Islam: Terrorism or a model religion?

Book: Islam: Dahshatgardi ya ek misali deen (Urdu) Author: Swami Laxmi Shanker Acharya Publisher: Bharat Jan Seva Perkashan, Hardoi Road, Sikrori via Kakori, Lucknow, UP Urdu translation: by Sanaullah Suman Year of publication 2010 Pages: 104 Price:  40.00

Islam, a peaceful religion, nowadays has become a most misunderstood and generally misinterpreted religion. Muslim radicals present it as an authoritarian ideology and most of the western scholars and their eastern disciples depict it as hate mongering culture which does not believe in coexistence and understanding between different religious communities, faiths and cultures. The truth is lost in between. This book is a sincere attempt to clarify the many misgivings and misconceptions prevailing regarding Islam. This book is remarkable because it is written by a non Muslim.

It is very interesting to note that the same author previously had written a book titled "History of Islamic terrorism" but in the present book under review the author regretted what he had written in his earlier book and apologized for it.

Actually some years back a pamphlet titled "Twenty four verses of Qur'an which order believers to wage war against others" was widely distributed by some biased elements. This very short book attempts to explain the true meanings, context and historical backgrounds of those verses. It can be said that the book is a 'must read' for anyone who wants to study Islam, especially for Da'wah workers. The book was originally published in Hindi as Islam: aatank ya aadarsh (95 pages, Rs 40) which is available from the publisher.