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Faheemuddin, Nagpur


Thank you for your uninterrupted delivery of MG print version which I have been reading since by B. Tech. days in Jhansi. Also, many thanks for sending me a renewal of subscription letter this month since my subscription is ending. All my best wishes are with MG, I especially like the FB page which always has a witty way of posting news which specifically appeals to youngsters like me.

Tabish Ansari, IIT Madras,



‘Fukkul Aanee’

A look at the description of the anti-human behaviour mentioned in Dr. Shahid Badr’s book ‘Fukkul Aanee’ makes one think whether even our judiciary can not do any thing to stop the horrible tortures?

S. Akhtar, Amod - 392110


Laudable, Unique co-incidence

Whereas one-sided religious chauvinism, fanaticism and hooliganism wedded with stupidity and senseless slogans engulfed the country and continued to be with each passing day since 26th May, 14, the efforts of eleven years old Swarna Lahiri, a student of class VI of Government Minority School, Vijaywada,(A. P ) created history by reciting Qur’anic Verses perfectly. Similarly, Mariyam Asif Siddiqui also a class VIth student of Cosmopolitan High School, Meera-Road, Thane (M. S.) surprised everyone by capturing first position in Gita Champion inter-school competition. The two events are big jostle to the conception of Hindu Rashtra based on secularism on one hand and on the other a powerful slap on the face of fascist elements of India.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur.


Today’s issues

The issues of security, justice and equality are central concerns of the moment that demands serious deliberation. In the pursuit of communal harmony & peace the minorities, Dalits,underprivileged and like minded people from all walks of life should make common cause with. And the Muslim community, instead of strong wish for the change of hearts of others should change it first. Time and again, the rift among its different sets, difference of opinion & views on every issue & engagement two war words have proved fatal. For the upliftment of the community, it should work heart & soul in keeping with the Qur’anic injunction..”… verily Allah does not change a person’s condition unless they change their minor selves…” (13:11). The reported participation of Maulana Khalid Rasheed Farangi Mahli and Maulana Kalbe Sadiq in the protest rally, 23 April Lucknow, against attaching on S. M. Church in Agra, is a right step in the right direction. Injustice to anyone is not acceptable & should be condemned unanimously.

Prof. Shaista Bano



An misleading interview

This refers to Saradindu Mukherjee, a leading member of Indian Council of Historical Research Council (The Hindustan Times, March 10, 2015). She has fully supported the demand that Ram Temple should be rebuilt which had been destroyed by Emperor Babar’s men. But her contention that no pro-Masjid group has been able to offer proper evidence of continuous Namaz at the site after riots of 1934 is totally incorrect if she means that continuous Namaz was not offered in the Babri Masjid after 1934. My father who was a Dy. Collector in U. P. had been transferred to Faizabad and he remained there for two years i. e. form July 1939 to July 1941 and the writer who was a student of Lucknow University used to go to Faizabad during summer vacations, Dussehra in December Holidays and on the occasions of Id and Baqra Id and he along with members of his family went to Ayodhya dozens of times, went around temples and offered Maghrib Prayers (Sunset) and Friday Prayers for dozens of times during this period. This is a very correct and proper evidence which renders the contention of learned members of Historic research Council totally incorrect and misleading.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Delhi - 110091


Taj Mahal

The news that Hindus have initiated a legal battle to take over the Taj Mahal claiming it to be a HINDU temple is shocking. Why claim ownership of this historic monument alone, why not Mr. Narendra Modi and his ilk in the Sangh Parivar, with their brute majority in the Lok Sabha pass an Act declaring all “qabarasthans” { Muslim graveyards} in the country as the legal property of the majority community and that there should be only one form of burial and that form should be the Hindu form. Such an Act will be more honest than such crooked ways of taxing the patience of the Muslim minority in the country.

