First Book on Hindutva terror

GODSE’S CHILDREN - Hindutva Terror in India by the veteran writer SUBHASH GATADE is Pharos Media’s latest book in English on one of the hottest subjects in modern Indian history – Hindutva terror perpetrated by over a dozen terrorist outfits allied to the Sangh Parivar. The book,  spread over 400 pages and priced at Rs 360, is the first exhaustive study of this most dangerous phenomenon which was first exposed by the Maharashtra ATS chief Hemant Karkare after it remained active for years in a most ingenious way in which both the victims and the “terrorists” were Muslims. The author traces Hindutva terrorism started from the assassination of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi to most recent cases like Malegaon 2008 and Samjhauta Express blasts. The book also contains a foreword on “RSS’ tryst with terrorism: past & present” by Professor Shamsul Islam of Delhi University who is an expert on RSS.

Following are the chapters of the book:
1. Introduction: Terror sevaks!, 2. First Terrorist of Independent India, 3. Spectre of Terrorism, 4. Legitimate Violence and Terrorism, 5. Are You Joking Mr. Bhagwat? - Conflating Hinduism and Hindutva, 6. Thus Spake the Masters!, 7. Gurukul for Explosives, 8. Diary of a Pracharak-Terrorist: Why RSS wants to forget Sunil Joshi’s Murder?, 9. Ajmer Sharief Bomb Blasts: Journey of a Case, 10. Friendship in Flames? Unravelling the Samjhauta Express Bomb Blast, 11. Was Purohit an Exception?, 12. Villain in Life: Hero in Death, 13. Where is Hemant Karkare’s Bullet-Proof Jacket?, 14. Modasa Blast: The H Factor, 15. In the Name of Criminals: How Hindutva Terrorists operate in Karnataka, 16. Asna’s Prayer: Parivar Bomb Makers in ‘God’s Own Country’, 17. Terrorism’s ‘Tenkasi’ Moment, 18. Kanpur: Bomb Blasts That Were Not?, 19. Destruction of Evildoers’ as “Spiritual Practice”, 20. Who is watching the Spies?: Revisiting Malegaon bomb blast I, 21. The Nanded Way: What Maharashtra Thinks Today, 22. Global Dimensions of Hindutva Terror, 23.Welcome Mossad!, 24. When Lawyers Masquerade as Judges!, 25. Manufacturing “Encounters,” Fabricating “Terrorists”, 26. Shastrapujas: What is Religious about Worshipping Weapons?, 27. The New Age Gurus: Subscribers of Militant Hindutva, 28. Criminals for Hindutva: The Hidden Arm, 29. RSS: 1948 of 2011, 30. Hindutva Terror and Secular Formations, 31. How Can Terrorism Become History? - Eliminating the Menace of Hindutva Terror.

The book also has ten appendices of relevant and documentary material related to the Hindutva terrorism in India. The book may be ordered from Pharos Media, publishers of MG.