Capsule course for the soul

Book: Sirf Paanch Minute Ka Madarsa (Urdu)
Author: Ahem Charitable Trust team
Publisher: Ahem Charitable Trust, Mumbai - 11
Year: 2010
Pages: 820
Price: Rs. 160   AG Khan

Here is a capsule course for the soul to provide cure on every single day of the year. It is a compilation through which the reader gets a daily dose of learning. Divided into all the days of the Islamic calendar it caters, day and date wise, ten units of Deeniyat (theology) that cover: Islamic history, Allah’s Grandeur, a Farz (obligation), a Sunnat, a virtuous act, a sin, worldly affairs, Hereafter, medical cure through Qur’an / Ahadith, a sermon from the Qur’an.

As the title suggests it is meant as a short discourse, everyday, after a prayer to be delivered in a gathering. One can do the same kind of preaching among one’s family members by summoning them each day after a prayer. Basically meant as an easy short discourse for schools and colleges it is an invaluable compendium of religious preachings – not only palatable but also quick in cure. A sample page shows the strategy followed in educating children all days of the year.

In addition to the text, a topicwise, monthwise Index makes it easy for anyone to locate a particular kind of information.

The book deserves praise and must be translated in as many languages as possible. A book of 820 pages at a throw-away price of Rs. 160 is a good buy for every one – Something one can gift to one’s darling – son, daughter or wife.