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Grandparents raising their grandchildren leave traces in their souls

Grandparents raising their grandchildren leave traces in their souls
A study entitled The Generation of Transition; between Work and Retirement, states that thousands of years ago, the family model "included not only a father and a mother who took care of good parenting; there was also a grandmother who helped them in this task."

Grandparents work as health, guardians and teachers of their grandchildren. They allow many moms to be integrated into the labour market. Some families are going better, thanks to grandparents. And in times of economic instability, these gestures are more important. One of the most worrying census data, in America, is the growing number of children who have to be supported by their grandparents 2.4 million grandparents are responsible for the training of 4.4 million grandchildren.

The Economist reported that a third of these grandparents, householders, had not completed high school and 62% had not gone to university. 70% exceeded 50 years of age, while 70% of children had about 11 years. ?The African American community is the hardest hit. For people under 18 in the United States, 70.9% of those who are children of the household head are white and 13.3% black. However, in the case of the grandchildren of the household head, only 48.6% are white and 32.3% are black.

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry explains the causes of this overhead for grandparents: increase in single-parent families, high divorce rate, teenage pregnancy, parental incapacitation by imprisonment, alcoholism, drug use and domestic violence. Grandparents face a greater mental and physical wear, especially because they deal with difficult children from broken or troubled homes. Stress and fatigue related to work that originates responsibility are the main symptoms of the "slave grandmother" syndrome. There are programs to help grandparents who have to educate their grandchildren. The most requested service is an allowance so they can hire a temporary assistant during the holidays. Apart from these grants, we should erect a monument to grandparents.
Clemente Ferrer, Madrid, Spain

The decision to ban, in Delhi, petrol vehicles older than 15 years and diesel vehicles over ten years old makes age the sole determinant of polluting ability. It is irrational, because two vehicles of the same age may be as different from each other as chalk and cheese, depending on how they have been run and maintained. The decision also says clearly that the Pollution Under Control checks that motor vehicles must undergo every three months, for which an extensive mechanism is in place, are without meaning.
Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091

