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600 years old Mumbai Mosque goes Solar

600 years old Mosque (Masjid) called Mahim Jame Masjid situated near the Mahim coastline, beside Mahim Dargah. It’s one of the oldest masjids of the island city of Bombay and believed to be even of Maharashtra.It was founded by Saint Makhdoom Ali Mahimi. And it belongs to the Kokani Shafai Sect of the Muslims. The Trust was formed between 1937-1942 by the Kokanis of Mumbai.

Taking cue from the Government’s ‘GO GREEN’ Policy, Mahim Jame Masjid has installed and inaugurated a 15 KW solar power generation system that will help save electricity bills annually. Provisions have been made for extending the capacity to 10 KW more in the second phase.

“Apart from the monetary savings, the idea is to inform devotees about the importance of reduction in carbon emissions from the environment. We hope that the efforts are replicated and moving to solar becomes a mass movement, at least for all religious, educational and social institutions in the city,” said a the board of trustees of the masjid, which include Rahmatulla Mukri Sahab, Justice Shafi Parkar (Former High Court Judge), Habib Fakih (Former WAKF Board Member), Fahad Khalil Pathan (Managing Trustee), Arif Pathan Sahab.

Pathan informs that this idea of installing Solar panels was conceived about 2-3 years back. Accumulation of funds took a bit longer than expected.

This came about in the meeting of the Trustees as to find different cost cutting measures and also to do their bit for the environment, this was done in consultation with the Imam Mohamed Saad Pathan Al-Azhari as well as visitors to the Masjid and the residents of the area.

Initially it took some time convince the visitors, as its something very new and only a handful of institutions have done something similar to this.

Conservation of natural resources and saving the environment is part of the teachings of Islam. So, most people would accept this wholeheartedly. And the amount of money we may save in the long run would help us do much more in the Masjid and for the community at large.

A lot of credit goes to the Chief Imam of the Masjid as he motivated the devotees to donate generously for this initiative.

He would announce and inform the Namazi’s after the Friday Prayers and Eid Prayers for wholeheartedly helping this project.

The total area of the Masjid is roughly around 35000 Sq Feet, including the terrace which is also the praying area.

Mostly the Fans consume a lot of power and for the past one year we have installed Air Conditioners in the main hall of the Masjid on the Ground Floor, the hall where the Imam leads the Prayers, 5 times a day. As for the lights, we are almost 100% LED compliant.

The cost of the Project in its first phase came about 14-15 Lakhs and lot of which was consumed in strengthening the current structure for installing the Solar Panels on top.

The current electricity bill is anything between 45-60 Thousand Rupees, which doubles in the Month of Ramzaan. The board is hoping to save around 40-50% of this.

The second phase of the Solar Project is the additional installation of Solar Panels so as to increase the Power Generation capacity to 25KW which now is 15KW. We have already made the necessary infrastructure for doing the same in the coming months or so.

In between all this talk about building Mandir & Masjid in this current political climate such progressive and community building initiatives are the need of the hour to make the community aware about preserving the environment of our country. The Masjid's board of trustees believe that such initiatives would bring people together.