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Saifuddin Soz rejects Govt. claim that he was not under house-arrest since 5 August 2019


"I reject the Govt’s narration of falsehood before the Supreme Court denying that I had either been put under house arrest or any restrictions were imposed on me since August 5, 2019": Prof Soz

Srinagar (29 July, 2020): “I take a strong exception to the Govt. stand before the Supreme Court that I had neither been put under house-arrest nor had any restrictions been imposed on me since August 5, 2019!

The Govt. has resorted to falsehood as it had unlawfully incarcerated me since August 5, 2019.

All this while I was not allowed to move out of my premises.

I left my premises twice when I had to visit my ailing sister and I went to Delhi on 17th September, 2019 to 21st September, 2019 and 15th December, 2019 to 21st December, 2019 for seeking medical advice.

Whenever, I went out of my premises since August 5, 2019, I had to obtain permission from the Govt.

Now, I have decided to sue the Govt. for my unlawful house arrest since August 5, 2019.

I will further sue the Govt for compensation for the incarceration and illegal suspension of civil liberties to which I am entitled under the Constitution.”