiciary should be overhauled and new laws which can satisfy all should be brought in force, first of all the case should be settled within a year. If the judiciary is unable to give punishment the case should be diverted to Sharia court which will impose blood money to be paid to parents of the deceased. If the parents do not accept money and they claim the life of the accused, he should be hanged forthwith. Our judiciary is so lazy that it took 12 years to pass the judgment during which the accused has to bear the brunt. The judges and the police should be held responsible for the delay and ten percent of the their salaries be debited and credited for 10 years in the government treasury. This technique will make police and judges vigilant and finalise the cases in a short period.

AH Maqdoomi, Hydearbad


Secularism is a boon

Indian Muslims should thank their stars that India is a secular country granting all citizens constitutional freedom of religion. Some extra wise Indian Muslims are ever eager to hand over this freedom to a government which is itself relentlessly striving to snatch all freedoms from its citizens. An Urdu saying goes : aa bael mujhe mar. We must learn from history that when could not manage our freedoms, we invited outsiders to come and rule over us. We lost centuries getting back even semblance of our freedom. To compound the irony, we are calling on professedly anti-Muslim government to intervene. We should be prepared to manage our affairs and should give even an inch of space from out of our constitutional freedom of religion.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


Congress brainstorms over loss of Muslim vote

It's really amazing to read that congress party is planning to take some fresh measures to attract the minority community . While being in power for fifteen long years they did not bother to take any initiative for the progress, prosperity and development of the minorities. In their era things like arresting the innocent Muslim youth in false cases; killing Muslim youths in fake encounters; and banning Muslim youth organizations happened. They did not implement the recommendations of Shri Krishna Commission report and did not make Muslim reservation for 15 years of their rule in the state, but at the last moment to fool the community an order of 5 % reservation was only announced but not passed by the Assembly. So it was duly thrown out by the present govt. In facts it's not the responsibility of only Muslims to defeat the communal forces in every election and why should we do that? What the congress coalition did for the Muslims and why should we vote for them? Now Muslims have got an "alternative" in AIMIM, so the community should not be fooled again and again by the so-called secular forces. Now what the Congress would do?

Atiq Khan, Mumbra


Mullas losing relevance

Muslims all over the world have been facing uncountable difficulties for centuries. Among them sectarianism is the most important and oldest one. Nowadays, some sects of Mullas are adding fuel to this problem. They sustain the delusional state of mind that they are superior to others. According to them, Shias are not pure Muslims, that Jamat-e-Islami is fitna, ahle hadith are fitna... blah, blah, blah... whereas they have  miserably failed to address the most relevant problems like illiteracy, unemployment etc whcih Muslims are facing today all over the world, especially in India. According to Prophet (SAW), whoever has pure belief in Allah and the Prophet (SAW) and follows Quran and Sunnah is a pure Muslim.

Shah Jamal Alam, Bilasipara, dist. Dhubri (Assam)


MG T-shirts

Islamic T-Shirt is a good and unique way to spread true message and also to revive Urdu. It is a way to lessen misunderstandings. May Allah reward you. In the T-Shirt " Mujhey Hai Hukme Azaan", it was necessary to print 'zer' under 'Hukm' as most of common people do no have deep knowledge of Urdu. I hope you will pay attention to this in your future products.

(Molvi) Iqbal Bokda, Godhra



In an interview to Time magazine, Narendra Damodardas Modi is reported (see the "Indian Express" of 8 May 2015) to have said that India does not need "a powerful person who believes in concentrating power at one place." This was said apparently to contrast India with China, which country he is to visit soon, and where he should be particularly welcome for having made this statement. More important, he discounted precisely the kind of leader that people describe him as being. Can he really have said, "India does not need me"?

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


BJP reaps what Congress sows

During Congress’ 45-50 years of rule, anti-Muslim mindset prospered. Now BJP is reaping the benefits of what Congress sowed. Idol was placed, Masjid locked and Namaz stopped, then lock was opened and Puja allowed -- all this happended during the Congress rule and BJP reaped the  crop. During Congress rule Bengali Muslims were tortured and riots erupted in the name of Bangladeshis. Now BJP national president harvets all the benefits of the past 55 years. Amit Shah announced that BJP would give shelter to Hindus from Bangladesh,

S. Haque, Patna