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Inauguration of Muslim Cooperative Bank’s branch in Sholapur

Sholapur: Pune’s famous Muslim Cooperative Bank’s 22nd branch was inaugurated in Sholapur by Union Minister for Energy Sushil Kumar Shinde on 30 March in the presence of a distinguished gathering when Pune’s Mayor Arif Sheikh handed over the symbolic key to him. The inaugural function was chaired by P.A. Inamdar, the moving spirit behind this bank. Chairman of the Bank, Muhammad Shafi said that this bank was started in 1930 as a small cooperative society which ultimately developed into the present Bank with a number of branches and today its 22nd branch has been inaugurated in this city (Sholapur). He said that for the past 5 years this bank has achieved ‘A’ Grade and at present there are deposits worth Rs 300 crores in this bank and all its branches are earning profits and new branches will soon be opened in cities like Nasik, Ahmad Nagar, Aurangabad, New Mumbai etc. He said that in spite of its name being ‘Muslim Bank’, people of all sections of society are its members and depositors which is a matter of pride for this Bank. On this occasion Sushil Kumar Shinde gave a cheque of Rs 1 crore to Bank Director (Staff), Abdul Qadir Sheikh and another cheque of Rs 50 lakh to Manager Jang Bahadur Madopkar.

In his inaugural speech Sushil Kumar Shinde while praising Muslims for their efforts and role in the progress of the country along with other sections of Indian society also praised P.A. Inamdar who, after the important role of late Dr. Rafiq Zakaria, has played, and is playing important role in the progress and welfare of minorities. He said that after resigning from service, he devoted himself not for the progress of his family but for the progress and welfare of Muslim society as a result of which thousands of Muslims and Muslims families have been progressing in different fields and have become self sufficient.

In his presidential address P.A. Inamdar said that Muslim Bank is the only Bank in the whole of India which is spending 30% of its profits for the promotion of education. He said that there was a time when we Muslims had been looking for a scholarship from any body but today students in our Campus are getting Rs 2 crores as scholarships for education every year and we are empowering our boy and girl students through English education, computer and internet. He further said that all expenses on computer and English education and training to teachers working in Urdu schools of Sholapur will be gladly borne by the Muslim Bank.