About Us

The Milli Gazette | Indian Muslim News — We have been in the forefront of fighting against the terrorism libel against Indian Muslims. Since the year 2000.

In the year 1999, efforts to start a newspaper of Indian Muslims in English started to take shape. And by December end we published our first issue 1-15 January 2000.

From 16 pages an issue we steadily progressed to 32 pages. With our print edition dated 16-31 August 2009, colour comes back to some pages of The Milli Gazette [print edition]. Earliest readers will remember that our first few issues were coloured but then we realised that the cost was too high and we opted the usual low cost b/w printing. From time to time, readers demanded a more attractive appearance for MG, which is not possible without colour.

A humble effort to put the community on the media map became a powerful voice, which was read not only in India but all over the world. For all our humble resources, we now reach all parts of the globe putting forward the news, views, developments and aspirations of the then 1200-million strong Ummah of Islam.

Though we would love to add more colour pages and add more colour to our existing page by making them more lively through design, use of photos and cartoons and trying to present as complete a picture as possible of the Muslim community in India which remains our focus, unfortunately with the 1-15 January 2012 issue we had to reduce the number of pages to 24 to lessen the losses.

Unfortunately in the year 2016, the losses became unbearable. So, with a heavy heart we had to shut down the print edition.

We hope to use this digital space and social media, to raise issues we have been for the past two decades.

Your help is solicited.