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DMC issues notice to Delhi Election Commissioner over deleted voters

New Delhi (16 November 2018): Taking suo motu cognizance of various reports that many names have been deleted from voter lists, Delhi Minorities Commission has issued a notice to Delhi Election Commissioner to inform DMC about its position, explain on what basis names have been deleted, on whose order this exercise has been carried out and, if so, DMC has asked to be supplied with a copy of this letter. DMC has also asked Delhi Election Commissioner to supply a complete list of all such voters whose names have been deleted. Delhi Election Commissioner has been asked to submit a reply to this notice by 20 November.

DMC takes over Shahana case

New Delhi: Shahana, a girl of Jafarabad area, was kidnapped in 2006. She was taken to Punjab where she was continuously raped and repeatedly sold to new customers until she was finally rescued in 2017. Her case is registered in Khajuri Khas police station and 11 persons are under trial in the case. But despite promises, Shahana received no relief or promised job from Delhi Government. DMC has written to the Khajuri Khas police station for information about the case and has also sought information from the Chief Minister’s office about the fate of the promised compensation which never reached the victim. Moreover, DMC Chairman, Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan has arranged a monthly stipend through his NGO, Charity Alliance, for the two children of Shahana who are lodged in a hostel.

Physician summarily dismissed

New Delhi: Dr Muhammad Zeeshan Ansari was the in-charge on contract of a dispensary run by North Delhi Municipal Corporation since 2015. Last month while he was busy with patients in Indira Nagar dispensary, a person came and demanded TB drugs. He was told that the person who dispenses that particular drug is out and he should come back later time to collect the drug. That person threatened the doctor and went away. After some time he returned with a mob containing people allegedly from RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal etc. They started misbehaving with the physician and assaulted him. Police was called after which the mob dispersed making threats to the doctor. Soon thereafter NDMC started an enquiry and on 30 October the doctor received an order transferring him to the Kashmir Gate dispensary. The very next day, Dr Ansari received another order dismissing him forthwith from service. DMC has sent a notice to the concerned health department seeking a report about the whole matter.

Daryaganj student stopped from attending classes

New Delhi: Muhammad Arib, a student of class X of Shrimati Durgabai Senior Secondary School is being prevented from attending school on the plea that he misbehaved with staff. On receiving a complaint, Delhi Minorities Commission has sent a notice to the school and the director of education of central Delhi asking (a) what are the complaints against the said student; (2) what enquiry has been held, furnish copies of the complaints and the report of the disciplinary committee if any; (3) could this matter not be solved by reprimanding the student and imposing some fine on him. The Commission further said in its notice, “Suffice to say at this stage that this Commission will not allow any institution, educational or otherwise, to play with the lives and careers of our young generation.”

Bijwasan Mosque issue solved

New Delhi: DCP South West District has informed Delhi Minorities Commission that the Bijwasan village dispute over its mosque has been solved with the mutual agreement of the local Hindus and Muslims. He said that the Imam of the mosque Molvi Lal Muhammad and Pardhan of the Muslim community Shabbir Khan have informed the police that now there is no dispute and no one is preventing anyone from offering namaz. The DCP said in his report that the elders of the village from both communities solved the issue and now there is no problem, hence the case should be closed.

The Humayunpur gumbad

New Delhi: According to recent press reports, a historical gumbad in a park in Humayunpur village in south Delhi has been converted into a temple. Delhi Minorities Commission had issued notices in this respect to the Department of Archaeology of Delhi Government and Delhi Police. Department of Archaeology had earlier informed DMC that the the gumbad is historical but it is not protected by guards because it is not notified. It further said that a file seeking its notification is pending with Delhi government for years. Now Delhi Police has informed DMC that an NGO called Bhole Nath Shiv Mandir Dharamarth is registered as a trust since 1971 and this trust placed a Krishn idol in the gumbad on 12 March, 2018 and a bhandara was held after that. It also said that a Shiv lingam was already installed in the gumbad. Police report, filed by the SHO, PSSJ Enclave, said that there is no security for this monument at present. It is locked at present and no religious activity is taking place there. Area Police also informed DMC that it has asked for more staff so that a beat police officer may be posted there. It further said that at the request of the Archaeology Department, status quo is being maintained at the place and the religious committee of the Archaeology Department will decide the future course in this matter.

Okhla Hospital

New Delhi: Health Department of Delhi Government has informed Delhi Minorities Commission that the consultancy of the proposed Okla Hospital in Sarita Vihar has been given to Messrs Arcop Associates Pvt Ltd on 8 November, 2018. Once the estimate of the cost is received, it will be sent to Delhi Government and the Delhi Assembly. After their approval, the project will be given to PWD for implementation. The reply further said that it is a time-consuming process and PWD is already burdened by many projects. It may be recalled here that the previous Delhi Government had approved a 100-bed hospital for Okhla to be based in Sarita Vihar but no progress was made. Now, after the notice of DMC, the project has been revived and the strength of the hospital has been raised to 300 beds.

Order on the Sarai Rohilla mosque

New Delhi: A Muslim had erected a jhuggi against the wall of Fidayee Khan Mosque in Sarai Rohilla, which also serves as a madrasa. On mosque management’s complaint, Police and MCD demolished the jhuggi. Now the same person has built a makeshift temple at the place and has installed idols there. He is inviting non-Muslims of the area to pray there. The mosque management approached police but with no success. They fear that a mandir against the wall of the mosque will become a point of friction and dispute in future. Now they came to Delhi Minorities Commission with their complaint. The Commission sent two notices to the DCP North district but no reply was received and no one from its side approached the Commission. Thereafter, two notices were issued DCP North for hearing of the case. Again, no one from the police attended the hearings or sent even a reply. The Commission took a strong stand against this attitude and issued an order to the local police to remove the illegal structure against the mosque wall and file compliance report by 25 November. Moreover, the Commission issued strictures against the DCP North District and wrote to the Delhi Police Commissioner that the DCP’s behaviour was unbecoming of an officer and directed the Police Commissioner to initiate disciplinary action against the said officer and also to make an entry to this effect in his/her service record and inform the Commission of same by 25 November.