New book on Hyderabad's Invasion, 1948's Police Action

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In 1948, Hyderabad State faced a full-fledged army invasion disguised as ‘Police Action.’ Thousands of Muslims were mercilessly killed, women were raped and houses were looted and destroyed during this holocaust which remains unknown and unrecognised till this day. One of the sufferers of this holocaust has now come forward to place on record what happened before, during and after the invasion which he says was totally avoidable as India, with a little patience, could have secured the accession of the state peacefully.

New book on the Hyderabad Police Action in 1948
New book on the Hyderabad Police Action in 1948

The first part of the book is a history of the fall of the Nizam’s State, its causes and consequences. The author, a well-known scholar of Hyderabad, describes the cruel economic blockade imposed by India on the Hyderabad State before the invasion in 1948 and how the latter survived those sanctions. The economic blockade was comparable to that of the US-backed UN sanctions imposed on Iraq during 1990-2003. This blockade not only led to the shortage of fuel and essentials, but even of common salt and medicines. It was ironic that India should have resorted to such sanctions within a year of attaining independence from a long colonial rule.

The book describes in detail the dialogue held between the representatives Hyderabad  State and the Government of India for the settlement of the accession issue. It also describes the treacherous role of some persons holding key positions in the Hyderabad Government at the time. The role of Meer Jaafar in Bengal and of Meer Sadiq in Mysore was repeated in the fall of Hyderabad too.

In the second part of the book, the author records his own personal accounts as well as those of some important eye-witnesses of the holocaust. This 300-page book, priced at Rs 275, has just been published by Pharos Media, New Delhi.

  Order Online at:   Also available on Amazon and Infibeam   Book details: Title: Hyderabad 1948 – an avoidable invasion Author: Syed Ali Hashmi Pages: 300 Year: 2017 Price: Rs 275 Publisher: Pharos Media, New Delhi ( ISBN: 81-7221-079-5 / 978-81-7221-079-3