S. M. Pasha, Chennai


Democracy on verge of extinction

The same Shiv Sena was silent very recently when Muslims were denied the five percent reservation similar to Marathi were approved for twelve percent in the state, they were equally unfazed when beef ban came into being by way of legislation in the state, for them it becomes a issue of religious sentiments, on the contrary any such move to other side it becomes appeasement. There was no any comment from Shiv Sena or Samana when the innocent Pune techie Mohsin Sadiq Shekh was lynched by the Right-wing mob but now they say for the sake of community development the Muslims should be deprived of the voting right guaranteed by the constitution as their role is confined to promoting the politics of vote bank. According to them the Muslims have been used for vote bank politics by the various political parties including INC, NCP, SP and now AIMIM. The matter of fact is that it is what is quite expected from a political outfit like Sena, which strictly pursue its political line of core Hindutva. The big question is if Muslims are used as vote bank than why there is a fight for Marathi votes among the political parties including Shiv Sena, MNS and BJP and INC, will the Sena seek same solution for the Marathi people? The Owaisi brothers are termed as poisonous snakes if they try to exploit the situation rising as a result of the ignorance, injustice and discrimination to the community or when they raise voices of dissent in the Muslims but what about a situation when sincere to serious to critical issues of importance concerning the community goes unheard or untouched or sometime merely taken up for political mileage by a few so called secular parties?

Mohd Anas, Mass Comm., AMU


Ara Blast

On 23rd January there was a heavy blast in the district court killing two person and injuring 17 when prisoners were brought to court. The lady who was carrying the bombs was blown up. Immediately media declared her a “human bomb” and that two prisoners ran way due to the blast. When police exposed the conspiracy to facilitate the prisoners escape, media stopped its hype and aired it only as a criminal blast.

S. Haque, Patna


The revealing Desai

Dr. Hari Desai, a forthright writer of Surat’s Gujarati daily Gujarat Guardina, often (almost on every Wednesday) makes thought-provoking revelations. On April 1, 2015, he has exposed that Dr. Ambedkar was in favour of giving the Kashmir Valley (except Jammu and Ladakh) to Pakistan. A few months ago, Dr. Desai had written that in Sardar V. Patel’s view ‘Hindustan only for Hindus’ was a slogan of madness.

S. A. U. Patel, Amod - 392110


Kashmir - Govt. and separatists

I was filled with outrage as I watched the rally of Srinagr led by Masarrat Alam, wherein the demonstrators were waving Pakistani flags, and raising anti- India slogans. Filling me with more rage were the stereotyped ‘kinnar like’ ( eunuchs) statements of Mr. Rajnath Singh, saying ‘ Home Minister Rajnath Singh has expressed anger over the developments in Kashmir and talked to Mufti Mohd Saeed.” Such protest over the developments is justified, if made by the opposition, but it is a total gimmick, when coming from those who are partners, and on whose discretion is depending the survival of the government. Both B. J. P. and P. D. P. are equally and collectively responsible for this brazen challenge to the national integrity, but sparring with each other just to deceive the country. If the B. J. P. thinks that the nation must believe its credentials, it must immediately withdraw the support from the Mufti government, and impose the President rule, as there can be no other more genuine reason than this seditious rally. If it can not do so, then it must also stop this ‘ kinnar like’ rhetoric “ Rajnath Singhjee bahut naaraaz hein aur bahut kadaa rukh apnaayaa hei” etc.”

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow


Media modus operandi

Every media channel regularly presents Kashmiri refugees at every programme related to Kashmir and they present themselves as Kashmiri Pandits victims. Yes, those who were driven out of their houses must be resettled at their native place. But no TV channels ever aired a programme on Gujarat anti-Muslim riot refugees or Muzaffarnagar riot refugees. Were these Muslims not driven out of their homes? This is media real face of double standard.

S. Haque, Patna


The other side of Modi

The different side of our prime minister is revealed by former IGP S. M Mushrif. its good to know that things are turning with Narender modi his tenure which has become almost a year old did not bring him in to a list of hard core hidutvadi politics believer. So far the style which was being expected him to follow before securing the post is completely absent and in addition he is speaking much cordially about every Indian without making any difference of caste and creed.His secular inclined statement has started to flowing in the very initial stage of his tenure.One thing must also bring into an account that he belongs and linked to a group which belief lie in a hardcore hindutvadi ideology that is the group which backed him and leave no stone untouched during main election too mean avoiding their advice’s or suggestion may lead to a entire party in to a fresh contention which even effect him badly as well. Although Muslim interaction along him is less and majority of them are still unhappy with him. they have issue with a group which backed him rather then his own personality interestingly a delegation which conclude a unnamed Muslim faces met him images of meeting came in to limelight and people appreciated the meeting but issues and problem flipped by our leaders was quite irrelevant they performed old habit to accusing other sect and hit their own issue rather then general public.

