4th Islamic Book Fair in Delhi till this Sunday


New Delhi: This is the fourth consecutive year that Al-Hasanat Books Private Limited and India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi have jointly organized an Islamic Book Fair in the capital.

The book fair is truly Islamic in the sense that the organisers have not limited the display to “Islamic” books as one might think only to be Quran and books on Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

You can get Enjoy Your Life by Dr MAR Arifi. Of course it is Islamic to enjoy life! But it is unIslamic to only enjoy and become forgetful of the Hereafter. And isn’t it Islamic to manage things well? So they have books on Marketing Management, Business Risk, Total Quality Management, Rural Marketing, Human Resource Management and Islam and Management by Dr Naceur Jabnoun to name a few.

Islamic Books Fair Delhi - Indian Muslims
Islamic Books Fair Delhi - Indian Muslims

Browse more to see books on Kindness to animals, Muslim Cooking, Birth Control and Islam, Prophetic Medicine and self help books likeTeach yourself Urdu.

For kids you can get books like Stories of the Quraan for Youth, Quran stories for Little hearts.

About history there are books like History of India, A-in Akbair, Akbarnama of Abul Fazal, Islamic Renaissance in South Asia, The Rule of Shah Waliullah and his successors and The Later Mughals by Irvine.

Dr Faisal Faheem of Al-Hasanat inform us that the special attraction of the fair is the Alfi-Quran which is being sold at Rs 786 instead of Rs 2786. In Alfi-Quran each line starts with Arabic letter alif.

On politics one can find books like Democracy and Islam, Misra Commission Report by Ministry of Minorities or Godse’s Children on Hindutva Terror in India.

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An English Islamic novel: Hijaab Waali-the veiled girl, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho in Urdu, Daagh ki Shairi in Hindi, Majaz ki Shairi in Hindi.

To seduce the visitors to buy more books there is a daily lucky draw for any purchase over Rs 500.

This year also the publishers have tried to display books from various countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Iran, Egypt and Beirut.

Islamic Books Fair Delhi India
Islamic Books Fair Delhi India

According to the organisers about 10000 books (English, Urdu, Arabic, Hindi) are on display and sales have crossed one lac a day. These are good signs that we still have readers interested in religion, finding out their purpose of existence, wanting to know the ideal way of life and working towards a successful Hereafter.

Besides books, the fair has also stalls selling scarves, hijabs , attar (greem musk), tasbihs (beeds), gift mugs, pen stands and car hangings, wall hangings other “Islamic” decorative items.

There is a Audio-Video section with CDs/VCDs and a section for children books and stationary. “Hajj Fun Game” a board game is on sale in the fair.

You may also get a copy of “The World Wakes upto Islam”! The fair ends this Sunday (9th October).

More pictures are on Milli Gazette Facebook page here.