Pakistan flag in Gilani's meeting
In modern age of IT revolution the constitutionally mandated freedom of expression has assumed new interpretations and has become very liberal. In other democracies as in USA, people file petition in court for separation from country, make under-wears out of national flag and even burn & openly trample upon it and US President (in UN 2012 speech quoting freedom of expression) refuses to ban video about Prophet Mohammed which killed agitating hundreds of Muslims across the world. Hence there is no reason why should India mind if during last one month in meetings of Asiya Andrabi or Masarat Alam or Gilani (all separatists) the flags of Pakistan were hoisted in Kashmir. Because unlike India USA is not a martially deficient country hence things are not that simple in India especially regarding Kashmir. Therefore it requires a martial solution, as given below, to entire Kashmir problem (and not merely to Pakistan flag hoisting irritant) :- (1)- India has become martially deficient due to three reasons:- (i)- The impact of Jainism and Buddhism on Indians who wrongly interpreted non-violence. This adversely impacted Mahatma Gandhi also who did not realize the importance of military (hence did not raise guns for freedom) and allowed communal rights to happen (during pre- independence Congress governments) which sowed the seed of communal divide and ultimately trifurcated India (with ~ one million killed and ~ ten million displaced with huge bloodshed, loot, rape etc - so much for the non-violent freedom struggle led by Mahatma Gandhi). (ii)- Due to prejudices of Hinduism (including from its caste system) productive forces of Hindus (working class working with hands and producing hard power) is looked down upon as lamented by Kancha Ilaiah ( a dalit leader) too in an article in prominent media where he attributed this social prejudices the main reason for the lack of progress of manufacturing sector in India [ Anyone visiting USA for the first time is struck by vast difference in the respectful way USA treats its working class in contrast to humiliating way in which Hindu India treats its working class] (iii)- There is nothing wrong in reservation per-se (in order to give representation only in government services to any group of citizen if it wants so). But democracy presupposes higher moral of citizens than of State functionaries. Hence giving reservation with demoralizing tag of Dalits (oppressed) and various categories of Backwards (which all constitute majority of India) has brought Indian State to the demoralized (martially deficient) level of this majority of India. (2)- This martial deficiency of Hindu majority India not only resulted in Communal forces becoming stronger in pre-independence India and which resulted in partition but it continued in post independent India too. With the result theocratic Pakistan tried militarily to take Muslim Kashmir many times but so-called secular India did not try to take Muslim POK militarily, not even once. The martial deficiency of Hindus can be gauged from the simple fact that hundreds of thousands of Hindu Kashmiri Pandits were driven out of Kashmir through violence (3)- In Pakistan no one can think that Hindus can drive out Muslims from their area through violence. In India Sangh Parivar could mobilize hundreds of thousands of persons from late eighties on-wards for effrontery to Supreme Court of India by demolition of Babri Masjid (and in its related agitations / communal riots ) but has not mobilized volunteers (first from late eighties on-wards to stop the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir and now) for rehabilitation of DKPs. (4)- This martial deficiency of Hindu majority India has made Indian Muslims (including from J&K) to keep Islam first and India (patriotism) second in their priorities. Indian Muslims will never demand that India should take its territory POK military from Muslim theocratic Pakistan (though everyone knows that without taking POK by India, there is no Kashmir solution). (5)- Because Hindus form rest of India (being martially deficient) will not demand retrieve of POK militarily hence it has become incumbent on Hindus of J&K (especially of Jammu) to invoke their martial spirit (out of necessity in order to live honourable life in Muslim majority J&K) as given below:-
(i)- Hindus of Jammu should immediately launch a human rights NGO for the specific & unstated purpose of solving chronic & gory Kashmir problem (ii)- This NGO should file writ petition in J&K High Court (giving data about crimes & excesses committed by security forces on civilians in J&K) to ask Government of India
(GOI) that (i)- Why instead of retrieving POK the security forces of India are showing their 'bravery' by training their guns on citizens of India and (ii)- When will GOI retrieve POK (militarily or otherwise) so that the deployment of military and para - military forces in civilian areas of J&K (including AFSPA) can be removed. (iii)- This NGO should work for getting justice to Kashmiri women who were raped etc by security forces (if what is mentioned at contentId=406&type=14 is true). (iv)- This NGO should also work for rehabilitation of Displaced Kashmiri Pandits (DKPs) among people in Kashmir and not in separate colonies (posh ghettos, as GOI is envisaging wrongly) If Hindus of Jammu do not show any concern about the well being of Hindu majority India (and do not launch said NGO) then nobody can stop the atrophy of India and its ultimate death sooner than later.
Hem Raj Jain, Bengaluru, Karnataka

In the world there are now more than 600 million hungry. People Manos Unidas, the Catholic Church Association in Spain for aid, promotion and development of the Third World, has launched a campaign under the slogan "A New World" "Common Project". Moreover AMREF, the largest international health organization completely of African origin and management, which name is the acronym for African Medical and Research Foundation, has launched another campaign against infectious diseases. The AMREF team consists of 850 professionals (97% of them in Africa), working in the offices of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan and South Africa. There are planned, directed, analyzed and performed all the projects that focus on AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and sexually transmitted diseases. Hunger also is producing real havoc among the population. The most affected area is sub- Saharan Africa. In Somalia the situation is critical. A staggering 925 million malnourished people, according to a report by FAO, the UN Agency for Food, are suffering the consequences of the delay in achieving the first of the Millennium Development Goals: halving the hunger in the world in this year 2015. Moreover, a recent UN report states that Eastern and Central Africa have a chronic crisis that requires efforts beyond emergency aid. Long-term structural reforms are needed. In Mauritania "only children eat breakfast, the older have switched from three to two meals a day or a meal". "But our main problem is water." The loading and transporting animals must travel about five kilometers to the Gorgol river. The Government has launched an urgent plan to try to ensure food and potable water. Pope Benedict XVI, in a speech addressed to the 174 ambassadors accredited to the Holy See countries said "with half of what is spent on armaments, we could eradicate hunger in the world." "Poverty is a great enemy to human happiness; it certainly destroys liberty, and it makes some virtues impracticable, and others extremely difficult", said the English writer Samuel Johnson.
Clemente Ferrer, Madrid, Spain