Syed Kamran Ali, Rampur ( U P )


TMC failed Muslims

The worst nature of so-called secular leaders is that at the sinking time they remember Muslims. Muslims know very well that Mamta Banerjee promised Muslims reservation but she forgot to talk to Mulayam Singh. Now top TMC leader Mukul Roy is bound to desert TMC and he too suddenly remembered Muslims but after almost four years of enjoying power.

S. Haque, Patna


Colour codes,then and now

In 1215, under Pope Innocent III, Canon 68 decreed that “Jews and Saracens [Muslims] of both sexes in every Christian province and at all times shall be marked off in the eyes of the public from other peoples through the character of their dress.” In Hitler’s Germany, following a decree signed by Heydrich in 1941, all Jews over the age of six were required to wear on their clothing a yellow star containing the word “Juden”. One effect of this was that they could be rounded up efficiently to be sent to the gas chambers. Thus the decision that Muslim school children in Ahmedabad shall wear green uniforms keeps alive a foul xenophobic tradition which has often culminated in mass murder.

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1. Delhi 110091


Judiciary and politics

Addressing a conference of top judges from across India held recently at New Delhi, the P. M. Narendra Modi advised the gathering that the Judiciary must be powerful, perfect as judges are considered “divine” who seldom face any criticism unlike political class but same is not the case with judiciary in India which is getting powerful, hence it should be perfect to live upto the expectations of the,people. The P. M. showered praises by calling judges next only to God with an advise to have an internal mechanism for self assessment. However, the F. M. remained silent and failed to ask the judiciary and top judicial officers to be above the religious thinking, ideological attitudes, political considerations, corruption and other such evils caused great damage to the Society and its sanctity aswell shaking faith of common men. This is the reason weaker, poor, depressed and similar other sections of the Society are not only hesitant but afraid of approaching to the courts as they have no faith in the judiciary and the reason thereof needs no explanation. The P. M. further added that the politicians are lucky being watched, assessed and criticised by the people openly but same is not the case with judiciary, Dut, the Honourable P. M. ignored the provision of contempt of Court restrained the people to utter a word against Judiciary. Mr. Kuldip Nayyer in his recently published Article “BETTER POLICE COMMOND” while discussing 28 years old Hashimpura tragedy and the role of judiciary compared the events with that of Jalianwala Bagh during British time blocked the only route of exist and killed nearly 1,000 demonstrators, the PAC of UTTER Pradesh played the parallel role as the five lanes where Muslims lived had no rear exist, so there was no scope.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur.


Flow of animals’ blood in ancient India

During the time of Somvanshi king rantidev so many animals were being slaughtered in religious sacrifice (Yagna) that a river of blood was flowing constantly. That red river is still known by the name Charmanvati (Chambal). These details are given in the 41st (2013) edition of the Gujarati dictionary ‘Nano Kosh’ published by Anada Book Depot, Gandhi Margh, Ahmedabad - 380001.

S. Akhtar, Amod - 392110


Intelligence agencies

Secret service agencies are government tool (MG, 1-15 Oct, 2014). MG has represented the voice of persecuted communities and what MG opined has been proven right about the secret service agencies. This is how in April’d second week suddenly the files about Subhas Chandra Bose were declassified and thrown open. The files revealed that IB officers snooped on Bose family members between 1948 to 1968, especially on Netaji’s two nephews Sisir Bose and Amiya Nath. When Narendra Modi was Gujarat CM, a story emerged in media about snooping of a lady by his government agencies. Mr. P. Chidambaram was the Minister of State Home when he visited Meerut on 21 May 1987, Next day police picked 42 innocent Muslims from Hashimpura in a truck for interrogation, shot them and thew them in Hindon river. BJP has been calling CBI as Congress bureau of Investigation and when BJP came in power, CBI gave clean chit to Amit Shah and others etc in fake encounter cases and many jailed Gujarat police officers’ achhe din came. Writing on wall: persecuted communities will not get justice in India.

