Babri Masjid Issue

Aurangzeb built Babri, claims former police officer

A soon-to-be-released book by a BJP loyalist and former IPS officer Kishore Kunal seeks to prove that the naming of the Ayodhya mosque after Babar was a “Shia conspiracy” and it was Aurangzeb who built the mosque, “razing a temple”. In the book, titled “Ayodhya Rediscovered”, Kunal writes, “Babar’s name being dragged into the demolition of Ram temple, and construction of the mosque, was a handiwork of Shia clerics who wanted the possession of the mosque after Aurangzeb, an avowed Sunni, who had demolished the temple and erected a mosque. The Shia clerics forged inscriptions and associated the mosque with Babar, that’s how it became ‘Babri Masjid’, claims Kunal who has played a decisive role in the VHP legal battle to usurp the mosque site.

Kunal claims that Shia clerics who couldn’t get possession of the mosque for a century after it was built by Aurangzeb, were now able to do so under the new, Shia leadership of Awadh, claiming historical facts have been falsely and misleadingly interpreted. “It was in 1810 when some clerics invented an inscription and predated construction of the mosque to the period of Babar and Mir Baqi as the real builder, who has been claimed as Shia,” writes Kunal. It is clear that this new finding by a staunch Ram Temple crusader is inconsistent with the decades-old Hindutva claim that Babur had ordered the construction using the remains of the temple. The mosque, built in 1527 CE, is constructed in the Tughlaq style.

Kunal refrained from enlightening the masses earlier since he was an Officer on Special Duty in the Ayodhya Cell of the Union Home Ministry on the Babri Masjid issue. He quit the Gujarat-cadre in 2001 to focus on matters of Hindu religious importance and currently heads the Bihar State Religious Board. Aaliya Khan