Babri Masjid Issue

Ajmer Sharif, Jama Masjid was Shiv, Soorya mandir: RSS activist

New Delhi: "Muslim Rashtriya Manch," an organisation sponsored by RSS, was set up on 24 December 2002, for the development of Muslims but according to Indresh Kumar, the "patron" of Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) pracharak and right-hand man of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, MRM is neither branch of RSS nor is it in any way associated with Sangh and goes on to say that this is an organisation of Muslims, set up by Muslims themselves for Muslims and that he (Indresh) is its supervisor / patron and "our aim is to advise and help this organisation". With this clarification by Indresh Kumar about MRM the question arises that if this Manch is really created by Muslims for their own benefit and progress, why they could not find a Muslim to head or supervise it and why they selected a man like Indresh Kumar, the pracharak of a crass communal and anti-Muslim organisation (RSS)? Secondly, his statement that 'our' aim is to advise and assist MRM indicates that there is definitely some connection between the RSS and the MRM.

In reply to a question put forward by media about Babri Masjid he said while referring to a statement made by Syed Muhammad Hashim Ashrafi Jilani, head of Raipur's Alp Sankhyak Vikas Manch that if the Islamic law laying down the conditions for building of mosques is adopted, this problem will be easily solved. He said that according to Hashim Ashrafi, for building the mosque, the land should be of a Muslim which he should dedicate for building the mosque. He said that if both these conditions are followed, the problem will be automatically solved and there will be no need for going to court, and if the land is not dedicated or given on waqf by any body, no mosque can be built there. Coming to the question he said that this land (Babri Masjid land) does not belong to any Muslim nor has it been dedicated/ given on waqf (for the building of mosque).

In reply to another question that Allahabad Court's verdict on Babri Masjid ownership case is to be pronounced, will RSS accept the Court's verdict, he said that it is not known whether the court will have the courage to speak the truth or not, or will please both the parties or will make both parties angry. He said that in Ayodhya excavations were made on court's order and hence verdict on this should be given honestly, adding that during excavations evidence of temple were found and said that Babri Masjid Action Committee also knows about it. He said that earlier there was a temple at that place and the site of a temple cannot be a waqf land. If this is accepted the problem will be solved otherwise clashes will go on and on. In reply to yet another question if RSS has a formula under which both temple and mosque could be built in Ayodhya, he asked how it will be possible that both the things could be built there? He further said that Ajmer Sharif was the old Shiv Mandir and Delhi's Jama Masjid was Soorya Mandir. Will Muslim be prepared to give these to us? He said there are innumerable places like this.

Referring to Hashim Ansari (Babri Masjid's plaintiff), he said that he (Hashim) says that "we are Muslims not because of Babar but because of Sufis and men like Khwaja Gharib Nawaz. Babar was a foreign invader and he had come to this country for ruling over it, but Muslims want peace and they love their country." Indresh Kumar said that Kashi's Jama Masjid is named Gyan Vapi Masjid but nowhere any Masjid is named in Sanskrit and even today there are signs of idols on its walls. He further said that in Babri Masjid case which is being heard in court, government should not interfere because if it interferes, court's verdict will be affected which is against the law and Constitution. Court should not pronounce verdict under any kind of pressure.

After talking to media for about twenty minutes he discontinued his talk, saying that he had to go to attend some meeting.