Communal mindset
Without removing communal mindset (the consequence of martial deficiency) - India can't go and progress further. As per records of British Parliament India provided ~ 2 million persons (including military) in World War I & II each. When these battle-hardened people came to India it was natural that if India opted for freedom struggle, then it would be armed and not non-violent. Some day some historians may reveal the truth that Britishers brought Mahatma Gandhi (without Gandhi even knowing this design of Britishers) from South Africa so that freedom struggle of India could be diverted from armed to non-violent. Mahatma Gandhi and his followers did not understand that freedom can't be achieved by merely challenging the civilian elements of the regime rather the martial element of any regime is also to be challenged for freedom. Unlike 1857 first armed independence struggle [when Muslims (main beneficiary) took the lead], this time initiative was to be taken (which they failed) by Hindus, the major beneficiary of independent democratic Hindu majority India. Had India raised the guns against Britishers in second freedom struggle and had blood of both Hindus and Muslims flown together on Indian soil for freedom, no communal force (what to talk of achieving partition) would have even dared to talk about partition [because only martial element (and not merely military) of State can keep communal forces under check]. Hence India is not any other country but has this history. Therefore Indians who are thinking that without removing said martial deficiency, India will be able to achieve economic progress / prosperity & peace then they are living in make believe world. There is another proof of martial deficiency of India where it cowardly preferred a meaningless letter to 'UNSC Al-Qaeda sanctions committee' complaining about release of Lakhvi (mastermind of 26/11). In addition to removing martial deficiency, India will have to stop giving lip service to secularism. Lot of noise is being created in Indian media (print and electronic) on Home Ministry's May, 5 statement in Parliament that Dawood Ibrahim was yet to be located and that his extradition process could be initiated once he was traced. A Red Corner Notice is in existence against Dawood the accused in the Mumbai serial blasts of 1993 and the United Nations Security Council has also issued a special notice against him. In the past Government of India (GOI) has been saying that GOI knows that Dawood is in Pakistan. Despite all these India has not been able to bring Dawood so far to face court trial in Mumbai / India. India is not trying to understand that Pakistan will raise (even at international forum) that - 'When no action has been taken on 'Srikrishna Commission Report' (indicting mainly Hindu leaders for post Babri-Masjid-demolition communal riots in Mumbai in reaction to which Mumbai serial blasts of 1993 took place) then why should Pakistan hand-over Dawood to India' ? International community (including UN) will also take note of the fact that:- (i)- India is yet to punish the accused (including Member of Parliament and Ministers in past and present BJP / NDA governments) of Babri Masjid demolition [which triggered communal riots in which thousands of innocent Muslims were killed (in addition to some Hindus) from 1992 to 2002 Gujarat massacre]. (ii)- India is yet to restore the status-quo-ante of Babri Mosque which Supreme Court of India (in who's observer's presence Babri Masjid was demolished in 1992) is under legal obligation to restore by getting it reconstructed before anything, in Babri Masjid related civil and criminal cases, is decided in any court of India. (iii)- India is yet to see the worst (about communal riots) in view of the fact that 'Sangh Parivar' - [of which ruling BJP (heavily dependent on it for electoral success) is an important part including Hindu Saints who are Member of Parliament and Ministers in PM Modi's BJP led Government] - is determined to get Ram Mandir constructed (even by act of Parliament in view of requisite absolute majority of BJP / NDA in Parliament) at the site of demolished Babri Masjid. Even if the annual report 2015 by United States Commission of International Religious Freedom (where USCIRF raised doubts about impartiality of Indian State in handling communal matters) is overlooked / rejected alleged being biased. But in view of above mentioned India should understand that without removing martial deficiency and its consequence the communal mindset, India can't go & progress further
Hem Raj Jainm, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Milli Gazette: India is suffering from two murderous viruses and it cannot progress without eradicating both of them: corruption and communalism.
HRJ: Yes (in addition to communalism which can be solved only by martially efficient society) corruption is also a fatal cancer to our country and it is not getting removed mainly because considerable part of constitutional authorities (MLAs, MPs, Ministers, Judiciary) and other public servants (of executives) are corrupt & criminals The problem of corruption can be solved to great extent if :- (i)- Fast track courts are there for trying cases of crimes and corruption of public servants and (ii)- Judicial reforms are carried out :- (A) For making High Courts (which are responsible for superintendence of subordinate courts under Article 227 of the Constitution) responsible for checking every file which comes to them for appeal, revision, writ etc - to see if any unreasonable adjournment is given by presiding officer of subordinate courts (district and lower court) and to take appropriate action on any unreasonable adjournment. (B)- If lodging, boarding (at nominal cost) and legal library facilities are provided to advocates of inferior courts going in superior courts for appeal, revision, writ etc (this will solve two problems. One of 'neem hakeem khatar-e-jan' which most of the advocates in subordinate courts are hence most of cases are spoiled at that level and . Secondly it will finish the 'loot' and 'legal dadagiri' of advocates in capitals and district headquarters)

