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Sanskrit translation of Holy Qur’an

Saharanpur: Razia Sulatana of Deoband has translated the Qur’an into Sanskrit. It took her more than 12 years to complete this work because, according to her, finding the correct Sanskrit alternatives of Qur’anic words was a difficult task which took much of her time but which were essential to convey the proper meaning. Her work has been appreciated in foreign countries like America, Iran, Russia and some European countries from where she not only received laudatory and congratulatory letters but also received invitations to visit those countries. She is the grand daughter of Prof Muhammad Sulaiman of the Indian Institute of Technology who himself is a great Hindi and Sanskrit scholar and whose translation of the Qur’an into Hindi about twenty years ago which was released by the then President of India, Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma. Sultana received some help from her grand father in her job.