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Newly elected Jamaat-e-Islami Hind chief wants Muslim youth to become assets for the nation

New Delhi, 8 April 2019: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind’s newly-elected Ameer (President) Syed Sadatullah Hussaini has called upon the Muslim youth to “become assets for the nation and not liability.”

Left to Right: Salim Engineer, Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari, Syed Sadatullah Hussaini and Mohammad Jafar

Addressing the media at Jamaat’s headquarters today, in his maiden press conference as Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Syed Sadatullah Hussaini said: “Our community should strengthen their relations with all religious communities, including Hindus, Sikhs and Christians. Communal divide is growing in the society due to communal politics.Youth should take note of the current situation. They should empower themselves with education. They should become assets for the nation and not liability. As Muslims, we should spread Islam’s message of peace through our words, deeds and character. Islam is the torchbearer of peace and goodness’’.

When asked about his message to the people of India on the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, the new JIH President said “Vote on development issues and not on the basis of emotive issues. Some political parties are trying to polarize society on communal and divisive issues. We support those parties or candidates who are in position to defeat forces that practicecommunalism and divisive politics”.

He took charge as JIH chief from the outgoing Ameer, Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari today morning and announced a new Secretary General T Arif Ali and three new Vice Presidents — Mohammad Salim Engineer, S Ameenul Hasan and Mohammad Jafar.

Earlier on the 6th April, the Council of Representatives (an elected all India body consisting of 157 JIH members of which 30 are women) elected 45 years old Electronics and Telecommunication engineer Syed Sadatullah Hussaini as their new chief for a four-year term. He was the Vice President of JIH in its earlier term and member of its Central Advisory Council. He also led Students Islamic Organization (SIO) as National President for two consecutive terms. He has authored 12 Books and has written more than 200 articles in Urdu and English.

In the press meet, Jamaat released the resolutions adopted by its Council of Representativesin its term meet which are as follows: 


Resolutions adopted by Representative council (RC) of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) in its term meeting held in Delhi; 3-7 April 2019. 

1. Parliamentary Elections: This meeting of RC of JIH underlines the importance of parliamentary elections, currently in process. Masses must make correct choices to ensure in our country, the continued existence of democratic functioning, social cohesion and peace. Unfortunately, the current ruling dispensation has displayed consistently negative tendencies; during its tenure, the ruling party has damaged rule of law, autonomy of institutions and impartiality of judiciary. The government brought ordinances frequently, injuring the spirit of popular legislation. The party has promoted hatred and communal conflict. Its ill advised moves of GST and demonetization have irrepairably harmed country’s economy. The government has ignored genuine interests of workers, farmers and the poor; promoting the cause of capitalists; thus widening further the rich poor gap. Violent incidents and lawlessness in the country are on the rise, targeting minorities, Dalits and Adivasis. Bold declarations of fighting corruption not withstanding; in actuality, corruption is on the rise. A significant section of the media has practically become a tool of ruling party. It is deplorable that opposition parties are not presenting a united front even now. They are not displaying enough maturity to avoid triangular fights. The RC meeting reminds political parties as well as masses of their responsibility. In particular, intellectuals, media persons and social activists should educate the masses by countering false propaganda. All elements in public life should abide by healthy values and avoid mudslinging and irresponsible utterances. The RC appeals to people to come forward to save the country from anarchy, lawlessness and socio economic downfall. To that end, they should exercise their franchise with due deliberation and care, to liberate the country  from the clutches of negative forces. 

2. Kashmir Situation: RC expresses its concern over bloodshed and lawlessness in Kashmir. The RC appeals to masses, political sections and rulers to make genuine efforts to restore peace and bring normalcy. The RC reminds all stake holders to respect rule of law and abide by healthy traditions. Whatever be the compulsions, violation of human rights should not be tolerated. The RC reminds rulers that unjustified arrests, curbs on social activities, banning of peaceful organizations and oppressive measures, can not bring peace in Kashmir; rather such actions are counter productive. Recent history indicates that ruthlessness does not solve problems; on the contrary, negotiations are the route towards durable peace. Hence RC appeals for serious negotiations to resolve the existing problems in Kashmir. Unfortunately in the subcontinent, some sensitive issues are not seriously engaged with; rather they are used to whip up public emotions. In this irresponsible stance, politicians and immature media also get involved. Kashmir is such a sensitive issue. The RC appeals for negotiations to achieve lasting peace to liberate the subcontinent from unrest providing an opportunity for real development. 

3. Incident of New Zealand: The unfortunate incident of Christ church, Newzealand has been widely condemned. RC shares this widespread feeling. In the terrorist attack on two mosques, fifty people, including women and children were killed and many more injured. The RC prays to Almighty to grant forgiveness to martyrs and speedy recovery of the injured and consoles the survivors and their families. Mischievous anti Islamic propaganda is a major cause of such happenings. Such propaganda should be countered. Newzealand government took swift action to apprehend the criminals and provide relief to victims. RC session appreciates this gesture of sympathy and human brotherhood. RC records its appreciation, in particular for the prime minister of New Zealand and media. We expect that other governments would emulate this example. The incident shows that Muslims should not be blamed for terrorism. RC notes that survivors and kin of victims are firm on their faith. RC session appreciates their commitment it appeals to them to continue their efforts to convey the message of truth, to the west. 

4. Palestine: RC session condemns the continuing Israeli aggression against people of Palestine and neighboring Arab countries. In particular, aggressive stance on Golan heights and shifting capital to Jerusalem are most reprehensible. America and its allies’ blind support to Israel is most deplorable. International forums have not taken any concrete steps to check Israeli aggression. RC session reminds Muslim countries, Arab League and OIC that the real solution of Palestine crisis is establishment of fully independent state of Palestine. The whole Muslim world should work for this aim. RC notes the unfortunate reality that many countries have not based their foreign policy on justice; rather they are supporting America’s unjust stance. RC session appeals to all sections of Muslims and their rulers to identify and implement effective strategy for independent Palestinian state. RC session reminds the western world that UN resolutions and international law require them to check Israel and control its aggressive activities. Unfortunately, beyond some statements, the western world has done little to restrain Israel. RC session appeals to Indian government to continue its support for Palestinian movement and establishment of independent state of Palestine. Indian government should use diplomatic channels to stop violation of human rights. RC session appreciates bold efforts of people of Palestine and prays to the Almighty, for their success.