Special Reports

Ambedkar Ideology versus RSS Ideology released

Mumbai: A seminar-book release function held here on 18 November, Prof. Ram Puniyani’s latest book Ambedkar and Hindutva Politics (Pharos) in both English and Hindi versions was released.

The seminar was chaired by Prakash Ambedkar and the panel constituted of Shehla Rashid Shora (Student leader, JNU) Sunkanna (colleague of Rohith Vemula, HCU) and Vidya Chavan (Ghar Hakka Parishad). Another panellist, Jignesh Mevani, could not attend as he was arrested for leading an agitation in Gujarat.

Dr. Vivek Korde, who conducted the proceedings, pointed out the need for such seminars and that the book comes in the aftermath of Una. Now it has become clear that the agenda unleashed by RSS and Hindu nationalists does not only target the religious minorities but is also detrimental to the interests of all deprived sections of society.

Ram Puniyani, the author of the book, pointed out that Dr. Ambedkar was not only for social justice but for the democratic values as a whole. His struggles for social justice were in the framework of striving for social equality. It was part of the broad national movement which led to the formation of a secular democratic India and not a Hindu nation. This is where Ambedkar came forward to draft the Indian Constitution with the values of secularism and democracy as the hallmark of Indian nationalism. On the contrary, Hindu nationalists remained aloof from the process of making of the Indian nation and have been opposing the movements for social equality in a subtle way. They hold the Brahmanical values as enunciated in Manusmriti. It is due to this that they are also opposed to the Indian Constitution.