Modern Gurus, Religion and Liberation Theology

Essays on the theme of phenomenon of Godmen, Religion and Liberation
We are witnessing the times when Religion is dominating the political and social phenomenon. With this there has also occurred a process of mushrooming of Godmen of different hues. These Godmen are a strong influence on the society in contemporary India. This book is a compilation of essays which cover different facets of religion through ages, the diverse roles played by religion, its role in present society and the role of Godmen. We see on one side there is a rise in the politics in the name of religion and on the other there is increase in the orthodoxy and conservatism.
Contents: The book (Modern Gurus, Religion and Liberation Theology) puts together essays by different scholars-activists on the topics related to this theme. It includes essays, Gurus in India, Modern God men: Sociological Appraisal, Role of Hinduism in Modern Indian Society, Syncretism: Indian Context (All by Uday Mehta), Ungodly Men: Unholy Activities (K. N. Panikkar), Religion, Politics and Godmen (Ram Puniyani), Role of Religion in Society (A. R. Desai), Critique of Hinduism: Approaches to Hinduism(Laxman Shastri Joshi), Historical Development of Bhagwat Gita (Damodar Dharmanand Kosambi), The Ramayans (Nagin Das Sanghvi), Religion and Left (Cornell West), Religion Ideology and Liberation Theology, Sufism: Its Origin and Impact o Indian Society (Both by Asghar Ali Engineer)
Editors: Uday Mehta and Ram Puniyani
Publisher: Mythri Books, Near Coffee House, Anna’s Arcade, Statue, Thiruvantpuram,
Pages 258, Price Rs 190
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