S. Haque, Patna


Occupied mosque at Dharamsala

I am doing PhD research in Kangra, in Dharamsala, on the historical relationship between Muslim Gujjars and Gaddis, and also Tibetans. I have read your article about the Tibetan Welfare Office issue, and I would very much appreciate if you could give me the email address of either the author of the article in MG (1 Feb. 2004) or Maulana Qasimi. I have met with the Waqf board in Dharamsala, and also with the Maulana in Lower Dharamsala. I would very much appreciate to connect with the author of the article, and get some suggestions about how to pursue my historical studies of Muslims in Dharamsala. the Tibetans have not vacated the Masjid, and it remains the Tibetan Welfare Office. Many Muslim porters in McLeod Ganj go in the jungle to do Namaaz, or doing Ramadan they rend a room from a Gaddi in the bazaar. Not a very good situation...

Stephen Christopher

MG: The article in question was written by me based on information provided by Maulana Ataur Rahman Qasimi. We have nothing more to offer but you may contact Maulana Qasimi on his mobile number.... According to our information, the Tibetan govt in exile did not vacate that property.


Secret of encounters

A new encounter story emerged on 4 April form Telangana where 5 Muslim youth were killed by police. According to police, these SIMI member wanted to escape... But a lot of valid questions were raised by their relatives, human right groups etc. UP Police claimed in Lucknow that slain SIMI member had looted ATM on Feb 27 in Husainabad. The duo, Mohammad Ejazuddin and Mohammad Aslam, had been suspected in eight other incidents. A national Hindi daily publsihed this with the headline: “The Conspirator to kill Modi is shot down” Viqaruddin who was one of those who lost life. His father clearly blamed police for fake encounter.             S. Haque, Patna


Scrap the fee hike of Jamia

Jamia Millia Islamia is a treasure trove of knowledge not the money making machine the current administration wants it to be. Jamia was born and nurtured during financial crisis but even those days Students were spared and the burden was shouldered by the University elders. While now with all resources are at its expenses the Jamia is burdening its Students with Fees hikes So steep that very soon Jamia will become a university only for Elite. The glorious history of Jamia shows that it was always meant to be Beacon of Knowledge and talent not the Note printing machine. These statements were made by the student representatives of Jamia Millia islamia’s newly formed Ahbab e Jamia Forum which was leading the student’s against the fee hike that has been imposed by the administration. The fees have been hiked in almost all the Graduate post graduate and Diploma courses. The protest which was led by Ahbab e Jamia Forum saw more than 500 students joining it and raising voice against the draconian decision. A March was conducted at the occasion which started from the central canteen and then it moved towards the VC office. The VC was forced to speak with the student’s representatives and he discussed the fee hike with them and expressed inability to take it back alleging the lack of funds from the Central government. He asked students to protest in front of MHRD instead of Jamia. The Students on other hand allege that the fees hike is an attempt to convert Jamia into a money minting machine. They said that this hike will create an impression that Jamia is not a place it was once, but it has become an elitist institution. This fees Hike shall not be tolerated they declared. Later it was announced that a meeting of all the organization and the students will be called to discuss the issue and plan the road ahead. All the student organizations and scores of students are expected to join hands with the Forum and struggle against the Injustice. The students have brought out many posters and pamphlets against it.

Mehebub Sahana, Ahbabe Jamia


Waco 1916 and ISIS 2015

The “Waco, Texas Lynching” took place in 1916. The burning of Jordanian Pilot by ISIS took place in 2015, i.e, a century later. It is hardly a comparison because human consciousness and awareness have grown by and large all over the world except in some quarters like ISIS and Boko Haram who treat people of other religions like cattle for slaughter in the name of their religion.

Lancy Lobo