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Book: Notes from Prison Author: Alija Ali Izetbegovic ISBN: 9788190601986 Paperback 452 Pages Price: 450   Notes from Prison is Alija Izetbegovic's spiritual escape to freedom. Being politically imprisoned by the Communist regime in Yugoslavia for long years at Foca jail in Sarajevo, former President of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Alija Izetbegovic jotted down these immeasurably valuable philosophical notes on diverse topics. He saved the notes from the searching eyes of jailers and smuggled out all the 13 notebooks with the help of a fellow prisoner. A book with irresistible emotional charm and intellectual provocation with powerful epigrammatic ponderings, Notes from Prison outstandingly unique reading, both in form and content.


Book: 9/11 - the pretext Author: N.M.Hussain ISBN: 9789380081076 Paperback 348 Pages Price: 375

9/11 was not the end of an event. It was rather a beginning; the beginning of creating a prominent myth in the international politics. If that myth has to exist, several sub-myths have to be created alongside. FBI and Mossad, the Israeli counterpart of CIA, are of the opinion that at least two years are needed to carry out an attack of the proportion of 9/11. Why did the British PM's dossier not give a single piece of evidence against the activities of Al Qaeda and Bin Laden? Why did it leave unsaid the putative role of the rightist militia which is responsible for the largest terror attack in the US? Why did the government, rather than presenting a cementing proof, harp on the role of Bin Laden without even giving a hint on the rightists, although the latter deserved more suspicion than the former? The doubt lingered. Major news organisations in the US and UK including AP, AFP, Reuters, CNN, BBC, Fox News and C-Span never explained, or posed for that matter, the doubts on the dossier and other official versions of the 9/11.

This book, by freelance investigative journalist NM Hussain, attempts to explore some unsaid mysteries behind 9/11. 

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