Trail of Saffron Terror from Malegaon to Ajmer

Book: Malegaon to Ajmer Editor: Ram Puniyani
Publisher: All India Secular Forum, Mumbai
Year: 2010 Price: Rs 100 Pages: 128
Available at: Institute for Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution, Mumbai; Tel. 022- 26149668, 26102089, 26135098

With the chargesheet filed in Ajmer Dargah blast case the lid of secrecy on Saffron terrorism has finally been blown up. With more and more pracharaks being exposed the old proverb “Mukh mein Ram bagal mein chhuri” gets a new version “Mukh mein Ram bagal mein bomb”.

In spite of clear cut evidence of their involvement in Nanded, Jalna, Parbhani, Kanpur blasts Sangh pacharaks managed to steer clear of police net thanks to the lethargy and complicity of investigation teams who religiously maintained that a Hindu cannot be a terrorist – thus allowing them to unleash more terror. This book is a complilation of articles published from time to time (or on the internet) to explode the myth of the innocence of Hindu pracharaks who had been smiling over the predicaments of Muslim youths suffering state atrocities for their alleged role in Hyderabad, Ajmer, Jama Masjid blasts. Eleven articles by reputed contributors like Ram Punyani, Subhash Gatade etc have been introduced by the editor, Ram Puniyani, who, in a nutshell, exposes the tyranny of the state in torturing innocents simply because they happen to be Muslims. Raveena Hansa in her “From Murder to Spy Thriller” compels the reader to think 26/11 from a totally different perspective. M. Zeyaul Haque’s review of Mushrif’s book Who Killed Karkare? prompts one to wonder whether the Kasab trial is a subtle farce!