Early Indian history in the eyes of Muslim historians

New Delhi: Pharos Media has just published Hindustan: Ibtidaee Muslim mu’arrikheen kee nazaron mein (India as seen by early Muslim historians). It is a compendium of observations about India of Muslim historians since the time of Al-Biruni (d. 1048 CE), especially during the medieval period.

In this 361-page book, observations of Muslim historians have been collated under various chapters so that geography of India, creeds, culture, religious philosophy, inhabitants, agricultural and horticultural produce, Indian sciences, caste system etc are covered. These observations show that Muslim historians wrote about India with reverence and diligence despite the fact that they held different views about idol worship, caste systemn and the sati tradition.

The author of the book, Syed Osman Sher, originally belonged to Bihar. He did his masters in economics from Aligarh Muslim University and migrated to Pakistan where he held high posts as advisor and consultant in national and international organisations. After retirement, he is now settled in Canada. The book also covers observations of some European travelers who visited India during the Mughal period.

The book may be obtained from the website of Pharos Media.