Justice delayed, denied, TRAMPLED — Book on Babri Masjid


Book: Analysis of Judgement of Special Bench of Allahabad High Court on Babri Masjid dispute
Compiler: Syed Shahbuddin
Publisher: All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat, New Delhi
Pages:    128
Year: Nov 2010
Price: Not mentioned

This collection of some important recent articles analyzes the September 30 verdict from various angles. The verdict has been scrutinised by not only eminent jurists and constitution specialists but also by historians, archeologists, writers and media persons. The most reassuring aspect is the emergence of the fact that not only the Muslims but many non-Muslims have expressed their anguish and disappointment on a verdict governed by faith devoid of legal sanctity. The society, as such, has rejected the flawed judgement and desires that the Supreme Court must take cognisance of legal and constitutaional propriety. All unanimously feel that such precedent would be a decisive step towards the Hindu Rashtra which the Apex Court must not be a party to acquiesce.

If U.R. Ananthmurthy, the Jnanpith award winner writer declares, “This is semitising Hinduism. Ram is a spiritual idea. Historicizing Lord Ram is un-Hindu”; Girish Karnad, another Jnanpith award winner finds it, “Any fool can see that they have played politics…. It has shaken our faith in judiciary”.

Syed Shahabuddin who has been championing the cause of justice has rendered a yeomen service not only to the Masjid cause but to the cause of crumbling democracy ignored by a constitutional myopia.