Sachin Tendulkar Vs. Media
As per the news appeared in print media around four corners of the country, the Legend Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar got quite upset and annoyed by the self created reported try in near future but the speculation has been terminated by him. Every one knows that he is loving father who is very much interested in the bright future ofhis children so his reaction is quite natural and appreciable. Now as per the tradition many critics, commentators, experts and so-called sympathisers of Sachin are expected to come forward by arranging chain of debates to condemn the issueless issue into a real cricketer has experienced first time in his life whereas Indian Muslims have been facing the horror of false, indecent, fabricated, self-created and imaginary alround stories created by all type of media politicians, law enforcement machinery, political parties, individual with free hands but no secular personalities commentators, experts, debaters come forward to condemn or take the media at task. It is observed and fully experienced that free and frank attacks, allegations and charges with respect Muslim way of social life, religious performance, educational institutions, political gatherings and so, carried on through media and if voiced by Muslims or their outfits are branded anti national by the same media. During 65 years of Congress regime Muslims forced to test uncheked bitterness, hostilities through media coupled with false and irrelevant stories, allegations, charges and what not which were never rubbished strongly by any one and that now the same has been handedover by Congress to hindutva forces to continue malevolence all the way. It is hoped that Mr. Sachin Tendulkar who has faced the ugly face of media and condemned the same would like to speak in the same if found guilty the agency in bad shape against Muslims.
Faheemuddin, Nagpur - 13

Justice of Hashimpura is incomplete
42 innocent Muslims were killed by PAC on 22 May 1987 when Vir Bahadur Singh was CM of UP and Rajiv Gandhi was PM visited Lucknow. Under the guidance of Rajiv Gandhi lock of Babri Masjid was opened on 1 February 1987. After 28 yrs. court freed all 16 PAC who were accused in Hashim Pura massacre. Vir Bahadur singh was found dead in a hotel of Europe and Rajiv Gandhi body was recognised by his lotto shoe. And Congress lost ground in UP as after Bhagal Pur anti Muslim riot Congress finished in Bihar But judiciary displayed only acrimony and not fulfilled its duty to deliver justice.
S. Haque, Patna

Beef eating is fundamental right
In Osmania Univeristy non Brahmin students had organised Beef Festival. Beef Party welcome Amit Shah BJP National President in Shillong (PTI / 21/04/15) former justice of SC Markanday Katju had said that he had Beef. Muslims Christians, Dalits, Adivasis and some BC etc eat Beef. But BJP led Maharashtra government pleaded in Bombay HC that beef eating is not fundamental right where as Goa BJP led government denied to Ban Beef. In the rest of world barring Nepal, Beef is favourite food. How fundamental right is being strangulated. Conspiracy is being hatched to snatch voting rights, sterilisation of minority etc and judicial eye closure will be disastarous.
S. Haque, Patna