Palestine Re-Emerging

Author: Shaikh Mohammad Iqbal
Published by: SNA & Bros, Sri Nagar Kashmir
Pages: 596. Price: Rs 1100

In this informative book, the author, Dr Shaikh Mohammad Iqbal tries to deal comprehensively with all aspects of the Palestinian question right from its beginning till date.

Comprising of three books with 15 chapters, the book is a comprehensive history of the Palestine problem. The author explores the genesis of this tragedy, the lessons from 1967 Israeli war, the return of the natives, Arab/Islamic response to Israeli tyranny, Israeli repressive tactics, American Mid-East policy and western media’s biased reporting of this issue, Islamic summit of Doha, Al-Quds as an Islamic legacy, etc.  He also explores what do the Palestinians want, and also sheds light on the anatomy of Israel’s case. The last chapter of the book discusses the ways of settling the problem of Palestinian state. In this regard some western views about the future of Palestine have also been given. Shaikh Iqbal also tries to answer the question whether the prophet of Islam (PBUH) was harsh to the Jews or not.

The author also deals with the circumstances that led to the creation of the illegal state of Israel in the middle of the Arab heart land, which, besides being a brutal killer of innocent Palestinians, has so far been rogue and defiant to its creator, UN and chief mentor and supporter US and other Western powers, leaving aside the fact that it has been a permanent source of disturbance to its neighbours. The author also talks about the sacrifices Palestinians made  while fighting for their just rights. Being full of many repetitions and lacking proper analysis, the book is reduced to simply a long narration of the Palestinian story, and it concludes with the hope that an independent Palestinian state will re-emerge on the map of the world.