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Kashmiri translation of Qur’an released

A translation of the Holy Qur’an in Kashmiri language was released by Kashmir University’s Vice-Chancellor Prof. Reyaz Punjabi at a function held in the University’s Gandhi Bhavan on 24 May. The translation was done by the noted Kashmir poet and scholar, late Mirza Ghulam Hasan Arif Beg, who was well-versed in Kashmiri as well as Arabic languages. The translation has been brought out in volumes editions and runs into 4000 pages. It is said that Mirza Ghulam Arif Beg devoted about 30 years to translate the holy book but could not complete the translation during his life time. The remaining parts were completd by Dr. Abdur Rahman War. The Kashmiri translation, named Irfan-e-Qur’an is in verse form. The Qur’an was in fact translated in Kashmiri language earlier also but this is the first time that has been translated in verse form. Prof. Punjabi, while releasing the Kashmiri version, said that keeping in mind this University’s motto ‘From Darkness to Light’ he takes pride in releasing this great work in this University.